Guadalaraja Part 2: Guadalajara Girls

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Guadalaraja Part 2: Guadalajara Girls

guadalajara girls

Check out Guadalajara Part 1 here:


Day 7: Guadalajara Girls

I finally broke it off with the girl from before. It wasn’t easy, but she lied to me about something so I used the opportunity to end our little relationship. I had spent nearly every hour of the previous five days with her. I really liked this girl, but the opportunities I saw all around me were too much. Guadalajara is still new and exciting to me and I was ready to see how far I could go with these Guadalajara girls.

I had pipelined a girl and I had a date set up for that afternoon, but she hadn’t been answering my messages. Then I got a message on the social network site I’d been using. She had been robbed; they took her phone and all her money. Whatsapp showed she hadn’t been on for about 36 hours, so it seemed legit. However, she wasn’t trying to say “hey I still want to meet you.” Maybe I’m being too hard on her, but it feels kind of like a half flake. So I won’t count on anything happening again.

As I had been spending nearly every moment with the 5 day girl, I had been sneaking in messages to other girls when I could. This however, had driven one of the girls I had been pipelining crazy. My one word answers to her paragraphs pushed her more and more towards me. If you want to know exactly how to talk to girls check this out: The Perfect Conversation: Win Any Girl With Words

This girl looked perfectly average to be honest. I had her on my Facebook and as she kept bombarding me with messages, I responded. “Voy a decirte la verdad, solo quiero el sexo.” – I will tell you the truth I only want sex -. Now after being with my 5 day girl who was smoking hot, I wasn’t about to settle for perfectly average, but I figured what the hell, if I didn’t have to game her.

The girl from my Facebook responded with this whole thing about how she wanted a relationship, how she wanted to know that the sex wouldn’t just be one time. I didn’t respond, then all of a sudden, she gave me a proposition. “Meet me in a public place, let’s get some food, and go for a walk and if I like you we can have sex.” Wtf? Did that just work? FUCK YEAH IT DID! Free sex with no work.

When I met her she was perfectly average like I thought, but by no means ugly. She actually looked better than in her pictures, which is always good. I remember thinking “Why did this actually work?” Then I remember how perfectly aloof I was with this girl, I’m sure no other girl in my Facebook I hadn’t hooked up would have been down for something like this. I did exactly what I should have done, that is strike while my value was very high in her eyes. Aloofness paid off.

We met at a place very close to my hotel (as always) and went straight to a taco stand. I really just played anti-fuck up game since I knew she was already really into me. I cruised through it, and 30 minutes later she was in my hotel completely naked. She was a white Mexican girl, nothing special, but not bad. Especially, not bad for the almost 0 work I put in. However, as I started having sex with her, and went to change positions, I saw blood over my dick. I yelled and looked at her, she looked surprised and embarrassed. Fuck… I knew this was too good to be true.

Day 8: Guadalajara Girls

The previous night I had tried to set up a date for that night so I could double up, but she flaked because of the rain. Today is a new day, and I had been setting up a date with my second favorite of the many girls I had pipelined. She was the one I had flaked on after meeting my favorite and wanting to spend all my time with her. She was still excited to meet me.

When I met her she looked like her pictures. She had a very pretty face, however I didn’t realize how nice of an ass she had. She really had a lot going on back there. She had one of those body types that had very little boobs and all ass. I am a boob man, however I do appreciate a nice ass. She had these absolutely stunning eyes. Another legit girl.

We walked around talking and ended up going to a movie. As I always say I don’t like to kiss before getting to my room, because it will make them more likely to decline coming, thinking I would just want sex. However, this was another case where I honestly couldn’t sit next to this beautiful girl and not kiss her. We ended up spending half the movie making out. I actually feel sorry for the family sitting behind us with front row seats to our little make out show.

This girl was catching what I was throwing. I could see feel it in how she moved and how she looked at me. I suggest we listen to some music. “Where at?” she asked. “Pues, podemos escucharla en mi cuarto.” -Well, we can listen in my room- I replied. She agreed and we started walking towards my hotel.

Then she said. “Pero no tengo mucho tiempo, tengo que estar en mi casa a las 9:30.” She had to be at home at 9:30, it was already 8:30. Fuck. I had less than an hour, so I started walking faster. The second I got to my room and we sat on my bed I went to work. I got more LMR than the previous four girls I had been with, she didn’t want to take off her dress, but I kept breaking down the LMR. Then when I got it off and she didn’t want to take off her panties. “I can’t.” She said. “Why not?” I replied. I could tell she wanted it, and I could tell she was into me. She thought about it for a second, then I went to pull down her panties again. This time she didn’t try to stop me.

Another legit hottie who was good in bed. This girl had a legit ass, and she was very sexual. She was 20 years old with a tight body I couldn’t stop touching. We got finished and she rushed to get dressed, as she was late. I wanted to see this girl again, so we agreed to meet the next afternoon and she would help me pick out some shoes. I had been with 5 girls so far in Guadalajara and two of those five I had out of this world sex with. I fucking love this place.

Day 9: Guadalajara Girls

The next morning I had a date with one of my previous pipelined girls that had flaked on me. To be fair I flaked on her first during the time I was spending 24 hours a day with the 5 day girl. We met up for breakfast. She looked better in her pictures, but she was still bangable. She had been pretty distant while I had been gaming her through Whatsapp, but she started really warming up to me. She became a whole new person and I could see that she was into me. She had to work that afternoon, but I will definitely get her another day.

