From La Vega to Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic

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The next day after One Day of Fisto, I woke up to a lark singing.  It was singing about what a good decision it was to go to bed early.

Good Thinking Fisto!
Good Thinking Fisto!

I was a little groggy but felt pretty good considering I was hanging by my arms from a 20 foot scaffolding 12 hours earlier.

THC and 20nation both slept in and looked a little haggard when I saw them.

We headed down from our hotel and got some espresso from the Farmicia and then some chicken and yucca from a restaurant a little further down that had a big sign with “POLLO!” written on it.

The girls were giggling at our accents when we spoke Spanish.  We actually pronounce the “S” in “Dos” where most Dominicans will say “Doe”.  Their Spanish is hard for me to hear, and by all accounts, it is pretty terrible.  Interestingly, they didn’t understand what we were saying.

We cruised around the city a little and met up with some girls, exchanged numbers etc.  I met one girl that was 19 and very pretty and got her number as well.  There were two girls that we started chatting up that THC opened but one was only 16 (possibly younger) and very shy.  We teased her for being shy while THC worked his magic with the other girl.  She had a friend that was nearby but on seeing her picture, I declined.

Later after we went back to the hotel (total shithole by the way at 700 per night, or 250 for an hour) where 20nation did his pipelining and THC and I changed into some workout gear and headed to Parque Duarte.

It was one of those places where fatass women and wimpy guys all get on this ridiculously ineffectual workout equipment and sculpt their momentum muscles.

Only 1 million more reps till this matters.
Only 1 million more reps till this matters.

One lady was really into it, working all angles of her momentum muscles.

We found something that we could do pull-ups from and a bench to do box jumps and did a decent workout.

After the 3rd round, 2 girls that could have gone to a completely free bench decided to interrupt our workout and start doing sit-ups on the bench we were using (they could have also simply used any place on the park since it was all the same material.  They shameless started doing half ass sit-ups while we both stood their incredulously looking at them with WTF expressions.

When it became clear that these broads had no intention of being considerate THC interrupted them and verbalized our expressions.

“Five more minutes”.

No not five more minutes!

This is a recurring thing I’ve noticed with Dominicans and especially the girls.  They have no regard for anyone else, and can be unbelievably inconsiderate.

About the time we were finishing our workout a girl named Claribel rode up on her scooter and we started talking to her.  I explained we were just getting done and that I’d get in touch with her later.

After showering and changing I called Claribel to make plans.

I left 20nation in the lobby working online and THC waiting for the girl he met earlier that afternoon with the 16 year old friend.

Claribel and I went to a little bar type place and sat down for a few Presidentes.  She was sweet and patient with my Spanish and kept my little cup filled.  She also had changed and looked great, having a slim model body and what looked like fake tits.


When we went back to the hotel she was saying her goodbyes but I was able to talk her into staying for just an hour.  She told the taxi to come back in one hour exactly.

We got into the room and immediately started kissing and were all over each other.

She wouldn’t let me touch her perfect breasts but the little I did brush past them they seemed almost firm enough to be fake.  I suspected that someone was sponsoring her since I doubted she could afford them on her own.  I remembered that she also got really nervous when I asked for her number.

As things got more hot with kissing, she still wouldn’t relent on the boob groping so I just downshifted and got her to agree to stay the night with me.

We fell asleep for about an hour and then I woke up,  Its something I’ve noticed with girls, when they wake up after falling asleep in your arms, they are more comfortable going further sexually.  Those perfect tits came out and I was surprised and pleased to see they were 100% natural.

She started  blowing me and I reached for her pants.  She stopped me and said she was on her period and couldn’t have sex.

Considering how long this whole battle of wills had been going on, I was faced with the choice, push for sex and risk ruining the chance to have a pretty girl suck my dick, or be satisfied with what was turning out to be a great blow job.

The longer she went the more my resolve weakened.

After I came she went to the bathroom then returned.  I had to take a massive piss so I went to the bathroom after.

Sure enough, there in the waste paper basket was a huge bloody mess.  Right then and there I thanked my well timed moment of weakness for excellent blow jobs.  I really wasn’t in the mood for period sex.

I made plans to stop back and see her on our return from Puerta Plata.

All and all La Vega was a charming little city.  We waited across the street from our bus with Caribe Tours at this little stand and it felt like we were out in the Campo (country).

Sitting there if felt so damn nice to be out of fucking Santo Domingo.

When our bus showed up we got on with a renewed sense of adventure.  As comfortable as it is to stay in one city for an extended period, it just doesn’t suit me.  I was ready to see something new.





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