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Can Foreigners Fuck Egyptian Women? My Trip to Cairo, Egypt

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I had just arrived from my 9 day trip to Turkey, where I had a blast with the women and even the unique history. The ancient history in Egypt, I knew, was on a whole other level. What I had heard would not be on another level were the Egyptian women. Egyptian women have the reputation of being nearly impossible for foreigners to sleep with. I took that as a challenge, I am 20Nation from SwoopTheWorld after all. Here is the story of my trip deep into Muslim country to Cairo, Egypt.


My Crazy First Night in Egypt

Imagine this beginning to a trip… my connecting flight from Istanbul to Italy was delayed and the airline gave me an even later flight to Cairo. When I arrived in Cairo it was after 3:00 am. As I waited for my luggage I looked at the screenshot on my phone of my hotel reservation for the night. The problem was that the screenshot contained everything except my hotel address. Shit… I needed internet. I asked around a bit and a 30 year old Egyptian guy let me use his internet so I could look up the address of my hotel.

“Thanks so much. You are a lifesaver Mohamed,” I said.

“It’s no problem,” he replied.

Then I waited and waited, but my luggage never appeared. Mohamed noticed me staying behind and offered to help me find it. I was a bit paranoid that he was being too friendly, but accepted the help. We found out my luggage was still in Istanbul and it they couldn’t get it to Cairo until the next day. Shit.

Mohamed offered to share an Uber and he could drop me off at my hotel on the way to his house. It turns out he had just come from Ukraine. I had just spent 6 months in Ukraine, studying Russian and we talked about the ridiculously hot women that the country has. It turns out Mohamed is one cool Egyptian dude.

When we arrived at my hotel, we went inside and found out that I didn’t make a reservation for that night, but for the previous night and that they gave the reservation away (I had gotten confused because my flight arrived in the middle of the night). I didn’t have a place to stay the night.

Usually my trips to new countries work like clockwork, but this was probably the worst arrival of my entire life. Most of it, was my fault, but some of it was just… Egypt.

Mohamed told me I could stay the night at his place, but I turned down the offer. I ended up spending the night in a very ghetto hotel, but hey… it only cost me 7 dollars. The good thing I learned from Mohamed is that the US dollar was worth double on the black market than what I would get out of an ATM. I had a couple hundred dollars with me so this trip would be cheaper than expected.


My First Day in Egypt

After waking up in a bed that creaked with every slight movement, in a room that had to be 90 degrees and that did nothing to insulate the sound of traffic in the city, I left to explore the biggest city in Africa, Cairo.


hot egyptian girl
As hot as Egyptian women come

How Hot Are Egyptian Women?

While I’m sure ancient Egptian women would have been stunning, the girls I saw walking the street were not. They were nearly always covered in so much clothing that the body underneath was a complete mystery. Sometimes you couldn’t even see their faces because they would wear the traditional black Hijabs that show only the eyes.

As I walked through the streets of Egypt, the women I saw were a disappointment. It seems that because they couldn’t show their bodies, Egyptian women felt like they didn’t need to take care of their bodies. A high percentage of Egyptian women were overweight. But… a few Egyptian women… the ones who took care of themselves, were smokin’ hot.


Back to my first day in Cairo

As I walked through downtown Cairo, I felt a surge of culture shock even stronger than what I felt in Istanbul. Now… I was really in Muslim country.

Guys were walking around in sandals and robes and nearly all women were completely covered up. The streets were dusty and the buildings mostly looked rundown. I wasn’t in the best part of the city and thank god because… it was awesome; the type of travel experience I love.

I got my luggage and, after having to walk away from hostels that would only accept dollars from me (it means I would end up paying double), I found a decent hostel where I could get a private room and bathroom for 10$. The room had 4 beds, but they had no problems renting me the entire room. It was a hint that the tourist industry was just a ghost of what it had been before the coup a few years prior.


cleopatra ancient egyptian women

Meeting Cleopatra

On my second day in Egypt, I met a girl from online. I had been chatting with her for a couple weeks and she didn’t try to hide her excitement at my arrival.

She met me outside of my hostel and I was very happy to see she looked just like her photos. My inner historian was happy because this girl looked just like Cleopatra. She looked exactly like I had imagined ancient Egyptian women did. The only down side, she was slightly thick, not fat at all, but she could have lost 15 lbs. Still, I was happy and super attracted to this girl.

