The Secret to Get the Perfect Girl for You

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The Secret to Get the Perfect Girl for You

get the perfect girl I have spent A LOT of time traveling these last 5 years and I have seen so many girls from so many parts of the world. I have tried dating them and watched others try to date them. I have succeeded and also failed. From all of this what I have learned is how to find the best girls. From this you can figure out how you can get the perfect girl for you.

get the perfect girl

The 3 most important things that will help you get the perfect girl

I have found that are 3 main things you have to do to help you get the perfect girl, here they are:


1. Game and putting in the work

This is the foundation of attracting women. If you don’t have game and don’t put in work, you will not get laid, it’s just that simple. I have written 6 game related books (Usually they are 65.94$ total, but if you click here you can get all 6 of my books for 27.99$) and written dozens of articles on the subject, so I won’t be going into game and putting in the work much right now.  Once you have some game, it’s time to go into how to find the perfect girl.


2. The best ways to find this perfect girl

I’ve recently written an article about this and it still holds true. The most effective way to meet the best girls is during day game. Another thing you can add to this is social circle, if you are in the right circles of course. It also matters where you day game. Day game in a church and you will probably find a religious girl, day game in front of an abortion clinic and… well, you know.


3. Communication

The final important thing that will help you get the perfect girl, and the secret, is communication. You may be wondering why I am saying communication is so important. It’s obvious, Right? Well, true, speaking to girls in your home country will never be a problem. However, if you are like me and your native tongue is English, the types of girls who are fluent in English aren’t usually what I would describe as perfect girls. This is why I have turned to traveling.

From traveling I have found so many amazing women, I almost feel guilty not to have settled down with one. Many guys don’t have such good luck and it’s because of one simple reason… they don’t speak the language.

When you travel to a foreign country, there is a certain type of girl who will master the English language (depending on the country of course, but I’m talking about the countries that have the best women). The types of girls who master English have probably already rode the cock of many other foreigners. They learn English because they feel there is something missing from their lives and are hoping the grass is greener on the other side. These are not the best girls.

The best girls are the ones who are happy how their life is. It’s girls who have nothing missing from their lives that turn out to be the most amazing. Whether they be poor or not, a girl who knows how to be happy in her home country, knows how to make a man happy. That’s one of the most important lessons I have learned.

So, the more that a girl wants to meet a foreigner, the less likely I am to want to start up a relationship with her. Meeting these girls who know how to be happy where ever they are can be a problem in a foreign country because you have to speak the language to communicate with them. These girls never had any desire to spend hundreds of hours putting in the work to learn a language that is rarely spoken in their home country.

Then, you have the fact that the most attractive girls simply just don’t put in the time to master a language. I don’t know if it’s because they have had life so easy that they don’t know how or that they simply don’t need to meet a foreigner to have a good life because of all the attention they get from successful locals, but it’s so obvious after traveling; super hot women rarely speak decent English.


get the perfect girl

Learn the language

In my opinion, if you want to get the perfect girl for you, you have to speak the language. There is no way around it. You will not get the right type of girls by only speaking English because you are stuck in a niche. This is VERY IMPORTANT because at least for me, the level at which I speak the local language directly correlates with the hotness and quality of girls I am able to get.

Before you start learning the language you have to decide which language to learn. Let me give you a quick guide on what to do:

If you like white girls:

I have spent the last of couple years traveling around Europe and I can tell you right now that the most attractive white women are Russian speaking. Ukrainian, Belarusians, Russians, the list goes on and on. It is the language of hot white women. I’m actually studying Russian right now and I am making progress very fast. I’m doing a combination of movie watching and a program called LangUnlimited where I get unlimited Russian tutoring for paying a monthly fee.

I just slept with a pretty attractive girl speaking only Russian and it felt awesome. This girl is so now very devoted to me, to a point I’m actually not used to seeing. Thank you Russian language. I can only imagine how much this will pay off in the future as my Russian improves even more.

If you like Latin girls:

This one should be obvious, but it’s time to learn Spanish. I have achieved a fluent level in Spanish and it has helped me sooooo much with getting very attractive girls. In fact, the most attractive women I have ever been with have been Latina girls who didn’t speak any English. Hot girls don’t put in the time to learn a language.

If you like Black girls:

Spanish actually kills two birds with one stone here because there are so many black Latinas and because they are the easiest girls in Latin America to get. However, the ultimate language to get the perfect girl who is black would have to be French.

If you like Asian girls:

Asia does not have one centralized language, so I guess it just depends on your preference. I do think this is the smallest return on investment because Asian women are generally quite easy to get. But, as I have been preaching, if you want real quality you are going to have to learn their language.

If you want to get the perfect girl for you start learning a language right now!

When you tell yourself you will learn a language “someday”, it most likely means you will never learn that language. If you want to learn a language, you have to start right now. We live in an information age and it’s very possible to learn a language without actually being in a country that speaks it. If you really want to get the perfect girl for you, decide what type of girl it is you want, download Michel Thomas or get a tutor and start learning the language right now!

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