online dating flakes

How to Stop Online Dating Flakes

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How to Stop Online Dating Flakes

online dating flakes

I’m currently in Colombia! This is a country that is famous throughout the world for it’s beautiful women. It is, however, also famous for women flaking on dates like it’s going out of style. Yet somehow, I am getting basically no flakes. Girls are showing up when they say they will. What is causing this sudden cultural change? Proper pipelining. I will show you what I mean and how you can stop online dating flakes.


Online Dating (or Pipelining) the Right Way

As most of my readers know, I do day and night game, but I am best at online dating. I have written a book about it called “Elite Online Dating”. I have done more online dating than any one man should do, but it has given me a very clear perspective about how to do it the right way.


Machine Gun Online Dating vs. Sniper Online Dating

Most guys go on tinder and do one of two types of online dating: Machine gun or sniper (as I call them). Machine gun online dating is where you just mass message, mass get contact numbers and go on pure math to get girls. The down side to this?

Down sides of Machine Gun Online Dating:

  • Girls will flake on you like crazy
  • Much more difficult to get the prettiest girls


Next, we go to my preferred type of online dating; Sniper. Sniper online dating is when you choose specific targets (or women) and focus more of your attention on a select few. For example I may choose a girl with a very pretty face, a girl with an amazing body, a girl with a big ass and a girl who looks just very sweet. Now, I can focus on these girls that I have a preference for, instead of just relying on math to get a date.

When I was younger I would mix in some machine gun online dating. Now I do it much less because I prefer Sniper online dating. This is a change in me as well as experience.

Basically I get very little from just banging an average 6. I’ve slept with a ridiculous amount of girls in my life and if the girl doesn’t have anything special about her, I really get nothing from it. It’s pretty much glorified masturbation. Lucky for me, the world is full of sexy and interesting girls with all sorts of interesting characteristics (physical and personality wise).

This is why Sniper online dating is so special.

Up sides to Sniper Online Dating:

  • Much less flaking
  • You can choose the girls who are hottest to you and have a good chance of getting them

Sniper Online Dating is simple, but you must have a higher value profile to start out with (check out my book for that). Basically, the first thing you do is start a normal conversation. Your high value profile will help you at least get a reply. From there it is about using humor, building a connection and a few other things.


Using humor in Online Dating

If you want to make a girl you met online really into you and almost guarantee she won’t flake on you, you need to use humor in your interactions. This can be anything; teasing her about something she said or doing some cocky/funny. Whatever you do, use humor in a way that does not come off as try hard. Check out this article to see my point:


Making yourself a real human being

The next thing you have to do for sniper game is to make yourself go from an image on a website or app, to a real life charming human being. To do this you have a few options:

  • Voice messages – voice messages help you use your voice to charm them. Throw in some humor here and not only will it improve attraction, but it will help you become more real in her mind.
  • Do selfie videos – I know many guys out there are anti-selfie. But if you are going after younger girls (it’s all I go after), you must accept the cultural change that has taken place. One of the best things you can send are selfie videos of you in cool places (could be a fancy place, a foreign country, etc.). It is important that you are in an interesting place and also that you look handsome. Then send it and you will stand out big time from the army of other men chasing her.
  • Photos of all kinds – You want to get photos of her and you always want to give her (good) photos of yourself at the best and soonest possible time.
  • Webcamming – I have talked about it many times and I will keep saying it, it’s the best way to game women online. I have had girls take buses for many hours just to meet me. These are girls I met online and only after webcamming would they drop everything, risk their physical well-being and come see me even though I am very far away.


Make a connection

The next thing you have to do is make a connection. To do this, you must first have built attraction, then you want to hint that  you are interested (preferably after she does, but it’s not a rule).

Then, you want to establish a pattern of conversation. Like speak to her every day the way a boyfriend and girlfriend would. It doesn’t have to be so long each time, but just make sure your conversations are fun.


Make Her Invest

The final thing you should do is to make her invest in you in some way. Every time she sends you a selfie photo of herself, she slightly invests (as long as she took it for you). If she makes you a special video, she invests. If she helps you find a place to live, she invests. And, my favorite, if she sends you a nude picture or video… she invests.  These things will all make her much more likely to go out of her way to make sure she meets you at the soonest possible moment.


The Result

If you did everything correctly you will have given her a reason to show up where and whenever you ask her. She will not flake on you and you will most likely be sleeping with her that same day because you already did all the work. All that is left is to just show up and collect your prize.

How to stop online dating flakes… solved!


online dating flakes

Take my knowledge with women and use it to help yourself

I have probably too much information in my brain about women. I have shared most of this in my books, of which I have written 6. I now have them available at a sweet price of 60% off  if you buy them together. It’s about 27$. Check them out here. You will find books about how to talk to girls, read their body language, online dating, what makes a man attractive to a woman, what goes on behind closed doors with women and how to have attractive body language.


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