How to Double Your Game (Positive Feedback Loop)

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It’s very easy to find yourself in a negative feedback loop where everything is sucking the life out of you.  Your bad mood causes some event that triggers another and another and your outlook is colored more and more negatively with each disappointing occurrence.

Generally speaking, many of these events are only mildly in your control but some of the key ones are a result of the negative momentum you have created for yourself.

If a negative feedback loop can “just happen” to you, then a Positive Feedback Loop can be created.

Easy example.  You look good, you feel good.  Feeling good has you smiling, your cortisol levels are lower, your testosterone is higher, this is helping to make you look good which keeps you feeling good.


Positive Feedback Loop

This is huge in scoring women (and life), which if you’re successful at, you feel good also, blah blah blah more positive momentum.

The first step of creating a Positive Feedback Loop is taking action and being productive.  As the name suggests, the word “positive” means something is added.  That in itself suggests that you have to create, and you create by being productive.

Maximizing your looks is a fundamental way of creating a Positive Feedback Loop and you can do it fairly quickly.

On the surface this may seem shallow and gimmicky but I assure you it isn’t.

We are going to be attacking this fundamentally from several different angles.  We are not going to turn you into a METRO-FAG.  We are going to clean the crust out of your eyes, get your skin clear, and get those muscles and hormones working like they should be.  We will start out with the simple stuff and work our way into more in depth practices.

Your Hair

Pay whatever it costs to have a haircut that isn’t just “good” but where people say “that guy has cool hair”.  If you have a bald spot on the back of your head, the comb over is unacceptable.  Cut your hair short or shave your head completely.  If you are basically bald and you’re hanging on to some wisps of hair on top with hair on the sides….SHAVE IT.

comb over

Your Face

There is only so much you can do about your genetics but there is plenty you can do about the big ass nose hairs that are reaching out of your nostrils like a hermit crab celebrating a new home.  Take a look in the mirror.  Are those things poking out of your nose?  Look at your ears.  Do you have big dark hairs (or just a couple) cruising around up there?  Look at your eyebrows.  Is that a pet project you’ve got planted there? TRIM THAT SHIT.

Guys I know that are solid wingmen have overlooked these easy to spot and easy to correct things.  Even if it helps .05% it’s worth it.  This adds up quick. Disclaimer: Do not wax your eyebrows, even having a little fuzz between them (but not a unibrow) is good.  It’s manly.  Manly is what you want.

Facial hair and your chin

Do you haver a weak jawline or a strong one?  Use your facial hair to make up for, or emphasize this.  How many days of not shaving does it take to where you are a rugged barbarian oozing sex appeal? Time this for weekends or dates during the week.  Consider getting a beard trimmer so that you can run it over your face when you’ve crossed the line from rugged barbarian to common layabout.

Fat face: Read on

Your Skin

Your skin reflects what is going on internally.  Mentally and physically.  This is another place to create a Positive Feedback Loop all on it’s own.  Get your internal chemistry sorted out by supplementing natural flora, and beneficial enzymes that are found in apple cider vinegar and raw honey.

Floss.  Your mouth is a putrid sewer.  I don’t care how many times a day you brush.  If you aren’t flossing, your mouth has rotting proteins stuck between your teeth.  Even if you can’t smell your bad breath and don’t care, your skin is combating all sorts of bacteria that’s coming out of your pores.

Years ago I read an article about how one of the top causes of heart attacks was bacteria that started in the mouth.  At the time, I never flossed but I thought “Wow, if I start flossing, my heart will not  be attacked by all this cruddy bacteria, and I’ll be able to train harder and get more fit”.  I started flossing that day.  My gums bled because they were raw and damaged from all that nastiness.  I kept going and around the 12th day a curious thing started happening.  My skin cleared up immensely.  I had always had bad acne, even if it was just in a few places, I would have pimples on my back or face and I was 27 years old.  New acne stopped being formed, my skin cleared up.  I looked great!  Even my eyes were more clear.

Diet and Exercise

Diet:  You are what you eat.  It’s true.  You are made from the nutrition you put into your body.  The cells in your brain, muscles, bones and other organs are formed and nourished by the fuel you ingest.  Do you want those cells to be constructed of cheetos and pepsi or good lean proteins, fats, and veggies?  Further, do you want your skin to reflect healthy choices or shit ones?  Sugar is your biggest enemy, and anything that is broken down to sugar is horrible for you.  Most people have been eating so bad for so long they don’t even realize how miserable their bodies are until they are forced to quit eating certain ways for health reasons.  I firmly believe the Paleo Diet is the best way to eat.

