just by looking at a girl

6 Things Every Player Should Know Just By Looking At A Girl

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6 Things Every Player Should Know Just By Looking At A Girl

just by looking at a girl - slut tells

After you have dated and gained experience with women, you will start to to be able to get a lot of information just by looking at a girl. There is certain information that is important to know before approaching a girl so that you won’t end up wasting your time.

Sometimes a player is only in the mood for gaming it’s easy; by glancing at a girl and knowing what to look for, he can get a good idea if this is the case. Sometimes a player may want to game a girl, but only if she is something special; by just looking at a girl, he can good idea of that as well. Women’s style and body language tells you more about them than they could explain to you in an hour. Here are the 6 things every player should know just by looking at a girl.


how to spot a slut signs

1) Sluttiness – How to Spot a Slut

When a player looks at a girl, he can tell you right after seeing her, whether not she is a promiscuous girl. How can he recognize these slut signs? First ,he will look at her clothes. Are they tight or revealing? She could be slutty, but he still doesn’t have enough information.

Then, he looks at her face. I know it’s hard to believe, but a girl that has been with a lot of guys has a certain sexual confidence that other girls don’t have. Their innocence has disappeared from their face, all that is left is an obvious imitation. When you look at her face, you can get an idea of what type of girl she is.

Finally, you will look at her body movements and how far she stands away from people she just met. Women can walk, move and talk sexy and the sluttiest girls are the masters of these. Then you can continue watching her, If she just met any guy and is not uncomfortable being very close to this guy, it could mean this girl wants the D.

You put all these together and you can see the big picture and how to spot a slut. This is useful because a player may want some easy sex or he may be going for any hot girl and being able to tell that she’s slutty means that getting the girl will be much less work since you can skip the bullshit. These slut tells will end up saving you a lifetime of heartache.


2) Femininity

After spending two seconds with a girl, a player can tell whether he is with a feminine woman or a masculine woman. There are many things that give her away.

You can look at her clothing and makeup for the most obvious tell. Is she wearing makeup? Is it done well? If so it is a good sign that she accepts her feminine self. If not, she is doing the manly thing and not wearing makeup. If you are into dudes, great, but I’m not so that will be strike one for her being masculine.

The next thing you should look for is how she moves. Is she delicate and graceful in her movements or is she careless and arrogant with them? A woman who accepts her sexuality will be delicate and graceful completely subconsciously. A girl that rejects her sexuality, will start to move “manishly.”

The next way to tell how feminine she is is to listen to how she speaks. I understand you can’t tell this “just by looking,” but you can from listening for a moment. You can hear whether a girl keeps her voice higher and delicate. There are girls that naturally have deeper voices, but if you listen carefully, you can actually hear that they are making their voices higher than normal. This is a great sign of femininity. The most masculine women that I ever met all forced deep voices. These are women that wanted to be men even though they were straight. They wanted to be dominant. Good for them, but good luck finding a high value guy that won’t pump and dump a woman like that.

The reason this is so important for a player to know is that if a player wants to enjoy the chase, he knows he will not get that enjoyment from a masculine woman. At the very most this type of woman will be a one night stand, at the very least he will stop talking to her out of annoyance.


just by looking at a girl - is she a slut?

3) How she looks underneath her clothes and makeup

Men are naturally attracted to natural beauty and women are walking illusions. From their personalities (which I won’t get into right now) to their clothes and makeup, a player must learn to see through all this just by looking.

The first thing a player should learn to spot immediately are methods to hide fat that women may use. There is clothing these days that can slim her waist, hide her belly and and tighten up her legs. These types of clothing always have tells, usually at the points the clothing ends. The fat they are trying to hide will have no choice, but to find a place to breath. The other thing you should watch out for is loose clothing. Loose clothing is usually not stylish and is one of the best ways for women to hide their weight.

The next things you should watch out for are push-up bras and pants that hold together her ass. Many times the boobs and ass appear to be amazing at first, you will learn (once you get to sex) that these things were just illusions made by clothing tricks. You can notice a push-up by how her cleavage jiggles (literally) the more it jiggles, the higher the chance that it’s fat that’s been pushed up.

The final thing you should look for are girls that wear too much makeup. These girls usually do this for a reason and a player may wake-up terrified next to a girl that looked completely different from the girl he took home the night before. It’s good to know if this will be a possibility.

These things are all important for the obvious reason that men are attracted to good bodies. Because a player is intending to get laid, how she looks with clothes isn’t as important as how she looks without.


4) Whether she is attracted to you

There are so many body language signals that girls use when they are attracted to a guy, I know over 120 of them. Sometimes girls are just into your look, they will tell you this by sending you body language signals of attraction. It’s important that you see these or you will be passing up an opportunity with a girl who wants you.

The simplest ways to tell if she is attracted to you are the ones with eye contact. If she looks at you, looks down for a moment, then looks back up at you, she wants you. If she looks at you and smiles, she’s interested. If she keeps looking your way, she’s waiting for you to go talk to her. There are tons more of these, but you get the idea.


just by looking at a girl

5) Her mood

A girl is much more likely to respond to an approach in a positive manner if she is in a good mood. Almost all of the horror stories from approaching that I have seen, happened because she was in a bad mood because of something that had happened before she was approached. This should not stop you from approaching a girl you really like, but it should be taken into account.

You can tell her mood by reading her body language. You can see this from obvious things like frowning and yelling, but there are more subtle things girls will do more often. A girl feeling any signs of anger will furrow her brow subconsciously and her movements will be more quick and aggressive. If a girl is like this, you should think twice about approaching her in that moment.

The next thing you can do is listen to her voice. Is her voice sharp and forced? If so, she is probably angry about something and if you approach, she may take that out on you.

On the other hand, if you notice a girl is in a particularly good mood, you should go out of your way to talk to her because you will have a much better chance with her at that time. You can see it by watching for a smile or a laugh. She will smile with her eyes and not only with her mouth if she is genuinely happy.

6)Her Availability

I used to work in security, where it was my job to watch people’s body language. After a while watching people (which includes hot women) I learned that you can tell if a girl is taken just by watching her walk by you.

If she is not available, she will have a certain type of tunnel vision body language that I can’t describe; it’s something you must learn to notice yourself. She will walk past you and it’s like you don’t exist. It doesn’t mean that if a girl doesn’t look at you that she doesn’t want you, it’s more than that. It’s the same way that lesbians act around men, completely aloof to their existence, all in body language.

Now, with time you can break through that wall, but usually you will be better off finding a girl that is available. This is important for just that reason, you should be picking targets that are available. You should be doing this because breaking down a girl that’s in a solid relationship will not only take time pretending you aren’t interested in sex, but it’s kind of fucked up towards her boyfriend. Still… notice I said “solid relationship” , if her boyfriend isn’t gaming her well and she’s made herself available, it would be a shame to let the next guy swoop that girl.


What you can tell about a girl just by looking at her

There are many more ways to tell these 6 things, but you get the idea. Some of these things, like knowing is she a slut or what she looks like underneath her clothes can save you a lot of time and heart ache. Now… not only are these the 5 things every player should know just by looking at a girl… they are the 5 things YOU should know. Go out into the world and use these things.

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