If she wants you to stop seeing other girls

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If you are dating multiple girls at once, there will come a time your girl will try to claim you to herself. There are a three things you can do:

  1. Agree and start dating exclusively (nope!)
  2. Lie and continue to date girls on the side
  3. Be upfront and continue to date girls on the side

As long as you don’t want to settle with just one girl, option 1 is off the table. That leaves you with option 2 and 3.

Option 2 may seem like the quick and easy way out but it will only postpone the inevitable clash a bit further into the future. In the end this option will demand a bigger net investment (e.g. hiding shit, keeping track of your lies, the nagging, etc.)

Option 3 is the way to go. Warning, not all girls will accept this (at least indefinitely). You may lose some girls, that’s the call you make. That’s why you need to take the right approach on this critical moment.

As in any rough spot with your girls, you need to remember the following 2 important bullet points:

  • Frame control
  • Willingness to walk away

Once you give into a girl’s frame, or she notices some kind of dependence on her, she gains power over you. When a girl has power over you, she will lose attraction for you.

Girls will continuously test your frame and your neediness. When she brings up dating exclusively, this is a moment to affirm your frame and let her know you’ll be fine without her.

An example from last week

I’m currently dating a couple of girls. I don’t lie to them about seeing other girls but I’m implicit and discrete about it. It’s been drama-free but last week one of my girls showed up at my place unannounced. Another girl had just left, they merely didn’t run into each other. As such, I didn’t have time to clean my apartment.

Of course the second girl finds a pair of earrings in the bed after sex.

Girl: I’m going home! (crying)
THC: What’s wrong?
Girl: I found an earring in your bed! You are fucking other girls! I’m going home!
THC: Calm down, come here (take her and put her on my lap)
Girl: Are you seeing other girls??
THC: Yes.
Girl: I don’t want you to see other girls!
THC: Look, I’m seeing other girls but you don’t need to worry about that. I like you a lot. Really.
Girl: Bla bla bla (something about hurt feelings)
THC: Look, shitty you found those earrings, but I can’t change that now. The other girl doesn’t mean anything.

We talk for a bit more and she calms down. I let her cry a bit and then helped her snap out of it. I told her to stop crying and that it’s time to do something fun.

A fun move introduced by Fisto: You stick your finger in her nose and make her eat her own boogers; pretend to be grossed out about what “she” is doing.  This got her smiling again. We had awesome make-up sex and she made me dinner for me after.

> Don’t get sucked into her emotional world and don’t be apologetic about your actions

The day after she started texting me. She regretted her decision and tried again with another ultimatum.

Girl: THC, I like you a lot but I can’t ever see you again because I’m not the only one.
THC: That’s too bad because I like you.
Girl: I like you too.. but do you promise to stop seeing the other girls?
THC: No, I can’t promise that.
Girl: Then you will never see me again!
THC: I’m sad about that but I understand you feel that way and I respect your decision.
Girl: :/

Two days later I get another message from her: “I can’t do it, I can’t stop thinking about you! I want to see you again.”

She’s now more in love than before. Changing her schedule to see me, cooking me food when she comes over, cleans up my place, brings sexy outfits, etc.

She switched from wanting to be “my only girl” (her frame) into wanting to be “my best girl” (my frame).

> Strong frame control and the willingness to walk away is a powerful combination that’s irresistible to women!



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