How To Bang 3 Women a Day in the Philippines

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Philippine girls

I have slept with 51 Philippine girls from May 5th until July 5th.  Some will say “that’s easy” and in some ways I would agree.  But when you have that sheer volume of women, that many interactions, that many shit tests and battles with last minute (sometimes hour) resistance, you realize a few things.

I would say more than half of these bangs came from online game.  I used This Website, it really is a goldmine.  If you are a decent looking guy, and have any social skills, you should be getting the interest of a lot of women (I think it’s a good idea to sign up for a free account with your photos to get an idea of how much attention you will get or if you want to see the types of girls that are there.  Prepare to receive a lot of messages).  In the Philippines, you are the prize.  It’s probably how cute girls in the states feel.  Women, 100’s of them, messaging you to meet up, offering their numbers without asking, and begging you  just to be their friend.  I’m not talking about 5’s and 6’s, I’m talking about women that would be lorded over back home.

I think every man should experience this volume of girls for their inner game development, banging so many  pretty girls doesn’t get old, and it helps to lose that tendency to put a very hot girl up on a pedestal because it’s no longer uncommon to get a young beautiful girl.  Or 30 of them.



Every girl, without exception, writes these words to describe herself; “Sincere”, “honest”, “loyal”, “simple”, “sexy”, “faithful”, “cute” blah blah blah the list goes on in that vein.  They also write what they want and it’s always “To find my one true love” “A committed long term relationship” “No players!”

I feel I can say this with some authority, these girls are 100% lying to themselves and to you.  ALL of them are talking to multiple men, probably hopping from one bed to the next as they get “pumped and dumped” and they DO NOT see a conflict between this behavior and what they SAY they want in their profiles.

These girls aren’t “bad” people, they are simply unaware of what they are doing, and don’t recognize their actions as being incongruent with what they say they want, in fact, go ahead and apply that to all chicks but these girls in particular.


Truedat (another guy who was living in Manila) had several Philippine girls swearing their undying love and loyalty to him.  One was online, one was a gorgeous model I met while out.

In both cases they folded, but the story I’m telling is about the online girl.

This girl was really cute.  She didn’t even look Asian, more Spanish or Latin. I messaged her asking to catch up and she agreed.  Truedat and I were in constant contact the whole time and this girl is literally sending him messages about how much she loves him WHILE on a date with me.

I bring this girl back to my place and smash her.  She’s telling me she loves me by the end of the night.

I leave this girl in my apartment to go out saying “I’ll be back soon”, I wind up picking up another girl and taking her to a hotel.  Truedat’s girl stays in my apartment until 4 pm the next day waiting on me because she was “afraid for me”.  Meanwhile shes taking photos of herself, IN MY BED and sending them to Truedat.

He asks her where she is and she tells him her “sister’s condo”.

She comes over another time and we are screwing with her when we know where she is.  It’s always some “miss you baby I’m with my sister” BS.

She ends up leaving her watch at my place (I have a whole drawer full of stuff, bikinis, sunglasses, earrings, you name it.  Once when a girl spent the night I wanted to go swimming the next day, she said she didn’t have a swimsuit, I whip open the drawer and hand her one .  She looks at me weird and I say “now you have one, boom”)

Shes messaging me about bringing her the watch to which I am obviously not even considering.  I tell her she can just pick it up next time she comes over.

I get ahold of Truedat and we devise a plan.

This girl goes over to his place and is messaging me things like “miss you baby”.  Truedat smashes her and afterwards they have a nice long heartfelt conversation, he walks her to the elevator and before the doors close he hands her the watch she left at my place.  God I wish I could have seen the look on her face.

In summation, these girls are liars.  They operate on emotional whims more than any other group of women I have witnessed, but because of that, you gain valuable insight into women in general.  It’s the raw, unfettered, operating system of all women.

Game Methods

To get these kinds of numbers with online game you are going to have to have a system.  These Philippine girls ALL want to be little online chat buddies and that is the quickest way to fall into obscurity with them.  A typical message from one is “Add me on ym, my id is xxxx”

I have a method now, for every girl that is near enough to Manila (or wherever you happen to be) that either has messaged me, or “shown interest” by clicking the button, I will send a message along the lines of “I’m really busy but if you’re interested in meeting leave your number”

Usually they will reply back with their number.  On occasion they will ignore this and just say something like “How are you?”

This gets on my nerves and I tell them so “Well right now I’m annoyed that you didn’t leave your number, I’m not interested in chatting on this silly website”

“ok sorry here’s my number xxxx”

These girls respond to strength and you dictating the action. LEAD LEAD LEAD with them and they become submissive.  Show weakness and you have lost them.

The hotter ones will not “show interest” nor will they message you, they will view your profile several times.  To these girls I’ll write something like “Hey don’t come around my profile and not say hello! ; )”

This will more than likely garner a “Hello haha”

Then you go back to your default message of “Right on, well look, I’m not on here much and I’m pretty busy, if you want to meet leave me your number”

It’s that simple.


