Introduction to the Polish Girl Part 1 Arrival in Poland

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Introduction to the Polish Girl part 1 Arrival in Poland
polish girl

After traveling over a year through Latin America and spending a week in Western Europe, I had finally arrived in Eastern Europe. It was a destination I had heard and read about hundreds of times. I could barely contain my excitement as the announcement from the train sounded that I was about to arrive. There at the stop was a busty, blonde Polish girl, awaiting my arrival.

This blonde girl was a girl I had pipelined online. She had set up a room for me to rent from her cousin. She said that he was really relaxed and that monthly rent would be only 200$. I would save SO much money by living there and, as a budget traveler… I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to save. This wouldn’t backfire at all… right?

The busty blonde girl showed me my room and we sat on the bed together. I thought about making a move on her right there, but then the thought crossed my mind “What would her cousin think if he thought I was dating this girl and he saw me coming back with other Polish girls. Family is family.”

I decided to try to keep the relationship friendly until my last moments staying in her cousins apartment. I passed up my opportunity in that moment for The Golden Touchdown (getting laid within 24 hours of arrival) and I started unpacking and getting used to the room that I would be staying in for the next month.


Internet dating and my date with a Polish girl

I have a lot of experience with online dating, but the online dating climate that I encountered in Poland was a slap in the face. It is honestly terrible in comparison to what I had grown accustomed to in Colombia. I had mastered lazy man’s online dating, where I would just go through a routine and have them meeting up a few days later. But here this wouldn’t work so well so I had to switch it up to getting girls to webcam. Learn my strategies for online dating here.

I was able to webcam with a 20 year old Polish girl I met on Badoo and, as most of you know that read my book, once they webcam with me, it’s over. 16 hours after arriving in Poland I had an afternoon date with the girl from Badoo.

We met in the center of the city. After some confusion with the taxi, I was able to arrive just 5 minutes late.

I walked up and recognized her immediately. She looked young and had a very interesting look. She sort of had the witch look from the movies, but more of the “good witch” look. She also had this accent from studying British English in her university. Combining the proper British accent that she had with a feminine demeanor I had not encountered created a really interesting result. I was interested.

Now, it felt like I was in Europe. We talked and walked through the city. All around me was castle architecture that I had only seen in movies. As I looked at this Polish girl who spoke English with a British accent, I couldn’t help but imagine her dressed in the style of the 1600’s. I had FINALLY made it to Europe and it felt good.


The date with the Polish Girl presents one BIG problem

As we walked and talked, I learned more about this proper sounding Polish girl. I learned she was from a small Polish village and that she “hated” feminism. A girl saying that she hated feminism was something I had never heard in my life and it wouldn’t be the last time on this trip. This girl expected me to carry bags and many other things I wasn’t used to, I happily accepted. It was a new culture and I liked it.

We sat on a bench. It was a brisk Spring day, something I hadn’t experienced in a long time thanks to spending so much time in tropical countries the last few years. It felt good. I looked at this exotic Polish girl and went for the kiss. She accepted happily.

We got up from the bench and started walking around the city again. It turns out she lived very close to where I was staying and I was able to get her to come back to my room by mentioning all my pictures from traveling.

I got her on my bed and did the normal routine. Kissing and touching was easy, but as I started removing her clothing she said something that complicated things

“I’m a virgin.”

Shit. I wanted this girl so much. Everything felt so good with her; she represented a new country, a new culture… even a new continent. I wanted her so much, but what could I do? I still tried a bit, but then gave up. I was polite and left things good, so that there was future potential.

I walked her home (something I usually don’t do, but the traditional culture was already changing me) and returned back to my apartment.

Moments after arriving I got a message from her. This message was followed by many others. This girl liked me. I invited her over for a movie for that night and she accepted.

The next few hours flew by while I did some online dating. The next thing I knew we were in bed watching a movie. The movie wasn’t five minutes in when I started kissing her.

