night club in eastern europe

What is it Like to Pickup Girls at a Club in Eastern Europe? See For Yourself

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What is it Like to Pickup Girls at a Club in Eastern Europe?

See For Yourself

night club in eastern europe


The sun finally goes down and you finally start to wake up. You are in your bathroom doing some personal grooming. You want to look as fly as possible for tonight.

You stare in the mirror and imagine the night. You imagine the chaos that comes from alcohol and large amounts of a younger crowd and it makes sure that the night is shrouded in mystery.

You hear a knock on the door. It’s your wing and he brought some beers. You greet him and you both start drinking. You start talking and joking. You start game planning for the night as the excitement starts building.

You feel your body starting to loosen up and you start to feel more and more relaxed. The alcohol is doing what it’s supposed to.

You look ahead into the possibilities that the night holds and all you can see are glimpses of stunning girls and rocking bodies rubbing up against you in the club and maybe… in your bed.

You and your wing finish off your beers and look at the time.

11 PM. It’s time to start.


To the Club

You walk towards the center of the city where most the bars and clubs are located. You notice that the streets are empty of all kids, elderly and anyone not wanting to party.

You start to get closer to the center and a group of attractive girls cross paths with the two of you. They are wearing dresses and high heels and you check out their asses as they walk the other way. Their long legs and asses look very perky thanks to those heels.

You didn’t let yourself get any (masturbation included) for the previous few days so the desire from glimpsing those tight asses awakens something inside you. The thirst for something more sends an amazing feeling of possibilities through your body.

You look at your wing and you see that he is feeling the same thing.

The two of you walk another five minutes and start to see more groups of people walking around. A group of 4 girls girls walk by and you can hardly check them out before your wing walks over and asks the group a question.

You follow behind and engage another one of the girls. You reach into your bag of funny things to say as you are forced to entertain the three other girls.

You try to focus on your words, but you can’t help but imagine what the big breasted brunette would look like naked. You start to get horny again, but force yourself to stay charming.

Your friend is talking to the leggy blonde and looks like he is doing well. You start engaging the big boobed brunette more. You know you want her and you know you don’t have much time until the other two girls start to get jealous and pull away the two girls you are engaging. You focus on having attractive body language and saying the right things.

Her brown eyes stare into yours and you can tell she wants you. One of the two girls that weren’t getting talked to say something to the leggy blonde and you know you don’t have much time.

You pull the busty brunette closer to you, her big breasts brushing against your chest, and you say “We have to get going soon, but maybe we could meet up later.” You don’t take your eyes from hers as you say this. “What’s your number?”

She can’t hide the happiness at your attempt to see her again and she gives it to you. You look over and it looks like your friend is getting the number as well. The five minutes you gave him seemed to be enough.

You say goodbye and you and your wing look at each other and smile. Feeling twice as confident as five minutes before, the two of you walk into the night towards the clubs.


Stunning Beauty

You notice a particularly pretty girl walking towards the two of you. She has something, an x-factor and you know you will regret not talking to her. She is with one friend and you glimpse the possibilities.

You start talking to her and she stops, but her friend keeps walking, pulling her by the arm. You lock eye contact and try to throw in as much charm as possible.

“We are not interested.” Her friend says.

You ignore her and keep looking at the girl you opened.

“Sorry, we are in a hurry.” The pretty girl says. Rejected.

As usual, it’s the ugly girl who is the bigger bitch. My wing puts a hand on my shoulder to reassure me and smiles. Just like that, it’s in the past and we continue walking towards our destination: a popular local club.


The Club

The two of you keep walking until you arrive at the club. There is a line, but it’s not too long and shouldn’t be more than a ten minute wait. You guys kill time by talking about the previous two groups you opened.

Before you know it, you are in the club and the buzz from the alcohol you guys drank in the apartment is starting to wear off. You go straight to the bar and order another beer. Your wing joins you at your side.

You get your beer and turn around to look at the dance floor. A great crowd tonight. A sea of people jumping together to the beat of the music. Some drunk, some sober, some on drugs, but all moving to the sound of the music.