“Hi, 20? How are you?” she said with near perfect English.

“Good.” I said with a feeling this would be a great date.

Everything went well except that as I walked with her, I noticed openly hostile looks from local guys. One of the men said something to me in Arabic and she had to tell him off, another guy started to get in my face and tried to speak broken English with me, I just stared at him without responding and he walked off.

“This wouldn’t happen in Zamalek,” she said. Zamalek is one of the nicer neighborhoods in Cairo and by far the most international. I was staying in downtown, it was the real Egypt.

The date went well and ended with us smoking Shisha in a tourist area of the city. The strangest thing about this tourist area was that nearly all the tourists were Middle Eastern, I only saw one other white tourist the entire night in the area.

I started to wonder if I was playing with my life a bit much. Before the military coup, Egypt was supposed to be overrun with tourists (according to my Aunt who had visited). Now, it seems everybody was afraid to come. Were they right to be afraid?

The other apparent difference from the times before the coup was their local currency was worth very little. I could buy a pair of jeans for 8$, meals for 60 cents and shoes for 10$. As a guy who considers himself a budget traveler, it was great.

She took me back to the front of my hostel. I said goodbye to her, but I didn’t go for the kiss. I would have but after seeing all the hostility from local men just seeing me with her, I didn’t know what they would do if I kissed her on a busy street.

“Goodnight Cleopatra.”

“Goodnight 20.”


Checking Out Egyptian Nightlife with Mohamed

Finding alcohol in Egypt is apparently not easy, unless you know where to go. Luckily Mohamed, my awesome new Egyptian friend, knew a bit about the nightlife.

We found a bar and sipped on overpriced beers. I learned more about Mohamed and we talked more about Ukraine. My favorite quote from him from that night had to be: “Egypt girls… so bad. Ukraine girls… so good.”  Egyptians weren’t as hot as the girls up north, but there was still something about Egyptian women that was so damn sexy.


Crazy Egyptian Laws

On the date a couple nights before, Cleopatra had told me how, if a daughter has sex before she is married and her parents find out, it is not uncommon that they beat her to death.

“But wouldn’t they go to prison?” I asked.

“The government encourages parents to do it,” she responded.”And it’s better than what the government does if somebody is gay.”

“What do they do?” I said, knowing the answer but still having trouble believing a policy like this existed.

“Execution,” she said like it was obvious.

It was that moment when I really realized, I was in a completely different world. A place completely alien compared to where I was raised in USA.

This information made me end up flaking on two other girls I was going to meet. Why would a girl risk her life by fucking me? Especially after we had only just met. I liked Cleopatra and I would focus the rest of my time on her, but first I would see… the infamous pyramids.


Great Pyramids Egyptian women

The Great Pyramids of Giza

I won’t go into detail, but these ancient structures are magnificent. Seeing the pyramids on the back of a camel was, quite possibly, my most powerful travel experience (and I have done nothing but travel the world for the last 6 years). I was looking at structures built 5000 years ago. Then, there was everything else the camel, the dessert around me… I couldn’t help but be transported back in time.

Then, I went to see the Egyptian museum. I don’t usually like museums, but this one I would recommend. Want to see a royal mummy thousands of years old? Only in Egypt.


Back to Egyptian Girls

The next night I met with Cleopatra again, this time we went to the Zamalek area. She took me to the top of Cairo tower where we looked over the city and the Nile river. I teased her about trying to seduce me by taking me to the most romantic spot in the city. Then, as we watched the lights of one of the top 10 biggest cities in the world, I kissed her for the first time.

Her big brown eyes got even bigger as I leaned in, but she submitted to my kiss. After that, she couldn’t take her eyes from my face. She looked… mesmerized, this Egyptian girl was mine.

From Cairo tower we went and got dinner. The food tasted great, not because it was actually great, but because the only food around where I was staying was either fast food or Egyptian food; and in those foods vegetables, or anything healthy, was nowhere to be found.

Then, we took a walk through Zamalek. We were in the backstreets, walking around the embassies. This area seemed much more Western than where I was staying, I almost felt like I wasn’t in a dangerous Muslim country. I kissed her there in the street.