This girl was sexual, but that part of her hadn’t yet been released. I would kiss her and then stare into her big green eyes. This was particularly cool after spending a year traveling Latin America where you almost exclusively run into brown eyed girls.

I started taking off her clothes, piece by piece, and she voiced no opposition. Then, she was on top of me, wearing nothing but her panties. It was from that position, that I moved her panties to the side and took her virginity.

It was one of the more pleasant experiences I have had from taking a girls virginity. To be honest, it was ridiculously sexy. I couldn’t completely understand why this proper sounding girl who looked like a good witch, was so sexy to me. Even as I sit in my room right now writing this, my heart races just remembering the excitement from this moment.

I had gotten my Polish flag.

See the Polish girl here

polish girl virgin


Time to party with a tall blonde Polish girl

The next day, I saw the virgin again in the afternoon before heading into the city to do some exploration. The feeling that I was in a medieval film wasn’t even close to wearing off. I did an approach, but as I was talking to her, her boyfriend showed up. It was then that I started to notice that the Polish culture is a boyfriend/girlfriend culture.

I continued on my walk and got to know the city a bit better.

I had gotten a message from a guy from RooshVForum that was also in my city and was going to hit the clubs and bars that night. I accepted.

I recognized the RVF guy immediately, being the only black guy I had seen so far. He led me back to the club where he had been and immediately two girls that he had talked to earlier came and started talking to us.

It looked like they were pretty much gaming us, a girl went straight to him to talk and the other to me. I was surprised by this because she was particularly pretty. She was 18 years old, tall, blonde with BIG green eyes. She was easily the prettiest girl I had talked to in Europe and it slightly affected my game, but I kept going.

The RVF guy and I paired off and went to the dance floor to dance with them. We danced and later joined their bigger group of girls to go to a park and drink Polish Vodka.

We all talked as we passed the bottle of Vodka around. I kept talking to the tall, blonde girl. Sometimes, as she stared into my eyes, I would feel the old feeling of weakness. Her beauty did affect me. Maybe it was combined with the newness of it all, but I had to get over it.

We went from there to a bar to take some shots and I could feel the interaction dying with her. I wanted to preserve it and come back when I had my shit together. I talked to the other RVF guy and he was thinking the same thing. We got their numbers and, as I was saying goodbye to the tall blonde girl, she surprised me.

She pulled me to her and kissed me. It was something I didn’t expect, but I accepted.

I thought I had running bad game towards the end and her action puzzled me. Was Poland really this easy?


Let’s keep the party going

From there we knew we wanted to go look for other opportunities. We went back to the club where we had met the previous girls, but there wasn’t as many people as before. I did a couple approaches and I was able to get a number from a brunette who seemed interested. The other RVF guy kept getting approached by this lesbian looking girl dressed in hip hop clothes. It was pretty funny actually. It was so obvious that he didn’t want to dance with her, but he’s a nice guy.

We decided to go look for another club with more people. We walked through the streets of the city towards another place he had heard about and I saw a group of girls walking. I opened by asking what sort of places were good on a Monday.

I started talking to a cute brunette girl and the RVF guy came in and talked to some of the other girls. It seemed she liked me. I asked her for her number before she left and she gave it to me. She did look young though. One last thing…

“How old are you?” I asked.


Shit. Legal in Poland, but not for an American. Too bad.

We went to a different club that had more people and we started approaching. Ten seconds after arriving, he was talking to a girl and I had to look for something to do. I noticed a cute redhead and went to talk to her.

Rejected. No interest at all.

I started changing my beliefs a bit about how easy Poland was. Then, I noticed a girl from a group at the club from before. In fact, she was from the same group of the brunette girl who’s number I got earlier. I had actually wanted to get this girls number before, but the brunette seemed so interested and I couldn’t break away.

Now, the brunette wasn’t there and I watched this legitimate blonde (ocean blue eyes and completely blonde hair) dance. She danced like nobody was watching. It was pretty sexy. She came and sat down and I sat next to her and started a conversation.