20Nation has a system that I have built up on.  You will literally have so many numbers that you will forget who is who and because I don’t like to clutter my phone up with a bunch of names, I will usually just send a message saying “What’s up Ayan, this is Fisto” and then run standard text game.  Points if you call, though they are  unlikely to answer at first and usually voicemail isn’t set up or even an option.

This allows me to scroll up and know their name if I need to.  I just assume at this point that she’s hot if I bothered to message her.  If we make plans then I will save her number and give her a 1-5 rating next to her name on how much I want to fuck her.  Since scheduling is such a huge issue this rating comes in handy when you have a conflict between two girls who want to meet at the same time and you have to give one up. So for example “Christy Manila 5”

After I bang them I give them a 6-10 rating next to their name on how much I want to fuck them again.  If they are not an 8 or above I will not bang them again unless their is some feature about them I really like. “Christy Manila10”

Also, keep their number so you don’t accidently agree to meet up with a girl you’ve already smashed.  Trust me, you will get them mixed up if you don’t have a system in place.



As I said before, your free time, physical capabilities, and desire will be the factors in how many new “notches” you get.  For me it wasn’t uncommon to sleep with 4 or 5 girls in a day with two new notches and three maintenance bangs.

The blueprint I tried to follow looked like this, 11am date, 3pm date, 530 pm date, 9pm date, go out at night and try to pull.

The problem with these girls is that they are always either late or very early.  I have had one girl up in my room while another one is waiting for me in the lobby.  If this happens, and it will, firmly tell them you told them to be there at X time and you will be there when you can.

Generally I would say I have to go workout and ride the elevator down  with them to the 6th floor where the gym is and say goodbye.  Then I would immediately ride the elevator back up to my place and do a quick clean up (but not too much, a hair here and there is good to have) before going down and taking the new girl on our “date”.



These are not actual dates in the classic sense, when you are talking to these girls it’s important to convey the “take it or leave it” attitude.  Don’t be a dick, but also don’t let them decide where to go or what to do.  Often they will try and invite themselves to dinner or drinks, or both,  to which I always reply “did you just invite yourself to dinner and drinks? haha”.

Normally this will embarrass them and they will ask what you suggest and you can decide what to do.  Sometimes they will insist and I will say “I only take my girlfriends to dinner, I’ll meet you for a drink at xxxx at xxx time”.

At this point I’d probably be pretty annoyed with her trying to score a free dinner and I’d say “I’m not your white ATM”.

This lets her know that she’s crossed the line.  She will either agree to meet on your terms or she’ll be pissed and you have to next her.  I’ve found that you will hear back from them days, sometimes weeks later.

In regards to daytime dates I have worked with several different routines and this is what has worked for me.

Typically I will convey that I’m very busy with work (to which I have been mysterious about and refused to answer, “That’s an in person conversation ; )”  but if they’d like to meet I’m going to take off for a couple hours to go swimming.

Often they will reply that they don’t feel comfortable going to my home when we first meet.  I tell them “I don’t live at my pool lol, that’s 40 floors up”.

This gets a laugh and usually you can get them to come over.

Coffee dates – This one is easy.  Tell the girl you’ll meet her in your lobby and walk from there to Starbucks, I always have my phone’s battery nearly out and after building comfort and rapport I’ll just say “I need to charge this stupid phone, come walk with me”.

 As long you keep your frame and give off the comfort vibe, she is going back to your room.  .

At night I usually have them meet me at a bar close to my hotel, I will say I have to meet my lawyer later but that I’ll meet her for a drink if she likes.  This will lead to her coming back to your place under the plausible deniability that she can’t get in too much trouble because you have the false time constraint.  The real beauty is that after you smash her, you can leave because you have to keep your appointment.

At any time the girl is coming to meet you at your place,  I recommend waiting in the lobby with some groceries like gallon waters and other little things you need daily and saying you need to take them up.  After that it’s over if you have decent closing skills.



Daygame is something NO ONE does here, cute girls are everywhere, in the malls especially.  Philippines Girls often become so overwhelmed when you start speaking to them that their English goes out the window. Continue being pleasant and hand them your phone number.

You will hear from them within 15 minutes or so through a text message saying “hi”.  What THC and myself do is simply write a bunch of numbers on scraps of paper and hand them to girls after the approach and sometimes even without saying a word if we are both walking in opposite directions.

Never leave your hotel looking like shit, girls are everywhere.



This is where you will run into your top tier girls, in Manila there are quite a few high end clubs.  Relatively speaking, you will spend very little money.  Getting a bottle is paramount to attracting fine/higher status women.  In Manila when you get a table, there is a minimum amount to spend.  A standing table is the most cost effective way to have status within the club, be noticed, and see what’s going on.  Usually it’s 5000 pesos for a standing table which will get you a decent bottle of Vodka and mixers.  I will sometimes invite two girls to go with me and then run my normal game right in front of them.  These girls are possessive and competitive and that makes for a great combination when you’re out.  You are more desirable since you have women basically validating that you’re a wanted man.  Other girls WILL try and get your attention, shamelessly flirt back and get numbers.

This is the system that has worked for me and it was developed on the fly.  There is still room for more efficiency and optimization but if you follow these guidelines you absolutely WILL kill it. 


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