LMR Technique: Jacking it to break LMR

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LMR technique - Jacking offI’ve mentioned this LMR technique in several stories, but it’s time give it a proper post. I’ve applied it many times in situations where I felt the LMR was insurmountable and it has saved the day on nearly all occasions. It became an indispensable tool in my LMR toolbox.

It is best explained by story.

The Colombian Cocktease

Last night I met with this Colombian girl. It was our second date. The first date we went for a drink and ended up at my apartment; we made out on my bed but that’s as far as it got. She had a time constraint so I didn’t get the lay.

This time she came straight to my apartment to drink wine and watch a movie. Done deal right? Nope.

We again end up making out on the bed but she wouldn’t let me do anything: Not touching her ass, not touching her tits, not taking off any clothing, no wouldn’t she touch my dick. Friendly freeze-outs and everything else that came to mind, nothing worked. I was dealing with a complete CT (cock tease).

“I didn’t come here to have sex”, she said.

“We’re just kissing”, I replied.

I went on to my next technique: Getting naked myself.

“You need to calm down, I’m not a girl like that!” (oh really?)

She got out of bed and walked out onto the balcony.

Some girls have a hardcoded rule “no sex before date number X”. It’s their anti-slut defence. And that’s exactly the feeling I got from this girl. I think she got pumped and dumped more than her liking and she was trying hard to pretend she “wasn’t that type of girl”.

I wasn’t about to waste another date before banging her by playing these games. It was time to get out the big guns (pun intended).

The Jack Technique

I waited for a while and then joined her on the balcony in my underwear. I desexualised the situation and we just talked more while finishing the wine. After a while we started making out again on the balcony.

This time I just took my dick out straight away.

Her: “What are you doing?”
THC: “If you won’t do it, I’ll do it myself”

I started jacking it while we continued to make out. This got her over her horniness threshold. She started letting out some moans and this time she didn’t resist when I put her hand on my dick. She started jacking me off on the balcony and was getting hornier by the minute.

I took her hand again and lead her back to my bed. The Last Minute Resistance had disappeared, she took of her top and rolled up her skirt, showing me her glorious, round, Colombian booty. When I took her panties off they were already soaked.

My balls were about to turn blue from her earlier cock-teasing so I nearly broke the bed smashing her.

The jacking LMR technique had worked it’s magic again.

[x_alert heading=”Attention” type=”success”]Don’t apply this technique in case you don’t have a good reading on both the situation and the girl.[/x_alert]
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