how to fuck with a girl's head

How to Fuck with a Girl’s Head in a Good Way

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How to Fuck with a Girl’s Head in a Good Way

how to fuck with a girl's head

These last 5 years or so have been a roller coaster ride for me. I’ve traveled all around the world and I’ve slept with so many girls I am actually embarrassed to tell you that number. In all this time, one of the things I have learned very well is how to fuck with a girl’s head… in a good way.


*This guide on how to fuck with a girl’s head is meant to use on girls you are dating (relationship game) and girls you have not yet banged.



I can’t remember where I read it, but I once read that the best way to tease a girl is to treat her like a kid sister. You treat her like she is almost annoying you and the reason you are communicating with her is for your own entertainment. But, at the same time, you care about her. It’s the best way to visualize and internalize teasing.

I’ve written this multiple times in the years writing on SwoopTheWorld, but if you go on a date and don’t tease the girl… you don’t deserve to get laid. So don’t forget to tease.


Laughing at her

I put this after teasing because, it is a form of teasing. Guys get caught up in trying not to fuck things up, when in reality they should just be trying to entertain themselves (not the girl).

When, a girl does something silly, laugh at her. You are not the nice guy, nor do you want to be. It’s funny and she shouldn’t think that you will ever be her boy toy. Laughing at her is what any uncaring guy would do. However, you want to read the situation and if she does start to genuinely feel bad, you want to comfort her.

“Ahhhh does your knee hurt? You’re so cute.” laugh and hug her after she clumsily bumps into a bedpost.

She will like you 1000 times much more after doing this than if you respond to her doing something clumsy by saying:

“Oh are you OK? I do that all the time.”



I actually learned this from women. They are the master of jealousy ploys. It’s interesting, but whenever girls start doing a certain strategy on you, it usually means it has worked so effectively on her that she can’t help but try to harness that power and use it on somebody else.

Jealousy is one of the most powerful tools in your relationship game arsenal. Don’t think about how it effect you, because jealousy ploys are more effective on women than men.

If you don’t already know how to use a jealousy ploy, I’ll give you an example:

You ask her if she has been recently hit on by other guys. She will respond that she has been (if she is honest and/or hot). From there you want to ask her what happened. Pretend to be interested (or genuinely be interested as I am because all stories that have to do with seduction absolutely interest me).

After this, if she is interested in you, she’ll ask you the same question. As long as you acted completely uncaring (to whatever she said), this is where you can start to see how to fuck with a girl’s head in a good way. Because when you use a jealousy ploy here, she will be throwing so much attention your way, you’ll want some some space.

I like to start a sentence, then stop.

“You know what, I don’t think this is something you want to know.” She’s a human being (I think), so she’s not going to let it go so easy.

“Noooooo. Tell me, I told you!”

“Ok. ok.” you say.

“There is this girl from my Facebook who keeps asking if I want to meet up. I keep making excuses not to meet her because I like you.”

“Blah blah blah.”

Here is where you mention something about modeling, promoting or anything that women do who are super hot. 90% chance from here she’ll ask to see them.

“I don’t know.”


“Ok. Fine. But I hope you’re not one of these creepy girls who will start stalking them after I show you.” You frame the situation like a boss.

You then send the Facebook of the hottest girl on your Facebook. Of course, she’s going to become jealous after seeing a girl who is more attractive than her.

Congratulations, you just became much more attractive in her eyes and she is now afraid of losing you.

I actually stumbled upon this when I met a Polish super model on a plane and added her on Facebook. I was honest with “The Polish Girl” and I told her that the super model wanted to meet; sending her a screen shot. This, of course, only made her more crazy about me.


Letting her know she’s lucky to be with you

Here’s something every girl wants, but she will never tell you to your face: she want to be with a guy who is better than her. 

Girls don’t want him to be completely out of her league, but no girl in the world (or guy for that matter) wants to think they are dating down. This is the problem with being the perfect gentleman. When you tell her how pretty she is enough times, she actually starts to wonder if she’s out of your league. And that, my friends, is the worst thing she can think.

So, you have to realize this is reality and use it to your benefit. You do this by being a cocky mother f*er. This is a huge reason why ‘that arrogant asshole’ from high school does so well with women.

My bread and butter while talking to women is cocky funny. Basically I am saying cocky things all the time, kissing my muscles (stole this from my big brother) and doing it all in a funny way so I can get away with it.

She can call me arrogant, but I’ll just say this:

“Why so serious cute girl.”  or something along those lines. If your body language is on (Check out my book The 9 Laws of Body Language), I promise you she will smile and she will be that much closer to sleeping or falling in love with you.

Maybe it’s because I really am slightly arrogant, but I honestly believe that girls are lucky to be spending time with me. When an opportunity comes up to let her know this, don’t miss it. Because if you try to force it in another moment it will come off as needy. You need to strike while the iron is hot.

One of the best ways to make a girl realize that she is lucky to be with you, is to have plenty of pictures/contact with attractive exes. If she thinks the girl is more attractive than she is, mission accomplished.


how to fuck with a girl's head

Leave her wanting more

So, there is this movie that I always recommend my coaching students called “Tres Metros Sobre El Cielo – Three Meters Above the Sky (or heaven)”. This movie (a popular Spanish movie) has a main character who has seriously impressive body language. He also has legit game. This is a guy who pretty much every girl I met in Latin America knew about and had a huge crush on.

In this movie there is a scene where the guy helps the girl out then drops her off at her home. He stares into her eyes, then grabs her hand and pulls her close. He moves his head closer and closer to hers. Her eyes close as she get’s ready for the kiss.

From there, he actually moves his head back and starts laughing at her.

“You called me an an animal a brute and now you want to kiss me?” He says with a cocky smile.

She hits him in the shoulder (best thing a girl can do) and enters her house, slamming the door behind her. As soon as the door closes you see a huge smile spread across her face. Why? Because he knows how to fuck with a girl’s head in a good way.

When she finally wanted to kiss him, he left her wanting more. I almost always am the first to end a passionate kiss. I do all I can to always leave her wanting more. On dates, I try to end the date early and at a high point. When you leave at a high point, she will definitely want to spend more time with you, but you take that away and it will only make her want you more.


You won’t believe what happens when you finally learn how to fuck with a girl’s head

If you learn how to fuck with a girl’s head in a good way, they won’t be able to help it… they will love you. You may think that it would make them angry, but no they will become addicted to you because they will finally be able to feel like a woman. I have no idea why saying this would ever have a negative connotation because it’s EXACTLY what they want.

A few days ago I had a girl tell me this:

“I used to think I wanted a guy who shows how much he cares about me, but then I stopped believing in Disney movies and started believing in reality. I just want a guy who can make me feel something.”

Guys, you’re not going to make them feel something by being “a perfect gentleman”. To make them feel that, you have to learn how to fuck with a girl’s head and yes… they will love you for it.


How to make them want you even more

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