As you scan the dance floor you notice a cute girl dancing close to where you and your wing are posted up.

The two of you lock eyes for a moment before she looks down and away, back to her friends. You keep your eyes in her direction and notice her look again. You can’t pass up this opportunity. You don’t even let yourself think and moments later you are talking to her.

You rest your hand on her lower back and start moving to the music as you talk to her. She turns her entire body towards you and you know she is at least a bit interested.

She is wearing a tight, blue dress that comes down to about half way up her thigh. As you keep talking to her your hands explore more of her body. First her waist. You can feel she is thin, but still athletic.

You pull her closer to you as you talk. As her body is pressed against yours, you feel your desire swell.

Then you look her in the eye, smile, and start dancing with her. She accepts this happily.

You feel good from the alcohol, better from the good choice of music, even better from the endorphins from dancing and amazing from the feeling of having this slim attractive girl’s body rubbing against you. She has the body of a typical model and the idea makes the dancing even more sexy.

You let yourself live in the moment. A couple songs pass and you start bringing her closer and closer. You start touching more and more of her body. Your hands brush over her ass and you almost erupt with desire.

You pull her closer.

Then, your hands go down and rest on her ass. She doesn’t pull them away. You stare at her with the most enticing look you have and go for the kiss.

She turns her cheek and you smile and go back to dancing. Five minutes later you try again… the same thing happens.

Her friend comes over from nearby and whispers something in her ear. You dance with her for another minute and you try to bring her close again. She comes close to whisper something in your ear.

“I have a boyfriend. Sorry.”

Fuck. Hopelessness temporarily clouds your mind as your fantasies of being inside this thin girl are shattered. You could keep trying, but realize it’s pretty pointless.

You say goodbye and go back to the bar where you left your friend.


A Walk Through the Club and the Big, Perky Ass

You look around the club, but he is nowhere to be seen. You check your phone for messages. Nothing from him, but a message from the busty brunette from earlier.

“Where are you guys at?”

You tell her the club name and she agrees that her and her friends will come there right away.

Your mouth salivates at seeing those big natural boobs again. Hope is immediately restored. While waiting for the group you decide to go on a quick search for your wing.

As you are passing through the crowd you notice a girl dancing close to the DJ booth. You look at her in her black dress and all you can think about is how that ass really just pops. It really comes out of nowhere. This girl goes to the gym…

You think about opening her, but use the arrival of the other girls as an excuse to keep walking. You make a mental note and tell yourself you will come back later.

You walk another few feet through the club and you see your wing. Dancing against an attractive, tall blonde girl.

You grab him on the shoulder and ask him how it is going.

“Very good.” He says with a wink. You let him be and continue walking through the crowd.

You make your way back to the bar where you had been posted up and look at your phone.

No messages and the busty brunette and her friend are late.

You survey the crowd again looking for the girl or any of her friends. Then, the thought crosses your mind that they probably aren’t coming. You come down from the high you have been feeling at the thought of seeing her again and look to the new possibilities in the crowd.

You think back to the girl in the black dress with the amazing ass. You start walking through the crowd again to where she was dancing before. You see the DJ booth, but when you look at the spot where she danced with her friend, you see the spot occupied by a red head with a really big nose and her friend.

Not acting on the opportunities in front of you fucked you up again. You start dancing in place as you survey the girls around you.

A cute blonde girl, but a little bit chubby. A Short, skinny redhead, but she had no curves. Then, you glimpse a black dress and… an ass. Your eyes go slowly up her body until they reach her face and your thoughts are confirmed… it’s the girl in the black dress from before.

She looks at you and you lock eyes for a moment. You are not sure if that was an indicator of interest or her just surveying the dance floor, but you don’t care. Glimpsing her again had awoken your inner animal and you areon your way over to talk to her.

She is surprisingly open to your advance. A big smile greets you at arrival. She immediately turns to you before you can say anything and starts dancing. You take her hand and twirl her around.

Your hand rests on her hip, just above her big, perky ass. The feeling of her tight body underneath the black, cotton dress get’s your heart racing.

