The Weight Loss Thread
Hiring a culinary student is actually not a bad idea. I've banged two of my housekeepers over the years, I don't see why I couldn't bang my personal chef.

Anyway, in the US, HelloFresh has a 4-serving plan, and there's a deep discount on the fourth meal selection. Instead of getting it delivered every week, just get 16 servings delivered one week, cook the four meals all in one go - should take less than 2 hours if you start processing the ingredients for the next one while the first one cooks - and freeze a shitload of good food. Then keep the account open and skip several weeks.

Or just rip off the recipes and do it yourself.
A COMPLETELY NATURAL WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST WITHOUT ANY SIDE EFFECTS IS TO TAKE ADDERALL....well...I mean it definitely helps you not be hungry...and it DOES have side effects...and it IS made in a lab...but other than works.

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