Flashback: My Jakarta Girls, Case of the Unknown Friend

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Everywhere I look I’m running into Jakarta girls that make me verbally let out a groan.

Went to Kuningan city (high end mall) yesterday. Really weird occurrence I had been chatting with this fine ass girl on Indonesiancupid.com and she was back and forth about meeting me, she’s very shy about her English. She wants to come see me at my hotel but only if she can bring a friend. Of course I say no and she’s on the fence. Finally she says “here’s my friends number, she saw your picture and thinks you’re handsome”. She also sends a pic of a pretty sexy looking girl. I’m like screw it, maybe I can work a jealousy ploy, so I text her friend who has no idea who I am but I continue to message her.

Then a girl I’ve fucked twice before messages me and I tell her to come over, then make arrangements to meet the friend at Kuningan City. I bang the shit out of the regular (recaptured some good pics and she shaved her pussy for me) and then we left together to have lunch. I left her at Septia Budi Building and took a taxi to meet the friend.


I was already 30 mins late so I jumped into the first cab I saw. The thing here is to take Bluebird cabs or Express Cabs only because the other’s are shady.  You can run into trouble like being robbed or greatly overcharged.

This guy takes me through the back roads of the most shantified neighborhood I’ve seen in a long time. I actually thought to myself “Hmmm, I should probably be concerned about where I am right now but I’m not”
We pop out on a main street and boom I’m there.

I meet this particular Jakarta girl and she’s got a smoking little body, and a face that would be pretty but she has pimples.

I think “THC would love this shit”. He has a point system for flaws like this that encourage you to bang girls with imperfections.

We talk at Starbucks and she is so nervous she’s shaking. I am looking around and noticing that this place is fucking amazing in terms of talent. I mean 1 out of 5 girls is a stunner and 3 out of 5 are completely bangable.

I finally build enough comfort with this girl and she lightens up. I suggest we go for a walk around the mall because I need to top off my new phone (get more credit). She agrees and now all these girls are checking me out, and looking at her to see who I am with. This is making her start holding my arm and looking at me to see if I am looking at the girls (Which I do and don’t hide it at all).

We go to the grocery store and she says she’ll wait at the front, I go up to this hot makeup girl and practice asking where the bathroom is but intentionally fuck it up (I have notice in this country that unless you say the word exactly right, these people cannot bridge the gap to figure out the word you are saying. It’s insane). She brings a friend over and they both start fussing over me. “finally” I tell them what I’m looking for and they tell me and everyone is laughing and all that. I catch the makeup girl who is a stunner checking me out from a reflection in a window as I walk away and my girl has all of a sudden appeared and walks with me.

Anyway, we head towards the front and she tries to say goodbye but I tell her she has to tell the taxi how I can get back to my hotel since “I don’t know”.

She gets into the cab and when we arrive she tries to say goodbye again but I just grab her by the hand and drag her up to my room protesting the whole way only to have her immediatly start kissing me as soon as we are through the door. I’m fucking her in less than 10 minutes after entry. I take a lot of hot photos and she’s really into it.


She leaves a few hours later and I make plans with this girl I met out one night.

That girl comes over because again “meet me here so you can tell the taxi where to go”. She does and I end up banging her in about 45 minutes after she gets here.

Unfortunately she stays until almost 5pm today but as soon as I get her out I’ve got another girl that comes over from DIA and I’m fucking her within 15 minutes of her arriving. The trouble is that she was a SIF and I would be embarrassed to be seen in public with her. She did give me a nice massage though after.

Best part is that the first girl that wouldn’t meet me is messaging me. I’ve got to make all this happen quick because I’m flying back to BKK on the 24th.  Ah Jakarta Girls, I really do love you.


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