Cambodia and the Vietnamese Girl

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Cambodia and the Vietnamese Girl

vietnamese girl couple



I arrived in Cambodia having high hopes. It was a place filled with culture, although about 30 years prior one of the worst events of all time took place; the genocide of millions. There was a civil war and the leader of the side that won wanted all the other side dead, along with all scholars and people that stood for the ways of the west. 1/3rd of the population was exterminated. After arriving there you can really see how it has messed with the minds of the people. It’s very difficult to find a real doctor. Many of the people you see survived because they spent years hiding in the jungle. Things like that will really affect people psychologically.

However, it has many of ruins and temples to see. It’s a great spot for tourism. If you want girls, you can get them, but pretty much all of them that speak English will be either semi-pros or pros(prostitutes). I spent about two weeks there and I got some girls (7 I think), but knowing what I did about the “Pro Culture” they weren’t really that satisfying. Only two of my 10 or so shores in my life have really been satisfying (shoring is seducing a prostitute using game and not giving them money).


vietnamese girl

Vietnamese Girl

After Cambodia I was ready for something different and ready for some real girls. I was going to Vietnam and I had pipelined about 7 girls that were waiting for me to arrive. I took the bus and had my favorite of the 7 meet me at my hotel.

When I arrived at my hotel she was there waiting for me, a cute little Vietnamese girl. She was even better looking in person. A tiny Vietnamese girl with a very cute face and more curves than you would expect. (Vietnamese girls have more curves on average than I thought). She had come on her skooter and although it was night she offered me a tour of the city. I accepted and hopped on.

I soon noticed that almost every person on the road was on a skooter or a motorcycle. About 30 skooters for every one car. I had never seen anything like it. This place would have the worst traffic if it weren’t for that. I even saw entire families packed onto one skooter. The dad, the mom, and three young kids.

We rode through the city. I was able to really enjoy taking in a new city and country from the back of her skooter, Feeling the wind against your skin as you ride is an addicting feeling. I watch as the lights of the city and the different stores, roads and people zoomed past us.

She took me to try some Vietnamese food that was very good. A couple hours hours later she returned me back to my hotel. I had a blast. Seeing the city and just talking and laughing with her. It was so black and white how different she was from the pros and semi-pros of Cambodia.

I had been gaming her, mostly just by showing that I am a high value man; to understand how, click here. I tried to get her to come up to my room with me, but she wouldn’t even entertain the idea. She did agree to see me the next day though.

I woke up to a knock on the door. I opened the door and there she was waiting for me with Vietnamese food in hand. We ate it together in my hotel room.

“I have surprise for you today. I will show you a place very pretty.” She said with her Vietnamese accent.

An hour later we were on her skooter again. That day she took me outside the city to see some beautiful countryside and back into the city to go to the zoo. It was amazing, I hadn’t even kissed this girl yet (very rare for me) and the tension was building. As we were walking in the zoo, hand in hand, it started to get dark. The hotel employees were announcing that the zoo was closing and it was nearly empty. I brought her to an area that was supposed to have Crocodiles, that was out of the way of the main path and went in for the kiss. It felt good. All the other girls I was supposed to meet disappeared from my mind.

That night she came back to my room with me and spent the night. I ended up spending nearly every moment in Vietnam with her. We took trips along the country side on her skooter. We went to cheap beach resorts and swam in the ocean together. She showed me the best Vietnamese food. Ever since I arrived in Vietnam it had been a tornado of good feelings as I took in a new place with a sweet, beautiful Vietnamese girl.

Time flew by and before I knew what happened I had to catch a flight to Bangkok. Saying goodbye was very sad. I couldn’t even imagine Vietnam without her, and it’s like that to this day.

Sometimes I’m a bit of a player, but life’s not just about sex with new beautiful girls, it’s about experiencing all the good things that life has to offer. Life is about balance, sex and conquering new girls is exciting, but it needs to be balanced sometimes with a nice relationship with a sweet girl, even if it’s only for a couple weeks.


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