She accepted the kiss, but afterwards she said “You know you can’t do that, they will put you in jail.”

I laughed, thinking she was joking.

“It really is against the law, but maybe we can be very careful,” she smiled. “I want you to kiss me again.”

I complied, but was sure to make sure there was nobody who could see us when I did.

It was on that walk that she told me about how she protested the government 5 years before. She had stood in a mob of protesters as the government fired on the group. The guy next to her had gotten a bullet through the neck and Cleopatra was lucky she left that square unscathed. I felt so great with her, that sometimes I forgot I was with an Egyptian girl in a country with serious political turmoil. I just felt happy that she hadn’t been shot that day she went to the protest.

It was a great night with a great girl in a very interesting country, one of those nights I will remember until the day I die. I was beginning to really like this girl, but I knew there was no future for us… soon I would be leaving to Japan.

I stared at the outline of her plump ass and just felt desire… I wanted this girl, but there was a problem. There was an Egyptian law that you cannot sleep with an Egyptian girl unless you are married. So, obviously I couldn’t bring her back to my hostel or to a hotel. Thinking ahead, I had reserved an apartment through AirBnB for the next day. One more day to find out if foreigners can fuck Egyptian women.


My Last Night in Cairo and Last Date with Cleopatra

12 pm came and I messaged my AirBnB host… no answer. Next thing I knew it was 7 pm and I was meeting Cleopatra. Still my AirBnB host hadn’t answered my messages or calls.

Cleopatra and I sat in a cafe. My hand was caressing her thigh and we would make out every few minutes. I hadn’t had sex for over a week and I felt like a wild animal. The way she looked at me and reacted to my touch, I knew she hungered to be able to be alone with me as well.

She had hinted that she would give me a blowjob, but said there is no way she could sleep with me, she wouldn’t lose her virginity before marriage. So, I would probably would only get a blowjob, but it was a blowjob I would have loved to receive. Why wasn’t my AirBnB host answering?

Fuck it. I cancelled the reservation and reserved another… same problem. 11 pm hit and she had to go home soon. We walked back to my hostel. It was in a huge building and many of the floors seemed to be abandoned, which gave me an idea.

“Go into my building and wait for me on the fourth floor,” I told her. We had to enter so nobody could see us going in together.

I entered the building two minutes after her and ascended the stairs. At the fourth floor she was waiting for me with a smile on her face exotic face. I took her hand and led her towards a dark corner, pulled her body up to mine and kissed her.

I wrapped my hands around the big ass I had been fantasizing about feeling for the past week. It was big… and firm… and amazing. As I kissed her my hands explored the rest of her body, she didn’t object.

Then, an idea popped into my head. We could go into an abandoned room and at least I could get a blowjob. I looked up and down the stairs, I was so horny that I had to do something this Egyptian girl.

“What would happen if we got caught doing oral?” I asked.

“It would be bad… very bad,” she replied.

I wanted Cleopatra so much… but not enough to spend the rest of my life in an Egyptian prison. I kissed her passionately again and continued to explore her body with my hands, then we said goodbye. The next morning I left Egypt forever. It was a sad goodbye, even more sad than leaving the Moroccan virgin, but this is the life I live. Next stop… Tokyo, Japan.


egyptian girl cairo

Can foreigners fuck Egyptian Women?

So, to answer the question I had wondered about before arriving… yes, foreigners can fuck Egyptian women, but not easily and you shouldn’t try to do it easily because it can really mess up the lives of an Egyptian girl. If I had spent a month there, I’m sure I would have taken her virginity. If I would have reserved an AirBnB (a lot more expensive than my 10$ hostel) I would have at least gotten a blow job.

There are awesome and hot Egyptian women who can be seduced (Cleopatra still messages me wanting me to come back), you just have to realize that fucking an Egyptian woman is risking a lot in doing so, so be ready to start a relationship if you do. Then, you have to deal with the jealousy of their men and Egyptians are the angriest people I have ever met. In summary, yes foreigners can fuck Egyptian women, but if you are just looking for sex, this is not the best place to go.

One interesting thing I noticed about Egyptian girls was that whenever there were guys around, they would never do more than look at me. But when I was in a situation where there were no guys around they would always try to talk to me and take pictures with me. I think foreigner value is pretty high in Egypt, just that they are slightly afraid of their men.


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