Water: 1 gallon a day.  Just do it.

Gallon of Water

Working Out

The lion in the wild is not suffering from depression.  Why?  He’s out there doing LION SHIT.  If you look in the mirror and your body does not look STRONG, you are not doing what you should be as a physical being.  All sorts of beneficial hormones are released when you use your body.  There are too many to list for the scope of this post, but take it from me, if you are not working out enough to where you look good naked, you are depriving yourself of a happier life.   I recommend doing Crossfit for anyone but just getting in the gym or running up a hill is a great start.  The big hormone in men is Testosterone.  Exercise gets this going strong.  Another Positive Feedback Loop since the testosterone  will cause you to become more fit, which in turn makes you release more test.

Exercise is best done when you attack it in baby steps and  with consistency.  In 30 days you can realistically change your whole physique with a proper diet and consistent exercise.  You can do something physical everyday if you program it right and eating correctly should be something that you look forward to.

Sunshine: 15 minutes a day of direct sunshine will have you feeling like a million dollars.  Vitamin D is so good for you when it’s synthesized this way.  Create things to do outside.  Pop that shirt off when you’re mowing your lawn.  Train outside if you can.  Even in colder months, the sun comes out.  Find a way to get in it.


This is another time when your body is repairing itself and releasing things like Human Growth Hormone that will keep you looking and feeling young.  Studies show that you get your most restful sleep and peak hormone production if you go to bed before 11pm.  If you are training hard, you need your rest.  Do with that information what you will.

Vitamin C

This is the cheapest and best supplement you can ever take, but you have to take enough.  If you’re training hard you are going to be breaking down muscles and your immune system.  Don’t get set back because you get sick.  Vitamin C is critical to so many processes including rebuilding tissues and keeping your immune system strong.  I recommend the powdered form you can buy at Trader Joe’s.  It doesn’t have the fillers and other bullshit that pills do and its much more cost effective.  You should be taking as much as 8 Grams per day (8000 mg).  Yes that’s right. 8 grams.  You will need to build up a tolerance for it so start out at about 2 grams and gradually build your way up.  No you will not just “Piss it all down the toilette”.  But if you take too much too soon, expect some loose bowels.  For more fascinating information on the topic Google “Klenner Vitamin C”.  If you can’t afford much and you can only take one thing, this should be it.

(A more comprehensive post on supplements in the future)


Animal Magnetism

This is a very real thing and it happens when you start cultivating all the practices described above.  Women can SENSE a guy that’s got his shit together.  If you’re doing what I laid out then you’re going to have so many pheromones coming out of your pours that girls are going to turn their heads when you walk by.  But only if you do a few extra things.

Stop Jacking Off

This will raise that test up even more.  It will make you stronger, and have you hungry for life.  Masterbating is bad for you.  It makes you lazy, it makes you weak, and your body can tell that it isn’t real sex (which has the opposite effect).  Girls can sense a guy who jacks off.  They can also sense a guy who’s brimming with sexual pheromones.  I PROMISE YOU, if you stop playing with yourself for even just a couple of weeks (I know this might be hard for some, give up the porn.  That nasty feeling you have afterwards is no mistake), women will turn their heads.  When you talk to them they will respond more sexually.

stop jacking off

Bath Less

Shower in the morning but if you have a date that evening, maybe wash your hair and ass in the sink and THAT’S IT.  We aren’t doing all this animal magnetism stuff just so you can literally flush it down the drain with a shower. In fact, a workout before your date is recommended. (Though put this into practice towards the end of your first 30 days)

If you’re eating the way you should (then flossing), taking apple cider vinegar regularly, and training often, you will notice that you don’t ever really smell bad.

I promise if you guys do these things to the letter, in 30 days or before, you are going to have created such a Positive Feedback Loop that’s given you so much momentum, your whole life is going to seem like night and day.

When you do these things, consciously think to yourself “I’m doing this to create my positive feedback loop for the day”.  When you are aware of this, it helps your inner game, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.  Believe in it.


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