How SwoopTheWorld Helped Save A Man’s Life

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A couple weeks ago I received an email from a reader. It was a very inspiring story about his life. Everything went went wrong and when he was at the point of considering suicide, he found Swoop The World and realized there is a MUCH Better way to live. It’s stories like this that make me happy I share my lifestyle with the world. That is why Swoop may have actually helped to save a good man’s life.

I have said it before and I will say it again, before I started this lifestyle there was a HUGE hole in my life. I didn’t know exactly how to fill it, but a huge part of me felt empty and caged. It wasn’t until I started traveling the world and letting out my inner man that I finally felt genuinely happy. Every day is an adventure for me and I love this life.

This lifestyle has really helped tons of my friends and tons of readers. You can read another article about how Swoop The World lifestyle helped another read here.

Now, I will share with you, in his own words, how finding Swoop The World helped him from his depression.

Hey 20 nation

I’ve been wanting to send this email to you for awhile.
About four years ago I was going through an agly divorce. Getting raped in divorce court. Came home from work one day to an eviction notice on the door and all my stuff in boxes. Really didn’t know where to turn or what to do. Felt like a ghost walking around in life. Spent three days sitting in my basement chain smoking cigarettes and seriously thinking about committing suicide. I knew I needed to fix myself and work on findind myself. But, didn’t know where to start. One night while surfing the web, I happen to stumble on your website. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. This couldn’t be. This guy must be a scam artist. I was in disbelief. But, I was hooked and read every article. So I said I was going to do this. Booked my roundtrip airfare to manila six months in advance. And I studied, read, studied everything I could on the Philippines, pinay women, fisto’s packing for adventure article. You name it, I read it about the Philippines. Then did one of the best things a man can do. Discovered and joined the Roosh forum. I pipelined two months in advance and had 93 phone numbers before I even left the states. My results? Best time of my life 20. Spent five days in Manila and sixteen days in Cebu. Before I left Manila I was chatting online with a pretty girl in cebu waiting on me to arrive. When I arrived she was there at the airport waiting. Twenty two years old and beautiful. We spent four hours walking around I.T park, Ayala and mango square. She was holding on to my arm really tight, we were smiling and laughing the whole time. Then back to my place for some wild all night sex. You know what? One of the best nights of my life. In twenty one days. Ten notches, five maintenance bangs, one awesome mini relationship, turned down about five easy bangs that I  just wasn’t interested in. And, accidently day gamed a lady boy. Lol..long story. Met up with a really cool forum member who made my trip more enjoyable. Him and I became fast friend. Only problem, you didn’t mention how addicting this lifestyle is. After I returned home and stepped out of the airport. I was overcome with sadness. Why? I missed the warmth of the pinay women.
So here I am 20. Stronger then I have ever been in my life. Mentally, physically and emotionally. 100 % red pill. Like a fucking rock. Me against the world. The warrior who walks alone.
What next? Working on learning spanish. Bogota, Colombia later this month. Dominican Republic in August, Puerto Rico in September. Then Europe for a month in October. Wish me luck.
If we ever meet up, drinks are on me man.

Be like Schlep and do something about it

If you are feeling depressed or just feel like something is missing from your life. Stop making excuses and go right now and take the steps to improve it. For us, it was this SwoopTheWorld travel lifestyle. For others, it may just be getting better with women. Either way, you should stop wasting precious moments of your life and take action this very second.
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