Flashback: Leaving Jakarta, 3 Indonesian Women

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Last night in Jakarta,

I was on the fence about whether or not to go out. It had been a few days since I was drinking so I was starting to feel good again.

I’d been getting messages from different Indonesian women on Indonesiancupid and I hadn’t daygamed the past few days. I meant to go back to Kuningan city but being near my departure date sort of took the steam out of my sails…

Around 6:30 I got a message from this girl who is a journalist asking what I was doing. I told her I was hungry and for us to meet at my place then go for food. She agreed. I also had a girl named Jessi that I had previously spoken to on skype that wanted to meet but I had blown off earlier that day for coffee because I stayed up so late the night before. I told her I would meet her around 9 because I didn’t think I would have time to fuck the journalist girl anyway since it was our first meeting.

An hour goes by and the journalist messages me saying she’s stuck in traffic. I message the Jessi and tell her I’ll meet her at 1030 just to be safe. She is pissed and says that if I’m seeing another girl I can go someplace else. I “explain” that I am meeting a colleague to discuss work issues and that I can’t help it. She says she’s going to a certain place to wait for me and to call her when I’m done.

30 more minutes go by and I’m fucking starving. But the wheels start turning too.  I’m wondering how I can squeeze two Indonesian women in before I leave.

The girl shows up and I say that I couldn’t wait any longer and went ahead and ate (stomach grumbling while I say this) but that we can watch some TV if she wants.

She’s cute as hell. Has her work clothes on.

She sits down at the edge of my bed and she is nervous, I kind of go “cave man” and just pick her up and set her next to me.

We are watching Spartacus and I blame it on the show and she laughs.

She tells me she’s recently divorced. She’s full blown muslim that used to wear those robes or whatever they are called. She stopped wearing them after her divorce. Husband beat her. All that.

We start kissing and then it’s on. I get the feeling she hasn’t been with anyone else and it’s HOT.

I pull off her pants and she’s wearing yellow panties with a big wet spot on them. I bang the shit out of her and it’s damn satisfying.

I told her previously that I had to meet a “colleague” for a “work meeting” since I’m leaving and send her on her way.  Unfortunately I don’t have time to work my post bang photo game.

I am now pretty late for my revised meeting with the Jessi but I text her and say I’m on my way.

I get to the place she is and it’s a cool bar inside of a mall.  She’s plump but sexy and very pretty.  The bar’s GM is an Australian and he’s happy for me to be there. He and I start bullshitting with her there and he’s buying my drinks. She is enjoying herself just listening to us. I’m not kidding, I drank 12 beers at least, a Glenlivit and something called “brainwash” which is a bunch of different alchohols mixed together.

I take the girl home and fuck the hell out of her. Her pussy has an sexy blend of colors, chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.  I call it Neapolitan pussy. I love the contrast of colors. We pass out and then I bang the hell out of her several more times the next morning.

I am running behind for my flight. So we are hustling around. She is folding my laundry and packing while I shower.

I get to the airport and relief washes over me.

I go to my gate and start charging my phone. A very cute Indonesian girl is sitting on the seat nearest the charging station talking on her phone intently. She looks at me and I smile and she quickly looks away.

Another girl keeps glancing up at me and comes over to charge her phone. She opens me and we start chatting. She is another favela point candidate but is very pleasant. The girl on the phone looks up.

And I look down at her straight into her eyes. She looks back at me for a moment and then turns away.

I wonder where she is going and then try and sort out food.

The genius setup here doesn’t have any restaurants near the gate past the customs officials and they won’t let me back out. I pay a janitor to go get me some burgers and Starbucks.

The flight is shitty but I have a seat close to the front at least. I’m very hungover and I feel nauseated. The air pressure when we start to land is overwhelming. My ears feel like they are going to pop and my right ear suddenly can’t hear anything. I feel like I’m going to puke.

The plane lands and my right ear is fucked and my left doesn’t feel much better. I get off and of course these fucking people have no common courtesy. Each group is walking in a fucking line across the whole walkway slow as fuck. Idiots. I push past them and get to the bathroom and throwup in the stall.

I wash my face and brush my teeth.

I make my way to immigration and the place is filling up. I can’t find my card so I go and start filling out another one when I hear “Excuse me mister”. I look up and it’s the girl who was on her phone. She is gorgeous I now see. She has big full lips, big brown eyes, a European nose that’s thin and cute and high cheek bones. Her hair is long and black with curls.

I can barely hear her because my ears won’t pop. “Yes?”

“Can you tell me what I am supposed to do now?”

I explain what to do briefly while I’m trying to fill out the stupid immigration card. I can’t hear what she’s saying, asking me about me, stuff like that. I stop and ask her to repeat herself several times. I’m irritated, feeling sick, hungry, but I’m still getting a hard on talking to her.

Follow me, I’ll show you what to do.

The lines are now packed. Except for one station.


I walk up to that station and the lady doesn’t bat an eyelash. She stamps my passport and the girl walks up too. Same thing.

We go outside and she is telling me that she has to change planes but because she showed up late, she had to buy a new ticket at the gate and missed her connecting flight to Cambodia. She’s going to do some volunteer work for her company. Deutch Bank. She speaks German, English, French, and Bahasa.

She is qualifying herself.

Then she mentions she has a husband.

She is planning on staying 6 hours in the Airport until her next flight.

I get to the taxi stand, “well I have to go”.

She stands there awkwardly so I grab her and bring her to me for a hug and in the most shy, girlish way ever, she tilts her head up and pecks me on the lips. She has braces.

I kiss her again.

And again.

She let’s out an audible moan.

“Just come with me”

She nods her head.

We get inside the taxi and go to my hotel.

I bang the fuck out of her 4 times. She has perfect little tits and I snap some pics of her laying on my bed.


Later she tells me she was watching me the whole time. She knew how many times I went to the bathroom on the plane.

I ask her why she was married and it sounds like the typical beta schlub white guy from America wifed her up and now she hates him. She’s 24, he’s 45. Constantly telling her she’s going to leave him etc.

I sent her off in a taxi this morning and she wants to be with me. I offered to pay for her and she refused.

I’m going to miss this Indonesian Women

Anyway, I’m back in Bangkok. Kind of feels nice to return.

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