How to Use Sex: Understanding the Fundamentals of Frame and Achieving Greater Alpha

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“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

― George Orwell, Animal Farm

The Greater Alpha

Redpill is a lifestyle and a perspective.  It’s about throwing off social conventions and doing what makes YOU happy.  It means seeing reality for what it is.  That includes the true nature of women, there are no unicorns.

Being an Alpha Male is about improving yourself as a man, being the type of man women want to sleep with and other men want to be.

A Redpill man isn’t necessarily and Alpha Male, and an Alpha Male isn’t necessarily a Redpill Man.

An Alpha Male may harbor a lot misconceptions, get “oneitus” still, think marriage is his only option for the future etc.

A Redpill guy might be some skinny (or fat) basement dweller hung up on the injustice of false rape allegations and unfair child support laws.

It’s a new year.  Time to take the best of both of these ways of life, meld them into what creates the Greater Alpha.

Let’s go.


Part 1: Basics

Most “PUA’s” critics (Pickup Artists, god knows I hate the term) act like “game” is a set of sleazy gimmicks that men use to weasel their way into women’s pants.  This erroneous assumption is not helped by men just learning game who think that if they wear a different kind of shirt, it will make them a different person.

Frame – for the purpose of this post, frame will be a reference to the atmosphere you create, the attraction (or lack of) you build, and way you control (or don’t) the social interactions you have with both men and women.

Game – is more than gimmicky techniques or one liners, in fact, it is simply the frame you as a man project during social interactions. Whether you create attraction or disgust, or even impartiality, that is a result of the frame you bring to the table.

It reminds me of fighting, most people will see a fighter throw a punch, and they will say “Oh he must have a strong arm”.  But the fighter knows that it’s really about how he turns his hips.

But how he turns his hips is all about how he stands, and how he stand is all about his toes.  A fighter can’t throw a hard punch (or series of them) flat footed.

Throwing a hard punch starts with your toes.

And that is what frame is to game.  Frame is where it starts.

And frame is where it ends.

Frame is where it starts and frame is where it ends.


A term that gets thrown around a lot is “Alpha Male”.  Since a better term doesn’t exist at this time, we will use that.

An Alpha Male is simply a man that has a strong and attractive frame, that causes women to feel attraction on an instinctual level.  Women want to fuck him, men want to be him or be friends with him.

Alpha males generally have a stronger level of game, whether its natural or learned, or both.  These men consistently fuck women because women register them as sexually attractive.

Now, among men interested in scoring with women, there is a lot of debate about how to achieve this and it boils down to an almost “which came first? The chicken or the egg” argument.  Some will say that you have to “fake it till you make it” and others will claim you have to build an awesome life for yourself and women will be the byproduct.

For the scope of this article, we will leave that debate alone.  I’ve written quite a bit on How To Double Your Level of Game to cover beginner to intermediate levels on becoming an Alpha Male.

What is not debatable, is that a Greater Alpha can fuck women of all social stratas across the Globe.  Not everyone can become a Greater Alpha the same way not everyone can be an Olympic Gold medalist. In fact, i would say the achievement is just as rare. However, the point remains the same, the frame and level of game you have, is the manifestation of the man you actually are.

In other words, you might be able to get a girls number and even fuck her, but the ability to control her and maintain attraction is the stuff that an Alpha Male possesses.  To consistently fuck quality women, the Greater Alpha leaves a path of destruction.

Whether its one girl or your harem, it boils down to your frame.


Part 2: Genetics

We are animals.  Plain and simple when it comes to sex and what we as humans find attractive, we are driven by a reproductive imperative.

Anyone that disagrees with this self evident truth is a sociology major who’s trying to justify HER education or a White Knight using truly sleazy tactics to score by hiding his actual intentions (which is to ingratiate himself in the hopes of scoring, but he’ll settle for a hug, loser). Do not be fooled by the intellectual bullshit myth that men and women are equal and the only thing  that separates us are our “parts”.

Everything from the hormones we thrive on to the chemistry in our brains that governs the way we think, to the urges we have and the way we choose our mates is different.


Even our university trained intellectuals can’t deny the mating rituals we as humans go through are identical to most animals.

Understanding this concept is key to unlocking your Alpha Male.  You have to be attractive on a primal, instinctual level.

In most social environments today we don’t generally have physical confrontations where men compete for attention (it happens still). Man has a greater intellect than other animals, so it is natural that those arenas have evolved to a more intellectual status quo. Women will test a man’s frame and alphaness through what is widely regarded as shit tests.

His attitude, and frame control evoke to the woman the kind of man he is.

This is a key point, because she makes all sorts of instant assumptions based on this interaction, most importantly, is he a suitable mate or is he a provider.

If he is a suitable mate, she is more inclined to fuck him, if he is a provider, her game then changes accordingly.

Since we are not interested in being providers, we will only explore the long game of the alpha male.

Let’s assume you have a rock solid frame, lets assume you have followed my “How to Double Your Level of Game in 30 Days (or less)” series to the T and you even have something to teach me.

You’re so good, you create Positive Feedback Loops even when you’re being Negative.

You do my traveling workouts as a warmup.

You are that damn badass.

Great, because the next step is understanding that as the Alpha, you aren’t her long game, you’re her hookup.

The Beta Provider is her long game, and her intentions are either to turn you into one, or to find one.

You’re the guy she wants to fuck, not necessarily the guy she wants to marry.

You’re the guy she doesn’t count on her personal notch number, the guy who she met at a club one night, possibly at her own bridal party (done that in Vegas, so cliche). (See point 5 in THC’s observations on women)

Yes, many times she’ll like you and want to see you again (usually a girl that hasn’t been riding the cock carousal for too long) which will make things a lot easier.

