how to make her fall in love

How to Make Her Fall in Love? Build the Perfect Roller Coaster

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how to make her fall in love

In this article I will share with you the answer to the question… how to make her fall in love with you. I have made plenty of girls fall in love with me and not the soft “I love you” or “Te Extrano” that you hear a lot of the time.. The love I am talking about is the class that borders obsession, no, scratch that, it is a form of obsession. Using what I am about to teach you, I have had the girl’s family coming to me telling how she is so in love with me that it’s “bad for her mental health.” So, without further ado, I will give my answer. To make a girl fall in love with you, you must build the perfect roller coaster.


Building Your Roller Coaster

A roller coaster is an amusement park attraction that brings people on one of the most extreme rides they could ever have. This is exactly what you have to do to make her fall in love with you. But one thing to keep in mind is that, just like with women,  these roller coasters have rules. There are certain speeds that are just too much to accomplish with safety, if there are too many loops, people will become dizzy, if there is no buildup to the drop, you lose the best part; all these principals are the same with the roller coaster you build with the girl.

If they are too slow and don’t try to push the limits, roller coasters can also be boring.  There is a spot in the middle that a roller coaster must be and this is what I want you to understand that before you start thinking about taking her for an emotional roller coaster ride.


roller coaster ride of emotions love

A Roller Coaster Ride of Emotions

Women are sexy, childish, curious, cute, fun and have no idea what they want, but above all, women are emotional. It is one of the biggest differences between them and us. If you want to make that special girl fall in love with you, emotions is the road you must take. You want to have her laughing one moment, becoming shy the next, then worried she may have offended you, but only for half a second before your cocky smile lets her know you were joking. Within the previous sentence, you made the girl feel humor, timid and submissive, worried and relieved. That is one hell of a roller coaster and I can promise you that, if you didn’t over or under-do the ride, she will come out of it ready to wait in line for round two.


Movies Are the Perfect Love Teachers

If you want to make her fall in love with you, look no further than the maestros of pulling on the emotions of the world, the movies (or I suppose a lot of the credit goes to the directors behind the movies). They are masters at the art of making you feel something. If you look at the biggest box office movie, you will notice that they all have a sexual connection, humor, excitement, things that are really interesting and countless others that pull on your emotions, strategically entered into the film. If you want to make a girl fall head over heals in love with you, the interactions that the two of you have must become a movie and you must become the director of that movie, making sure things go as planned.


Build Your Roller Coaster for the Venue

When interacting with girls, especially when you first meet them, you must make sure to build your roller coaster for the venue. You aren’t going to try to break the sound barrier when you are building one in a park for children. The same goes for interactions in the real world. If you approach a girl in the street, you want to bring her on a roller coaster of emotions, but you will need to tone it back compared to if you were to meet the same girl in a bar or club.

If you meet a girl in the street you may start with an indirect approach. This will make her curious and maybe slightly suspicious as to your intentions. Then you can throw in a tease to surprise her and maybe get a laugh. From there, you strategically drop a DHV about yourself (like I would try to mention the years I spend traveling the world). Just like that she, felt amazement. You just met and already she is riding your well built roller coaster of emotions.


Think About Interactions as Emotional Triggers, Instead of Sentences

Too many guys think about talking to girls as “Oh I must say this, then that, then this.” What happens with this is they may say the right things, but they don’t say it in a way that helps trigger emotion in the girl. For example, when you think about simply telling her about your career, and think about it as a simple sentence, this part of the conversation will be boring for her. But if you think about your career as a way to trigger her emotions, you will put enthusiasm, tone and other body language behind your description and may even use other aspects like quotes to help show how much you love your job. As a guy who officially my job is to travel the world, I like to use a quote by St. Augustine (paraphrasing) “The world is a book and if you never left your country, you only read one page.” This is something that helps bring out emotion because you compare the world to the ultimate book.


make her fall in love with you jealousy

Different Emotions You Can Use to Make Her Fall in Love

This is a topic I could write another book about, so I won’t go into too much more detail in this article, but here are some emotions you can try to make her feel in your interactions together:

Laughter –  There is a reason that when you ask a girl what she likes in a guy she usually says she wants a guy with a sense of humor.

Jealousy – Jealousy is a very powerful tool and one you should have any girlfriend feeling throughout your relationship.

Joy – Especially the joy of overcoming something together. Taking on a challenge together and completing it is one of the best ways to build a deep connection.

Fear – This one you must use wisely, but there are times when you the man, must strike fear into her heart. This is especially needed when she is acting in a way that she shouldn’t.

Trust – Trust is a very important emotion she needs to feel before she unlocks the chains and places her vulnerable heart into your hands. Don’t underestimate this emotion if you want her to fall in love with you.

Some more would be that you want to be trying to hit from time to time as you spend time together: Anticipation, sadness, joy, curiosity, struggle(nothing good ever comes easy), anger, surprise, admiration, trust, shy(blushing), submission, impressed, amazement, etc.. 

With more negative emotions like anger, fear, etc.. you want her to feel them from time to time but not often. This is very important as it can make the relationship toxic.


Roller Coaster Tools

There are many tools out there for helping to build this roller coaster of emotions. My favorite would be teasing, then there are others like acting/role playing, joking, building anticipation/tension (especially before the kiss), and many more.


next level roller coaster of emotions

Building a Roller Coaster Takes Hard Work

This may seem like a lot of work, and it is. This strategy works with girls you just want to sleep with, but in my opinion, once you get too good at it, will become too powerful and will just cause the both of you a lot of problems (her getting pump and dumped and you with a stalker). So I would suggest a simple low budget horror flick type approach with sex, rather than a masterpiece like Taken. But if you do find a girl who is worthy  enough to want to make her fall in love with you… take her on a ride she has never before experienced.


“I am addicted to being around you.”

Learn to build the right roller coaster and she will literally become “addicted to being around you.” This last part I put in quotes is exactly how girls have described being around me when I put in the time to build a great roller coaster. Stay on this path and you will undoubtedly make her fall in love with you. There are some things I have left out simply because there is too much. I wish there were a magic sentence I could teach you guys, but getting good with girls requires work, so you should read more. You can get my entire collection of books (which will teach you a lot of what you need to know about getting good with girls) for over 60% off now, check out the offer here.


Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the inevitable crying women, jealousy, stalkers and shattered hearts that will come from following this advice.

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