Get girls posing naked in 3 steps

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Inspired by one of the comments, I’ll outline my approach and give you some tips to obtain Digital Memories of a girl.

A lot of people get nervous about just grabbing their phones and snapping a pic, and while you’d be surprised how many times that actually works, I have developped a THREE step strategy to get girls posing naked.

 3 Step Strategy to Get Girls Posing Naked

Do this RIGHT after sex. You’re still both naked and on the bed having some pillow talk.

1) The Romantic Picture

“Hey, let’s take a romantic picture together”, make sure you sound like you just thought of it on the spot.

Two options: she’ll willingly agrees, “good”, or she’ll say she doesn’t like it. If she doesn’t like it, bust on her, “don’t be silly babe, it’s just a romantic picture, come here” (pull her in). Don’t worry if she hides under blankets or a towel right now.

Make some picture with the front camera of your phone, so you can see each other on your screen. Make it fun, make some funny faces, have her kiss you, kiss her, kiss each other.

You can go through the pictures and make fun of it, delete a few you don’t like. Keep some good ones.


2) The Compliment

“I want to take a picture of your sexy ass (or tits)”. Just say it like that, throw it out there, say in confidently. Follow it with a compliment.

“I really love your boobs so much, I need to take a pic… “

Sometimes that’s all it takes and she’ll feel like a model and happily starts posing for you.

Sometimes you’ll need to add a “Don’t worry silly, you’re face is not even in there” or “It’s just for me, in case I miss you” or “I want this for when I feel lonely (if you know what I mean)”.

This usualy does the trick. Don’t let her think too much and go to step 3 before logic kicks in.


3) The Picture

Put her in the position you want and take the pictures. Complement her while you do it, “you look so hot”.

Boom, you have now life long memories. ‘Future-You’ will thank you for providing him with these digital memories to relive those days (and nights).


Warning: This does not ALWAYS work. Some girls just won’t let you take pictures of them naked and you’ll have to settle for the romantic picture or a picture of just her boobs.


Sneaky trick of the week:

What if she insists you delete the pictures?

With the iPhone you can open the camera app from the locked screen (by sliding up the camera icon), if you open the camera app this way, it will only show the pictures you took since you last opened the app. Use this as a sneaky back-up plan.

– Open the camera app (by sliding) and take your pictures (the ones you’ll keep)

– Close the app and re-open it

– Take a few additional pictures (the ones you’ll delete) and leave the app open.

If she asks you to delete the pictures, you can delete them while showing her, it will only show the pictures you took since you opened the app the second time. The first round is still in your camera roll 😉


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