Getting Laid If You’re Homeless – Part 3: The Car

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This is a continued post, read the first two parts here:

In Part 1 & 2, we’ve looked at banging at her place or at your friend’s place. If these aren’t an option for you, today we’ll continue to look at some other options.

Remember, we’re talking about first time bangs here, if you already had sex with her, these creative solutions shouldn’t pose a lot of challenge. But if you’re on your first date with this girl and you haven’t had sex with her yet, using your car may be a bit more tricky.

3. Bang her in your car

When you don’t have a place to take your girl and you’re still set on banging her on the first date (as you should be), your car may be a solution. You will need:

  • A car (obviously)
  • A suitable spot

Car sex

The ideal spot will be the right mix between “abandoned enough” (they offer privacy, so you’re not likely to get caught) and “not too abandoned” (so it would seem creepy to drive her there; e.g. the middle of the woods). Unless you are VERY creative, these spots will most likely require the cover of darkness, so plan your date at night.

Some ideas for a suitable spot:

  • Big parking lots of shopping malls (that are closed), there won’t be any customers anymore but make sure there are no guards.
  • Underground or rooftop parking lots. Take the darkest most isolated spot you can find or park behind a van.
  • Construction sites: they’re abandoned at night and it’s not unusual that some cars remain parked there.
  • A small dead end street where no other traffic comes.
  • A dirt road into a field or at the edge of a forest.

The very key to making this work is to get things sexual during the date. You should have already made out with her a couple of times (i.e. between changing venues) and sexual tension should be high.

Then you take her back to the car to go to the “next venue” and make out with her more in the car while escalating things sexually some more. If you had the opportunity to already be parked at a suitable location (i.e. with enough privacy) you can try to close it right there.

Once things are getting hot and I feel the she’s down, I’d just take my dick out and let her blow me. Capitalize on the “adventure” feeling and the excitement of doing something naughty.

If you’re not parked in a good spot, make out with her; get things hot in the car anyway. Then make it seem as if this “spontaneous idea” just popped up in your head. If you make it seem as if you were inspired by the moment, it will make it feel more special to her.

You could say “Oh, I have a great idea where I can take you” and remain a bit mysterious about it. Or say something like “I haven’t been there since high school, not sure if it still exists”, be creative.

Only go this road when you feel she’s down for it or it could backfire! 🙂

Short anecdote

I remember this date with a Canadian girl. I had met her earlier that week and now we had met for a drink at a bar. I couldn’t take her back to my place because I had a girlfriend at the time and she was home. She also didn’t have a place, she was sharing it with a friend or something.

I could tell it was bit of an adventurous girl and after two drinks we were already making out at the first bar where we met. I sensed she was very DTF (down to fuck), so I took her to my car to go to “another great bar I knew”. But as we’re driving, I pretend I get this spontaneous inspiration: “I have a better idea”.

She: “Where are we going?” –  THC: You’ll see…

I drove her to a construction site nearby where it was dark and where we were hidden from passing traffic.

She: “Why are we here?” – THC: I just want to make out with you.

We started making out but soon moved to the backseat where I smashed in every position my car would facilitate. The little bit of risk getting caught made her extra excited.


In summary, the main bullet points to take away from this, to bang her in your car on the first date:

  • Make things very sexual during the date
  • Have some ideas for suitable spots already in mind
  • Use your wit and acting skills to make it seems as a spontaneous adventure

In the next a final part of this series “How to get her to a short term love hotel”, stay tuned 😉



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