Getting Numbers Vs. Giving Numbers

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Getting Numbers Vs. Giving Numbers

getting numbers

It has always been a sign of skill to go up to a girl and “get her number”. Among friends getting numbers is an ultimate bragging right. To get the number of a girl in front of your friends is even more of a bragging right, but does it really mean anything? How often do those girls end up a girlfriend or lover? Usually not very often. These guys wonder why they get flaked on so often; they are barely able to convince a girl to give her number to them, and they wonder why she doesn’t show up to the date.

The problem is that she never felt enough attraction in the first place, so these guys have spent this time trying to meet a girl who never intended to meet them in the first place. They may try to increase attraction through texts and over the phone, but creating attraction is VERY difficult to do through texts, and almost as hard through talking on the phone.

The solution to this is simply to, instead of getting numbers, give the girls your number, preferably on a piece of paper. What this does is it forces you to try your best to create attraction and make a good impression. After you do this all you have to do is hand them your number. If you did well and they are interested, you will get a text. If not, you will forget about them and not have to waste time over the next couple weeks texting and trying to set up a date.

Another benefit to giving them your number on a piece of paper, is that it’s hard for them to reject you in that moment, because you just want to leave it with them. They may have been really intimidated or had a bad day, so they acted cold. After thinking about it they realized they wanted a date, and now they have the option to call you. Slipping a piece of paper can also save them some embarrassment from people watching. Overall giving your number to a girl is much smarter and won’t lead to you trying to “make a girl like you” through text messages. Before going anywhere you should make sure that in your wallet or pocket you have slips of paper with your number on them, so that no opportunity is missed.

I recently saw the true power of giving numbers with THC in a mall in the Philippines. We had put a bunch of pieces of paper in our pocket with our numbers written on them. He saw a cute girl walk into a coffee shop and decided he wanted to give her his number. This girl hadn’t given any indicator that she was interested nor had she even seen him, but he did it anyway. He went and talked to her in the most awkward of places, as she was in line with everybody watching and listening. He talked to her for about 10 seconds and she took the paper and through it into her purse saying “Whatever.” She showed zero interest in him. We were sure he would never hear from her, but 10 minutes later he got a text from her saying she wanted to meet. He went and talked with her for a few minutes and everything went well. Two days later, this same girl was practically stalking him. That is the power of giving your number.

THC saw a hot girl and acted, even though it was a very difficult situation. She 100% read that she was not interested, but it was all an act. THC gave her a simple way to contact her, and it changed everything. That is the power of giving your number.

If you want to know what to say after the number part is done, read the book The Perfect Conversation: Win Any Girl With Words

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