get laid in guadalajara

Get Laid in Guadalajara

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I just finished my three and a half trip in Guadalajara. It consisted of all kinds of adventures and some amazing times. THC from swooptheworld and Scotian also joined me for a bit and we were able to have a blast. Here I will show you a guide and how to get laid in Guadalajara based on what I have learned the past three and a half months.

Months in GDL – 3.5
Girls in Harem – 8
Mini relationships – 4
Total girls banged – 25
Average – 1 girl every 4 days
Night Game – 11
Day Game – 4
Internet Game – 10

The Girls
Guadalajara is a city known for having especially pretty girls. They are pretty because a lot of them have a deadly combo of a small amount of native (which gives them an amazing ass) and mostly white. Of all the cities I have been to in Mexico Guadalajara has by far the prettiest women.
There is a down side to this; white skin is seen as an advantage in Mexico and since Guadalajara women are more white, they also feel like they are the prettiest girls in Mexico, which makes them harder to game. On top of that there is another problem that makes them difficult to game…

The Obesity Epidemic
Mexico has just become the fattest country in the world. This is really not a huge problem in Guadalajara because you will still see tons of stunners walking around. Also I feel like they gain wait after having kids and the fact that some of them have these big, amazing asses (sexy beyond belief) I think still puts them as “overweight” for their height. However, the problem is still there, and because of that it means that the prettier girls will get more attention from men. This effectively makes it harder to game.

Mexican Culture
Another problem with gaming in Guadalajara is that the area is very traditional. It is rare to find a girl that wants to have sex on the first date. You can sometimes do it but only after using LMR (Last Minute Resitance) tecniques. You will find girls that no matter how much they like you or what you say, they will not have sex without really getting to know you. Mexico is one of the most conservative countries I have been to (of about 16 countries).
However, Mexico is starting to change and there are still girls that will be easy, you just have to find them.

Living with Parents

I have never been to a place where parents have more control over their children at older ages. Over 90% of the girls I met lived with their parents and every single parent put strict rules on when their daughter must be home. This made many things very difficult. This means you must make sure to plan many dates earlier in the day. It’s better to just ask her when she must be home so you can give yourself enough time to get her back to your place.

Night Game
Most of my lays were from night game. Part of this is because the girls I met there were less conservative. However, this is the best advice I can give you about Guadalajara night game:
Do not push for one night stands when they are with friends or family! Guadalajara on the outside is still a conservative city. If you push too hard for getting laid that night you can very easily lose her. The reason is because she doesn’t want her friends or family seeing her go home with a guy. It will destroy her reputation. That same girl would love to give you a shot, but you cannot expect her to destroy her repuation for it.
Instead, when you go to clubs you should focus on building a connection, noting when that connection is strongest, get the number, and go to a new place or go to the other side of the club and dance with somebody else. I would average about 3 numbers a night. The important thing is that you make sure to spend some time with her, dont just say hi, get her number and bounce. Dance with her for a bit and talk with her, build something with her, and when that connection is strong, then bounce and get more numbers. This strategy led me to a lot of dates and afterwards, bangs.

Nightclub routine:
Wednesday: Lola Lolita (Ladies Night) Easiest place and time to get numbers or pull girls that I have found
Thursday: Unplugged – It’s a rock bar/club but its pretty packed on thursdays with plenty of hotties.
Friday: Lola Lolita – Always a great choice, but not as good as wednesday nights
Saturday: Casette – Popular club that is usually filled on Saturday nights. (especially if its a warm night because it’s not completely closed off to the outside)

Day Game
Most the number I got were in Centro and around the University of Guadalajara main offices. All you have do to talk to these girls is ask them where something is or say you are lost. If you are charming in how you ask they will help you every single time. Then just start asking things about them, throw in a hook to get them interested in you, and number close. As always the more time you spend with them the more solidified the number.
The problem with day game is that it’s really easy to find a really traditional girl. Also you have the least amount of social proof. I was able to get a few bangs, but I always met two girls that I went on three or four dates with that went nowhere because they just didn’t want to have sex. They were completely interested, but 100% held them self to their values. To learn exactly what to say you can read about it in the book The Perfect Conversation: Win Any Girls With Words.

