Japan scouting mission: top 5 mistakes to avoid

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I spent nearly two weeks in Japan and I tried to see as much of the country as possible in that time, whilst also get a taste of the local female population. If your focus is on women, these are the top 5 mistakes I made that you should avoid to increase your success with the ladies over there.

Top 5 mistakes to avoid


1) Bugdet

Japan and Tokyo in particular are considered among the most expensive places to live, while there are ways around it to explore the country and different cities, you should still be prepared to spend more then in any other Asian country. Also, living on a limited budget will impact your success with women as I will show in mistake number 2.

So if you really and fully want to enjoy Japan, be prepared to set up a decent budget for yourself. Exploring it while trying to save money as much as you can will limit your experience, Japan is an amazing country, it’s like stepping into another world and you will want to enjoy it to the fullest.


2) Logistics

Since it is so expensive to live there, many of the younger girls will still live with their parents. You will want to have your own decent place, in a good location so that you can take girls back easily and naturally.

If you have a decent hotel but it’s too far away from the action, it will be harder to retreat naturally as you’ll have to take a long subway or train ride to get there.

If you have a crappy place, like a capsule hotel or hostel in the center of the action, you’ll be better placed to enjoy the city but unfortunately many of these places won’t allow you to bring a guest back.

As I was on a pretty strict budget I could only afford the capsule hotels and while they are an experience, they are hard to tolerate for more then 2 days. The floors for men and women are seperated and there usually is a mandatory check-out everyday from 10am till 5pm. So forget about sleeping in, you’re getting kicked out, rain or shine.

Capsule Hotel Tokyo

This is especially relevant for day game and instant dates. Good logistics are a MUST.

“What about love hotels?”

Yes, love hotels are available all over the city but these will be more likely to be of use for your night game only. Plus, I would advise you to do some research as so you know at least one in the vicinity of the place you go out. Be prepared to spend about $50 to $60 for an hour or $100 for the night.


3) Time

Japanese women require a bit more time to work on. It’s my style to always go for the SNL (same night lay), and this time especially as I was under time constraint, I only had about two days in each city which definitely cost me some opportunities.

This is applicable both in day game as in online game, as soon as they feel you are trying to rush things, many Japanese girls get scared and start flaking.

So make sure you have enough time in each city that you visit, or even stick to one place. I visited five cities and spent two to three days in each and that is WAY too short to yield decent results with Japanese girls, especially if you are a horrible planner as I am. Check out mistake number 4.


4) Pipeline

For pipelining I have tried 2 different websites: DateInAsia.com (DIA) and JapanCupid.com (JC), the first one is free, JC is about $30 per month. While DIA is great for the Philippines, for Japanese girls the options on DIA are VERY limited, the accounts are either very old or the active ones are of unattractive women.

JC could be useful if you use it the correct way (which I didn’t) but beware, the quality available on that site is quite disappointing as most of girls on that site are in their late 20’s or above, also it’s hard to find lots of cute girls on there. My advice for using this site is to put on some of your coolest pictures, imply that you are actually LIVING in Japan (rather then a tourist) and START PIPELINING EARLY.

Read that again: START PIPELINING EARLY! Most of these girls won’t meet up with you if you’ve only chatted with them for a day or two, so if you’re visiting multiple cities, do some planning and pipeline at least a WEEK ahead of your arrival in that place.

I did it wrong and started pipelining the day before I’d arrive at the place. By the time girls had read and responded to my message I’d almost had to leave their city, they’d sense I was rushing into meeting them and that’s a big game-killer.


  • Plan ahead
  • Send some messages back and forth on JC
  • Get her off the JC site – 95% of them will have the LINE application
  • Build some comfort by texting
  • Don’t rush the meet-up


5) Language

I usually try to learn the basics of the language of every country that I visit, no matter if it’s useful for the future to know that language or not, It helps a lot to know even a little bit of their language.

For Japan I did not have the time to do that and that has been a big regret as you will notice that not many people speak English. Knowing some basics will help you out a lot, I only knew the words that everybody knows… “Thank you”, “Yes/No”, “Goodbye”, “Delicious” and “What’s your name” and that’s what I had to work with.

Invest some time and memorize a few phrases.

Another observation: they will severely downplay their capability to speak English because they are shy, you’ll have to Insist. I’ve opened up girls that pretended they didn’t understand the word “hello”, but as soon as they’d say something back in English, I would compliment them on their English proficiency.

“Wow, your English is so good.”
– No, no, it no good.
“No, really, it’s really good. Your English sooooo good (make wide hand gesture), my Japanese sooooo bad (make small hand gesture)
That would usually get a laugh and loosen them up enough to continue trying to speak English with me.


Tips and tricks for Japan


Japan has this weird internet law that makes it a pain in the ass to get connected to the Internet. If you go to an Internet café (expensive), you need to give your passport and sign a document etc.

