Getting Laid If You’re Homeless (Part 2)

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Getting Laid If You’re Homeless (continued)

This is a continued post, first read part 1.

Lets continue getting laid without having your own place to get laid at. If you don’t have your own place to retreat your date you have to get creative. And getting in difficult circumstances inspires the best problem solving skills for men.

In Getting Laid If You’re Homeless Part 1 you can find some tips to bang your date at her own place.

But this isn’t always possible.

Situation: You met a new girl, it’s your first date. You can’t take her to your place (homeless) and you also can’t bang her at her place. Probably because she’s a sexy young student who still lives with her parents 😉

Today we’ll look at the next option: Having cool friends that are on the same page.

2. Bang her at your friend’s place


  • An awesome friend

Again we find out the value of having friends that are on the same page as you. If your friends wouldn’t help their bro getting laid, you need to get new friends.

I’ve let friends use my place to help them get laid when their logistics sucked and so should you: That’s what friends are for. Just make some rules: e.g. a reasonable time window to close the deal, and maybe some grenade credits in return.

When your awesome friend lets you use his place you have 2 options:

  1. You let her know isn’t your place. That may make her uncomfortable and it may be harder to retreat and get the lay.
  2. You lie and pretend it’s your place. This also has some pitfalls, you’ll have to be able to think on your feet!

Story: Black Girl visiting her sister

I was in the homeless situation when I met a sexy black girl who was visiting her sister in town for a few days. I got her number and set up a date for the next day. Since she was living with her sister, I knew banging at her place was off the table.

Luckily I had a friend that owed me a favor so he let me use his place while he was at work. I got his spare keys and met my date walking distance from his place for a coffee.

I opted for the “pretend it’s my place” option. The date went great and after some venue changes I made sure we “happened” to walk passed my place and I “needed to charge my phone”. (Honestly, sometimes the lamest reasons work to get her home; women just need a plausible deniability)

As soon as I got her inside I realized I was totally unprepared. I didn’t know my friend’s house. My story started to crumble.

  • “I didn’t know you smoke…” (when she found a full ashtray)
  • “Can I have something to drink?” – Shit where does he store his glasses??
  • “Who is this on the picture?” – Euh… family… Yeah, family.

She MUST have suspected something but I guess she was horny enough to play along 😉 We sat down in the couch to watch some TV but I didn’t even know how to turn on his TV since there were 8 remotes. Fuck it, I just sit next to her and start making out. After some light LMR I banged her in the couch (as agreed)… Man, she had a fine booty.

We chilled a bit after sex and then I decided to tell her. “I have to admit something. I don’t even live here, I just had to bring back my friend’s keys. We’re not even supposed to be in here.”

I didn’t know how she’d react but right after the sex I didn’t really care.

“What???? Well, that makes a lot more sense. I know something was off. But actually… that makes it kind of exciting” she says.

Lol, not the answer I expected, she actually got turned on more by this. So I banged her again (in the couch, promise is promise). I left my friend’s place, dropped the keys in his mailbox and sent him a message: “You might want to get a new couch j/k”

This worked out pretty well, but if you decide to try this option, make sure your friend preps his place a bit beforehand and always repay the favor!


Getting Laid If You’re Homeless Part 3

If you don’t have an awesome friend like that, there’s still some options left for you. In part 3 we’ll look at some more situations to help you getting laid if you’re homeless:

3. Bang her in your car
4. Bang her in a (short term) hotel



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