the single guy's playground: sex and adventure in south east asia

At last My Book is Out! Single Guy’s Playground Now Available!

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the single guy's playground: sex and adventure in south east asia

It’s been years since I wrote my last book and this will be the first travel related book I ever wrote. The Single Guy’s Playground : Sex and South East Asia is now out! At 350 pages, it’s by far my longest book. Click here to buy.


  • What you will read about in the book:

    • Exactly what it’s like to travel to South East Asia from a first person perspective
    • How THC and I met and what would eventually spark the creation of Swoop The World
    • More about me and where I came from, who I am, what I like to do, my Mormon background, etc.
    • Tips and trips for traveling in South East Asia and traveling in general
    • Advice on the best ways to get the best girls in South East Asia
    • All sorts of information on the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam
    • After reading this book, you will know if SEA is a place you want to travel
    • This is, by far, my longest book and is packed full of stories
    • Sex, dating, adventure, friends, travel, hopes and dreams


After reading Single Guy’s Playground, you will know if you want to travel to South East Asia

If you are interested in the girls that are the tiniest, least hairy, most submissive, softest skin, least worried about age and tightest pussies of any girls in the world, then you may like South East Asia. Also have to mention it’s probably one of the cheapest places on the planet. But once you read this book, you will know, for sure if you want to take a trip to South East Asia. And I will make a prediction, that a very high percentage of readers that get this book, will decide to make the trip.


Get The Single Guy’s Playground: Sex and Adventure in South East Asia

the single guy's playground: sex and adventure in south east asia


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