You can get free wifi in the starbucks but in order to meet up with girls you will want to set yourself up with 3G and get a Japanese SIM card.

In any other country, you can just walk into the 7/11 and buy a local SIM and activate it but Its more complicated in Japan. I struggled a lot to find the best and cheapest method and wasted a lot of money on buying the wrong type of card.

Only afterwards, I found out about this website and it seems the best way to go, they can have your prepaid SIM ready at the airport on arrival:


B-Mobile Visitor Sim Card Package



Day game is a very good option in Japan. It’s cheap and there are tons of hot girls walking around everywhere you go, but they’ll often be occupied or with friends so it can be a bit of a challenge. Approach them very confidently, I will write more about this in a seperate post on daygame, but playing the lost “new guy in town” (not tourist) works well.

I would get the number close or “LINE”-close (chat application for smart phones) in nearly every approach, but the number closes where VERY hard to convert into dates.


Visit the sex shops

It seems like there is no taboo about sex shops in Japan. I went to this 7 floor high sex shop in Tokyo and I saw some of the weirdest things I have ever seen in my life. Number one being an inflatable doll resembling a young child… really Japan? I can’t surf the Internet without giving my passport but I can buy child dolls?

Click below for an example…

[learn_more caption=”NSFW”]


However, they also have cool stuff, such as every imaginable schoolgirl, nurse, anime character uniform. So go ahead and buy your regular girl a souvenir.

People walk around in these stores like they’re buying groceries. You’d see couples, people standing in queue with a giant dildo or a see-through plastic vagina with poker faces.


Night game


I only went out one night during my trip in Japan and that was in Osaka. During the day I met some French student that had been living there and she recommended me the club “Giraffe” but aparently it closes by 1am and I arrived at 00:30 am. They still asked for the full cover charge so I said screw this and went straight to an after club.

I was flying solo so I socialized with some Japanese guys in the queue to enter the club, but they would not be great company. Inside the club, I ran into the coolest guy I met on my Japan trip. I could immediately tell he had game AND drive. We became instant wingmen and we hit that club HARD.

There were a lot of quality girls available and we were opening one set after the other, we both got to make out with different girls and got some number closes but we were not able to pull from that club. It’s hard to tell from one experience but I think nightlife is Japan is good to makeout, get the number close and meet another day.

Unfortunately these numbers let to nowhere as I was leaving back to Tokyo the very next day.



IMG_2220I did get my Japanese flag in Tokyo and it was good. Here’s the deal:

It was my last few days in Japan, I hadn’t capture the flag yet and I was going back to Tokyo.

I thought to myself, “Fuck it, I’m getting a decent hotel, no more logistics screwing me over!”

My new friend from Osaka told me about great place and helped me book it through a Japanese website rather than Agoda.com or Booking.com which saved me at least 50 dollars.

I had set up THREE dates with these girls I met online, Yes, I TRIPLE booked! Surprise, surprise, two of them flaked that same day, the one girl that didn’t flake was supposed to meet up near my hotel in Shibuya, but 5 minutes before our date she texts me:

“Can we meet in Shinjuku, I’m too scared to go to Shibuya”

Fucking bullshit, not another flake! I hate to agree to these type of last minute changes and I had my doubts between telling her to fuck off or go meet her despite the worse logistics, I basically tossed a coin and decided to go out and meet her.

Right call.

She was actually a scared Japanese girl and she explained me she’d get approached and even groped if she’d take the subway alone at night, fair enough I thought.

We went to “HUBS” which is like a chain of Irish styled pubs, where we had some drinks, I stepped up the kino and I felt an SNL was in the making. I played out the Japanese version of the Thailand ‘7-11’ “let’s buy some water close”.

“I have never tried Sake” (lie) “Let’s go buy some”.

I grab her hand, take her out and walk into the first FamilyMart (like 7-11) and buy a bottle of Sake. Now we’re walking about with a bottle of Sake in our hand on the streets.

“Where, oh where, can we drink this? Didn’t you live nearby here?”

So we take a 2 minute taxi drive to her place where we open the bottle and try the new sake experience. When I come back from the bathroom she had changed into her pyama’s. Okay, no more beating around the bush, I pick her up throw her on the bed and flaggenate Japan.

Ow yeah:


She was a pretty good lay and didn’t have the infamous Japanese bush downstairs, so I decided to fuck her again the next day, I found a freak. I was telling her about the sex store with all the customes I found in Tokyo the other day.

“You mean like this?”

She pulls out a full out cat costume with full body net stockings complete with holes for her pretty big (natural) boobs.


I’m glad I got my flag but I feel I could have done a lot better if I had avoided my mistakes described above. But after all, it was a great scouting trip and next time I’ll approach Japan differently with these lessons learned.

I hope these tips will be of help to you if you’re planning a trip there and if you have any more questions or feedback, leave them in the comment box below or contact me at travelhardcore@gmail.com


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