Later I met up with the girl with the amazing ass from the previous night. She helped me pick out some shoes and afterwards we went straight back to my hotel for more sex. We spent the next six hours in my bedroom. Awesome sex, over and over, with movies in between. She had the same curfew so later that night she had to go and I had my Friday night free.

I decided I wanted to try to get 3 girls in 3 days again, like I did my first 3 days in GDL. I had gotten a new girl each of the previous 2 days and if I got one that night I would have 3 in 3 days again. I had no online prospects for that night so I decided to go check out Lola Lolita. I had zero sex drive thanks to the tons of sex I had just had, but why not push myself.

I arrived pretty early and it was dead. I went to the bar, got a beer, and just relaxed. A while later three girls came and sat close to where I was; all three were hot. There was a tall white chick, a curvy white chick, and a cute brown girl. I saw their clothes and expensive phones and it was clear these were rich girls. I opened them with “Do you speak English?” of course they did, all rich kids do in these places. I opened the tall girl, and started talking to all three. I ended up talking to the tan skinned girl, for the next couple hours. Turns out the other two girls had boyfriends, and the tan skinned girl had spent all her life in private school learning English so she spoke it very well.

There was really no way to bounce this chick, she was pretty young and came a ways with her friends. So I got her number, and she invited me to a party the next week. I could tell she was into me, but I wasn’t getting anything from her that night.

Later she left and I went and opened a tiny girl who was giving me some good IOI’s earlier. It all went well until some guy she had been dancing with earlier came over. Then she said something like “You should both dance with me.” I was pretty annoyed but just kind of went with it. Then this fucker takes her and starts doing some legit good dancing moves with her. He wins. I have never been a great dancer, and reading her body language I was pretty sure I lost her. I was kind of pissed off so I decided to call it a night. Night game has always been my weakest facet of game, and I fucked it up so I didn’t get my 3 girls in 3 days again, but it’s all good. I still had a good time, and got a solid date prospect for the future with the rich brown girl.

Day 10: Guadalajara Girls

I asked the help of my “5 day girl” with moving. I had no intention of anything sexual and I told her that it would just be as friends. She agreed to help me, but when she showed up she was dressed in these tight leggings that showed off her ass, and overall just looked sexy as hell. She helped me move to a new place, and after it was all done, I couldn’t keep my hands off of her. Fuck… she’s back in the picture. We do get along really well though.

She had to go to work for a while, so I went to the super market to get some food. When I was there I asked one of the girls who worked there for some help. She was a brown girl with a beautiful face, I was about to go into game mode when I noticed the ring. Ah shit, I won’t go for a married chick. I kept shopping and saw another girl there shopping for food. She had an OK face and a really curvy body. I saw a couple legit IOI’s and open her asking for help with laundry soap. I then kept talking with her and it turns out she is from Zapopan just here for a few days. She said she would rather be in Zapopan because here she has nobody to take her out…. that was subtle. I got her Whatsapp and promised to message her later that night.

My “5 day girl” returned and wanted us to go out and meet her sister. It sounded like a good time. Her sister was pretty cute too, and you can tell she is a bit of a party girl. We went to a club called Casette. It started filling up pretty fast, and we met up with a group of Mexicans that were friends with the sister. The club started filling up fast, it played some good music and we were getting drunk on bottles of Whiskey. I only ended up spending under 9$ that night, and I got pretty fucked up, not bad. We left the club late to get some 5am tacos that were absolutely delicious. Then we piled into two of their cars and went back to my girl’s house and crashed. It was a great night; I was also able to see plenty of opportunities for pickup at Casette for future reference.

Day 11: Guadalajara Girls

The next day I woke up pretty hung over. We went for some Quesadillas and then I returned back to my apartment. I relaxed for a while, but I had a date set up with the girl I had breakfast with a few days prior. We met really close to my apartment. Talked for a while, then I used my usual excuse to show traveling pictures to get her back to my room. Almost immediately we were making out. Then she stopped me… something was wrong. “Nunca lo he hecho.” – “I’ve never done it.” I could tell she wasn’t making it up. I let out a sigh, as I have been with a few virgins and there was a 100% chance this girl would fall in love with me afterwards. She wasn’t down for it that night, and upon reflection I don’t think I will go for it. I love women, but I don’t enjoy crushing their hearts, so I think I might have to say goodbye to this girl.

I find myself wanting to hang out with two girls pretty much all the time: My “5 day girl” and the newer girl with the amazing ass. I’ve definitely seen tons of quality since I’ve been here, and very feminine personalities. I feel like I’ll be staying in this town for a bit, so much more to do and see.

I’m also pretty positive that the drug wars make it quite a bit easier to get laid as a foreigner. For a city this size there are surprisingly few foreigners here. I’m sure it’s because of the shit they hear on the news, but Guadalajara is so far from all that. It’s a hidden gem that I’m sure will be uncovered once the drug wars are done. So for now, I’ll do my best to enjoy it.


Guadalajara Girls

So far I have found Guadalajara girls to be sexy as hell. They have a good combination of beautiful faces and great curves. Combine that with the fact that these girls usually enjoy cooking and cleaning and you have got yourself one hell of a girlfriend. Guadalajara girls get 8/10 from me.


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