Learn Spanish for dating in 5 steps

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Learning Spanish

You want to go to Latin America and you want to do well with the local ladies. You can just go there and show up, but if you want to improve your chances of hooking up with some high quality girls, it is essential that you invest in learning Spanish.

This does not mean you have to be perfectly bilingual to do well here. But as you will notice a lot of girls will not even speak a word of English. So if you invest even 2 weeks in learning the very basics, it will help you out a LOT. If not, it will be very hard to seduce them.

It’s not impossible, but a lot harder. I seduced a Mexican girl with my google translator when I just arrived, but it’s a tedious process and I got it because she had some intrinsic interest in me to build upon. And yes, that interest probably was based on the epic Mexican mustache I was sporting at that time.

But it was only after I decided to take Spanish seriously my success rate went up by a lot and I started enjoying interacting with the locals.

Short cut method: 5 steps

Now, learning a language takes effort and time, so I have used the following heuristic method to get my Spanish to dating level.

By dating level I mean, I can confidently go on a 1-on-1 date without a dictionary with a girl that doesn’t speak any English.

To seduce in other social settings, like when she’s with friends, or talking on the phone, a higher level of proficiency may be required.

But I am confident that anyone that is dedicated to learning the language (or dedicated so smashing Spanish speaking girls) can reach this level in 2 weeks or less.

As you will see, there are a lot of similarities between Spanish and English, and even more so with French.

Step one

Learn the top 500 most frequent words of the Spanish language. A quick google search gave me this interesting PDF:

Top 500 Spanish Words PDF

Step 2

Learn the top 100 most frequently used verbs in Spanish. I have found this excellent website that not only gives you that list, but every verb links to a page with all the conjugations:

Top 100 Most Common Verbs

Step 3

With the basic vocabulary, fresh in your mind. Start to learn the basic grammar. You can buy a book, or use this very good website:


The website is free to use and features all the grammar you need with some free tests for each section.

Run through all of the lessons once and make a summary of what you have learned after each chapter.


Step 4 (parallel step)

This can be an overlapping step that you apply in parellel with the other steps. Learn the pronounciation by getting an audio course. I have used “Michel Thomas Spanish”, which is really good for this purpose.


Step 5 (the most important step)

Start pipelining! Yes, even if you’re not even going there for months, pretend that you are and start chatting up girls in Spanish. Choose your location of choice (preferably with lots of hot girls), set in your dating profile that you are living there and start chatting with the basics you have learned in the first 4 steps. Do this even if you don’t plan to actually go there.

Have the Spanish language websites from above open in different browser tabs, as well as google translate. It will be a lot easier to understand written Spanish at first over spoken Spanish. Seducing online will help you build up the niche vocabulary you will use on real dates as well.

Plus you will get exited to actually go to that place if you get a bunch of numbers already.


In conclusion

The same strategy may work for other languages, so give it a try and report back if it worked for you as well. Good luck!

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