Getting Laid If You’re Homeless Part 1

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Game Toolbox: Getting Laid if you’re homeless

In this post we’ll look at first dates only. Once you have already fucked a girl, it shouldn’t pose a problem to fuck her again anywhere.

Situation: You met a new girl, got her contacts and set up a date. Now ideally you will set up the date near your own place. This way you can smoothly retreat her there after the date. In your own place you have full control over the situation and there will be no surprising elements. When you get her into your house and you have decent LMR-skills (last minute resistance), the lay should be 99% guaranteed.

Today we will assume you are homeless. Not smelly, bearded, coin-begging homeless, but homeless in the sense that it’s not an option to bring her back to you own place. E.g. you live in your mom’s basement, you have a girlfriend or wife at home, or your date lives far away and is only able to meet you near her own place.

Do not despair my good friend, there are still options that will allow you to get the Same Night Lay; I will share some techniques and stories of how to do so.

  1. Bang her at her place
  2. Bang her at your friend’s place
  3. Bang her in your car
  4. Bang her in a (short term) hotel


1. Bang her at her place


  • She needs to have her own place (i.e. not living with her parents)
  • You need to pick her up (so you have a reason to bring her back)

It’s always best to get her back to your place. If you can and and up at her place there a some significant disadvantages. If you plan on banging her at her place, she has the control. She can decide to let you come in, to show you the bedroom, to kick you out, etc.

Number one rule to bang her at her place is to get the make out with her before you even consider bringing her back to her place.

Do NOT be this guy:

Rejected at front door
He got that handshake/bro-hug close: Score!

The romantic kiss at the front door after your ‘gentleman-date’ only works in movies. And even in movies it’s awkward. Avoid this at all costs.

What you do in stead is start up the kino (i.e. the art of touching a woman) from the very beginning and gradually build up the kino throughout the date. Do some venue changes, take her for a drink in 2 or 3 different places. She should be 100% comfortable with you touching her, holding her hand before your last venue. There should be notable sexual tension between you and your date.

So again: If you’re going for the Same Night Lay at HER place get the make out with her before you ‘drop her off’ at her place.

Now most girls will avoid at all cost to be labelled a slut. So it’s unlikely for her to just invite you into her place. Girls need “plausible deniability” that no sex will happen. She needs a reason to invite you in that has nothing to do with sex. So during the date she might throw out hints you need to spot to invite yourself in. For example she might mention during the date that she can make excellent tea. It is easier for her to accept you in so you can try that fabulous cup of tea because if you both end up having sex, she doesn’t have to feel like a slut. After all, you just came in for “tea”; after that “it just happened”.

So keep your ears open for little elements like that, so you can use it to steer her into inviting you in using the plausible deniability excuse. But do it very subtly and don’t overdo it.


Now the girl may have some strong personal principals about not inviting guys over to her place on the first date. Or maybe her house is a mess and she doesn’t want to see that. If she isn’t throwing out the hints for you to hatch on to, you need to find your own foot between the door.

Focus on building up a lot of attraction, get the make out and build up the sexual tension and then get creative. After you have made out with her, change the venue again but this time you’re taking her back to her place. Since she agreed to another venue at least she can’t invent a time constraint.

Then get creative. Some examples:

  • Maybe you asked if she like/has good wine: “Let’s just chill and have some wine” – “Where? At your place.”
  • Maybe as you drop her off your phone or GPS needs to be recharged or you can’t find the way home.
  • Maybe you need to use the restroom before you take the long drive home again (<- Winner)

Remember this only has a shot of working if you ran solid game during the date so your first focus is just that. If she’s attracted enough to you, it’s just about making it happen.

It applied this recently when I had a date with a girl from out of town.


Story: My Doctor-girl – “I never invite men in!”

I met this girl in a local club. She was from another city about an hour away from where I lived. I got her number, we chatted for a bit and then I agreed to meet her in her city since she had her own place but she didn’t have a car.