*Conversely, a girl that has been on the cock carousal knows what you are, and doesn’t want to “be hurt” by another badboy.


So, given all that, let’s assume you want this girl in your rotation.

In either situation, Hell in ALL situations, you control women with lower lip biting, toe curling, little girl whining, gushing and squirting orgasms.

All the way up until you swallow the red pill, it’s women using sex to control men, we are going to flip the script!

Women fall in love with you when you Make them feel special + Make them feel feminine

Make them feel special + Make them feel feminine

When they love you, you have the power.

She does not have the analytical power to understand that she loves you because you make her cum like no man before you, she only knows you make her feel like she has never felt before.

You will become the man she desperately needs and is terrified of losing.

THC wrote and excellent post on the power shift after sex.

I don’t want to hear any whining about how women are equal and that’s immoral etc etc.

Woman are like children (yes yes, so are most men since they are beta males but I’m not wanting to date/bang them), and we’ve all seen those little brats running around behaving poorly when they aren’t put in check. So don’t preach to me about respecting children. Women crave to be disciplined and align themselves with a stronger male persona. This is a primal, genetic, trait. Arguing against it is a waste of all of our time.

This is the true nature of women, and being and Alpha Male + Being a Red Pill man, is the only way to becoming a Greater Alpha, if you have what it takes.

Alpha Male + Being a Red Pill man is the only way to becoming a Greater Alpha


Part 3: Understanding the 3 Types of Female Orgasm


The Clitoral Orgasm

Women release the hormone OXYTOCIN during sex, the more intimate and powerful the pleasure for her, the more you will own her ass.


Of course this requires frame congruency on your part as a man.  You must be the alpha before, during, and after sex.

The most common orgasm a woman has is the Clitoral Orgasm.  Most people know you can stimulate her to climax with your hands or tongue or when fucking you can angle your body so it gets rubbed by your rock hard abs.

The sensation is localized to the genitalia and while it is close to a males orgasm, it is the least powerful of the three.

The Internal Orgasm

Many women don’t experience this with their boyfriend, it takes a level of comfort for a woman to let herself achieve this and consistency by her partner. You as a man have to put consistent rhythm  and constant pressure on her G-spot (located about an inch inside and on the roof of her pussy). When you finally start hitting it with your fingers or dick, you will know as it will swell. Also for fucks sake don’t keep changing your rhythm, that will throw her off and she’ll have to start over. Constant rhythm and consistent pressure is the key.

Also dirty talk, frame control in bed, and general expertise will allow her to reach this level of pleasure. As a man you need to educate yourself on this. The internal orgasm reverberates throughout her from the inside and is much more powerful than the clitoral orgasm.

If you make a girl cum internally, you will make her fall in love with you.

The Squirting Orgasm

Only women who can have an internal orgasm can have a squirting orgasm which is the most powerful of all, it is a full body orgasm. I am personally jealous of women for being able to achieve this. Imagine the feeling of cumming coursing through your entire body.

To make a woman squirt you need to understand the physics behind it as well as biologically what is taking place.

First, many women never achieve internal orgasms because they have the sensation that they have to pee just before they cum.  They don’t want to piss on the guy so they hold themselves back.

Just like a man’s penis is capable of passing both semen and urine, so is a woman capable of releasing female ejaculate as well as urine.  The trouble is, they don’t know their own bodies as well as I’m about to inform you.

There is a gland known as the Skene’s gland which houses female ejaculate, when a woman gets the sensation she’s about to take a piss from the pressure of you fucking her, that is actually a sign that shes about to squirt.

As I mentioned before, when women are self conscious about peeing on you, they won’t allow themselves to relax enough, which in turn keeps them from cumming.

It isn’t urine. And even if it was, who the fuck cares? You’re about to be a God to her and now you’re hung up on which bodily fluid is which? Not Alpha.


Moving on, explaining this to her will get her excited to try it. Making her feel comfortable and letting her know “just push it out” when she get’s the sensation she needs to pee will make her feel and see fireworks.

You will be elevated to the status of her master.

How to Start

Its in your best interest to learn to manually stimulate the girl with your hand before trying to do this with your cock.

1) It’s already hard to generate this pressure and

2) learning it by hand (pun intended) will allow you to understand the angle and pressure your cock needs to generate.

Below is a video outlining the process:

Educate yourself further:

How to give a woman a powerful G spot orgasm



Part 4: Frame Control in Bed

Rough sex trumps gentle loving every time.

When you fuck her, you have to fuck her like the Alpha she met (congruency). This seems obvious but many men for some inexplicable reason, will start being all sensitive and try and make love. My theory for this is because women start acting like wounded little lambs, whimpering in distress when they’re about to be fucked. It’s because they WANT you to take them.  The beta male will instinctively white knight and likely trigger her reflex to abort the whole affair.

The Alpha Male will do what a Lion does when it hears a wounded animal and go in for the kill.

Remember, women want to feel feminine, especially in bed.  You do this by taking control, firmly and with the right amount of aggressiveness melded with a dash of gentle yet masculine power to achieve this.

Looking her in the eyes, telling her you own her, telling her she was made for you to fuck. Making her open her mouth and spitting in it, spitting on her face, baby smacking her face, her tits, really throwing down on her ass leaving big red handprints, making her tell you that’s your pussy, and on and on. That’s what bonds her to you, that’s the Greater Alpha Male Long Game.

I have had the bitchiest girls of all time turn into little purring kittens after making them cum. They become docile little creatures that adore you and yes, it’s another flaw in the female makeup, but it is once again, the ugly machinery behind the pretty curtain that is a woman. Understanding and accepting women for how they are is part of being a Red Pill Man, being the man that can bang her this way is part of being an Alpha Male. Putting these two things together is what it takes to be a Greater Alpha.

Use your new powers for good…

If you can.

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