It wasn’t easy to get the number, she rejected the idea a couple of times saying I don’t want a girl like her. I’m sure it had something to do with the fact that I got her friends number earlier. In the end I got the number.

I did another approach with no luck and noticed the other RVF guy glued to the bar and a cute Polish girl.

I went and talked to him to see what was happening.

“I think I’ve got this one in the bag.” He said.

“Good luck. I’ll message you tomorrow.” I told him and left the club.

It was late and there weren’t many people in the street, but outside the club, all alone, sat a girl. She seemed cute. I opened her by asking how I could find a taxi. She said she was about to leave too and said we could look for one together.

I kept talking to her. She was an Italian exchange student. She was pretty drunk and I entertained the idea of trying to get her back to my place. We took a taxi together and it first went to where she was staying. I thought about asking her to come back with me, but I didn’t think I had built enough rapport, so I just asked for her number.

I got it and reflected on the night. I had gotten 5 numbers. However, one of those numbers was from a sixteen year old. Four numbers. Then, another two of those numbers were girls that were obviously friends, so I had to choose which one I wanted to message. Obviously, I chose the blonde. So, 3 legit prospects on the night. Not bad.


A date with the Italian girl

The next day I messaged the three legit numbers that I had got. They all responded promptly. I was in good position. I set up a date with the Italian girl for that night.

I met her at a park and we walked to the center of the city. The Italian girl was 20 years old. She was short with BIG brown eyes. I would describe her overall look as cute.

My game is much better when I’m not drinking, something that has always affected me. I could feel tight game coming out as we bounced from place to place. She was showing me her favorite places. Some places to eat and others to drink. It was a nice introduction to the center of the city.

We ended in a shot bar and started taking shots. 15 minutes later we were making out. The shot bar was pretty full of people, but she obviously didn’t care. From there, it was a piece of cake. An hour later she was on my bed and I was getting my Italian flag.

Not a bad day at all.

The next morning, the Polish guy I was living with expressed his surprise that I was getting girls in Poland so quickly. I noticed just a glimpse of annoyance cross his face… or maybe I was imagining it.


THE date with THE Polish girl

While pipelining, I had added quite a few girls to my Facebook. One of them I had added, but realized she wasn’t that cute. One day (while still in Colombia) I noticed that she had a particularly attractive friend. I sent a friend request to this attractive friend.

She ended up accepting and I had been talking to her a bit over the next few weeks. She was the best friend of the girl I had added from the dating website.

I had set up a date with her earlier in the week and I was particularly excited for this date. I really liked the look of the girl. She was young and hot.

I decided to get a haircut an hour or so before my date with her. As the stylist was about to cut my hair I instructed which numbers I liked. She agreed and went straight for the top of my head. Immediately, I knew something was wrong.

The chunk of hair the clippers had taken out of the top of my head was WAY too short. In europe their clippers are all in CM, not inches. FUCK. I don’t look good with a shaved head either. The stylist tried their best to make it look as good as possible, but now I had the shaved head look. They gave me the haircut for free, but the damage was done.

“A hat maybe?”

A hat. That’s what I would do. I asked where the nearest store was where I could buy one. It was time for me to be at my date, but I wasn’t about to show up to this date that I had been excited for the last week, with a shaved head.

I walked fast to the mini-mall that the stylist told me about. I found a hat I liked. Surprisingly, I liked it a lot. I looked good with it.

I was 30 minutes late and over this 30 minutes I had kept sending messages like:

“I’m almost there.”

“Just 5 more minutes.”

It had worked. I was almost 40 minutes late, but she was waiting there when I arrived.

She was even better looking in person. A young looking, thin brunette with brown eyes.

“I was two minutes from leaving.” She said angrily.

I responded playfully and she immediately smiled; happy was obviously her natural state. Her entire mood changed instantly and moments later we were laughing and having fun. In that moment I knew that this girl was special, but I had no idea that this girl would turn my trip to Europe upside down.


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