Internet Game
Guadalajara is probably one of the hardest places to online game. Partly thanks to their obesity problem and partly because some Mexicans have game. I did alright with online game in part because if I’m an expert on anything it’s online dating, but it is harder to get interest than in other places.
Use a typical strategy when doing internet game. Try to get them webcamming and whatsapp voice notes to build more of a connection. There’s really just to much to say. I’m currently working on my internet game book which will cover all the bases.
Sites to use: 1# Mexican Cupid #2 Badoo#3 POF. Click here to check out Mexican Cupid.
I never used Mexican cupid because I don’t like to pay for websites, but I have heard good things. Badoo is clearly the best choice. I would suggest getting super powers (10$ a month) so you can talk to the hottest girls.

Which to focus on
You should always do all three, but expect the greatest return on investment from night game number closes, the next is from internet game. Although I feel it is imperative to pipeline (have dates set up for your arrival by using internet game). Day game is a bit harder to convert, but you shouldn’t pass up opportunities.

The Date

ALWAYS set up the date very close to where you are living. Conveniently being able to go back to your apartment when you want is CRUCIAL. If you choose a spot to stay, you should make sure it is close to a good date spot.
I usually spend on average about 10$ a date. I do this because my favorite date is sitting on a park bench and gaming her. PDA public displays of effection are very common and accepted in Mexico so it works fine. The benches on chapultepec are a good spot for a free date.
My typical date would be me spending about 3 to 5 hours on the date (depending on what time they had to be home)

Your Exotic Value

Being American gives you some value, but not very much in Guadalajara. I have noticed I got more in other Mexican cities. I feel like the most value comes when you are european.

Importance of Spanish
As Latin culture is pretty extraverted, not being able to communicate can destroy your chances. It’s still possible to get laid without Spanish, but it is VERY difficult and you must have something she really wants or loves. DO SOME LANGUAGE COURSES before coming. Even if you it’s only for a couple weeks; it’s better than nothing.

I met some amazing girls in Guadalajara. Amazing, fun, femine personalities and physically with AMAZING bodies or beautiful faces. In comparison with the tons of girls I met in Asia I had more desire to see many of these women again. You will probably have that same desire. Almost 1/3rd of the girls I slept with ended up being part of my harem. On top of that I probably had about 3 mini relationsihps. Where for a while I would see girls every day of the week.
Guadalajara is a GREAT spot for seeing many women. There were many days when I would see two or three girls from my harem. It works out well because many girls here are busy with their own lives (not in summer because the students are usually on break). I can’t think of one girl I was with that didn’t work, go to school, or both. There were many girls that I would see once or twice a week and having about 7 or 8 girls in my harem, and on top of it, by going on dates with new girls I would keep VERY busy.

I have never been to a place where women never asked for taxi money or nearly ever asked for anything of monetary value. Mexico has less of a gold digger feel than anywhere I have ever been, including the United States. It was so refreshing (because I’m ALWAYS) tight with my money, not to have to worry about paying for all the meals or taxi rides. I would take girls to the movies and they would demand to pay.
There is also a lot of money in Guadalajara so flashing cash isn’t near as effective as in other parts of the world.

Final Thoughts on Guadalajara

This is a city of real girls that most likely aren’t interested in your money or passport(Guadalajara is a city growing very quickly in business).These are normal girls that just want a guy (can’t say the same about all the cities I have been to in Mexico). This is not the easiest spot you could go to hook up, but you will be blown away by the talent. Also most these girls have really good personalities if you have the Spanish to be able to speak with them. They have an interest in the world and conversations come easy here.
You could choose other cities where pussy will come easier (Mexico City, Border Towns) but it will be hard to find the same type of quality walking around.
Mexico is also a very fun place to party with good music, all types of dancing, and above all AMAZING food. Overall a great spot to live or for a vacation (at least a week long).

Now you should have the tools to get laid in Guadalajara, go out and get some sexy Guadalajara girls.


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