You pull her closer to you and press her body against yours. It’s too late in the night for playing coy. You dance with her and start to feel the music. The feeling of euphoria starts to return and your desire awakens even stronger than ever.

With her body pressed against yours, you are sure she can feel that desire. It does nothing but make her dance more sexy with you. You make her do a half twirl and pull her against you so her ass is against your crotch.

She starts shaking it against you and you rub your palms against it; surprisingly muscular for it’s size. She turns back around comes close to you again.

Another song plays and you rest your hands on that big ass. It’s tight and perky and you decide you want this girl now and you get going on escalation and going for the kiss.

You look her in the eyes and go in for the kiss. Your kiss is greeted by her tongue and the two of you are making out on the dance floor. You get lost in the moment. You don’t know how long you have been making out with her because in those moments time had no importance.

The girls friend pulls her away to the bar, but she tells you that she will be back. You feel a hand on your shoulder. It’s your wing with the blonde girl he was dancing with.

“We are getting out of here.” He says. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Good luck.” You say with a wink.

You look over at the bar and see the big ass’d girl talking to her friend. You realize that you had done almost no talking and you go over and start talking to her.

Time to try to get her back to your place. The two of you talk and you imagine this sexy girl riding on top of you and your hands grasping those big cheeks. Desire is all over your face and you are sure  she sees it.

Her friend grabs her arm and tells her something. Then, the girl in the black dress turns to you and whispers in your ear “we are going.”

Fuck. You had waited too long. You do a last ditch effort to get her to stay with you, but she keeps saying she can’t. You get her number and watch that amazing ass walk out the front door of the club.


Last Call and Your Last Opportunity

It is getting dark and there isn’t much time until last call in the club.

You look at the dance floor and notice how thin the crowd is becoming. You look for the first decent looking girl and approach without thinking. Rejected. She’s not interested in dancing with you.

You step back off the dance floor and open up your phone and see a few missed messages and a missed call.

“We are here.” The message read. Who was it from?

The big chested brunette from earlier.

You call her and look into the crowd. A voice answers. You can’t understand anything because of the noise in the background, but across the club you notice somebody else with a phone to their ear; the big chested brunette.

She is there with her blonde friend, but you don’t see the other two girls. You walk up to the girls and started talking with them.

“Where is your friend.” The blonde girl asks.

“He, Uh, had to go.” You respond.

“Oh, Ok.” She whispers something to the busty brunette and disappears into the crowd.

You spend about five minutes talking to the busty brunette. As you whisper in her ear, you steal glances down her shirt at her cleavage. Then, re-energized, you lead her onto the dance floor.

Her dress barely contains her huge boobs and you enjoy pressing her body, and breasts, up against yours. Your hands run up and down her body and after only a few minutes dancing you go for the kiss. She accepts.

The feeling of euphoria comes back again as the kiss represents a final glimpse of hope. Your mouth is almost watering as you run your hands up her torso and across her large breasts.

You whisper something in her ear and she agrees.

She leaves for a minute and comes back with her purse. You take her by the hand and lead her out of the club and into a taxi.

15 minutes later the two of you are on your bed. She is riding above you, still fully clothed. You pull her face towards yours and start making out. You feel nothing but passion as you squeeze her breasts.

You reach around her back to undo her bra strap. She sits up, takes off her shirt and lets her bra fall off.

Your jaw drops.

An epic rack. Her pink nipples are surprisingly small for breasts so big. You put your mouth on those perky tits and flip her over.

The rest of her clothes soon come off.


Night Game and How You Can Do the Same

As most of you know I have never been a big fan of night game and at times I never understand why some of my friends loved it so much. Maybe it is my religious upbringing, but I enjoyed internet dating and day gaming much more.

However, after my time in Europe I started to see how amazing it is and what night game is really about. Hopefully, you guys were able to feel a bit of what I felt when I have a great night out in Eastern Europe.

In this post I don’t show a lot of dialogue, if you guys want to know what to say to a girl in all these types of situations check out my book The Perfect Conversation: Win Any Girl With Words.



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