I pick her up and we went for a snack and some drinks. I did kino from the start, made sure I was sitting next to her rather than across the table (this way you can better escalate the kino). After the first bar I was walking hand with her. We went to the next bar and I had built enough attraction so I made out with her inside the bar. She had not been giving me any hints I could use to get to her place so I had to improvise.

“I choose the next place because your recommendations suck”, I tease her. I grab her hand and start walking her back to my car without telling her where we are going. Halfway I stop and we make out a bit more in public like teenagers. Sexual tension is high.

Yet when we get in my car she gets all serious (I think she figured out my plan).

“Listen, you have to know something about me. We can go to another bar but we can’t go to my place. I never invite a guy on the first date EVER. So sorry if that was your plan. It’s not going to happen.”

“Take it easy cowboy” I tell her, no problem. “Hey, that’s fine. But I’m just gonna drop you off and then I need to get back home actually.” Taking her to another bar now would be a mistake because she would get more attention from me without having to give anything in return.

I drive her back to her place and park in front of her apartment and make out a bit more in the car.

“I hope you understand that I can’t invite you in, I NEVER-EVER invite a man in my home when we just met.” I hear her words, but I feel it’s more about a principal thing than about what she really wants right now.

So I improvise: “Sure babe, no worries. But I just need to pee, really-really-really bad. Can I use your bathroom for just 1 minute?” – I didn’t have to pee at all 😉

“Euh… I don’t know, euh” she replies. “I’m about to explode here! I’ll be in and out in 30 seconds”

“Okay, but just the bathroom ok?!” — “Of course babe.”

Hahaha, I’m in. Once I’m in, I pretend pee in her bathroom and when I come out I go into distracting-mode. I complement her on her place. “Is this your living room?” “Wow that’s a nice painting here”

Before she even realizes, we’re sitting next to each other in the couch anyway. From there I go back to the usual routine of escalating and LMR-busting. She’s a tough one to crack tough. I have no problem making out with her but each time I try to remove an item of clothing she snaps back to “You have to go!”

I parry by agreeing while not stopping: “You’re right, this is getting too hot, I have to go. But I just want to kiss you a little bit more. We’re just gonna kiss today”

The occasional times I stroke her pussy over her legging pants I could feel she was wet. Since I couldn’t get her naked I just took my dick out and put her hands on it. Of course she was way more horny that she pretended to be and started jacking me off. I take off the rest of my clothes and she starts blowing me.

So now I’m naked in her couch while she’s giving me a blow job and still I can’t get her to take of any clothing. She was pretty good at giving head so I thought “Fuck it, I’ll settle for the bj and I’ll fuck her next time”. I cum in her mouth and she swallows everything.

After that, we chill a bit in her couch and she doing her little anti slut routine: “I can’t believe this just happened, you’re so bad! You said we were only going to kiss”, etc. I just make some jokes that it’s nobody’s fault, it’s just my dick that’s irresistible.

I’m not in the mood for too much “pillow talk” so I get dressed. “Yeah, I guess I’ll go now, I wasn’t even supposed to be here in the first place… this place is too dangerous for boys from out of town.” She follows me as I walk to the door. I have one hand on the door already ready to leave as she says: “Wait! I guess you can stay a little bit longer…”

Okay. That’s my cue for cutting through the bullshit: All or nothing time. I grab her, flip her over, pull down her pants and panties in one go and bend her over. She doesn’t resist and puts her hands against the door for balance. Her pussy is dripping wet. I take my dick out again and start banging her against the front door, pulling her hair back. She’s loving the rough stuff so I pick her up and throw her back in the couch and smash her hard. Her eyes roll back as she cums and she must have woken up half of the building with her screaming.

Afterwards she’s all over me, just short of little cartoon hearts flying out of her eyes… Women: good thing I don’t listen to them.

I could have lost this lay at so many moments so I drive home with a decent amount of after-glow.

Next post I’ll discuss some more situations and stories.


Getting Laid If You’re Homeless Part 2

In part 2 we’ll look at more situations to help you getting laid if you’re homeless:

2. Bang her at your friend’s place
3. Bang her in your car
4. Bang her in a (short term) hotel



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