Fisto Re-Invades Santo Domingo

Fisto Re-Invades The D.R. (Dominican Girls *nude pics*)

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Fisto Re-Invades The D.R. (Dominican Girls)

Just over a year ago I was here in the Dominican for the very first time.  I was giving daily reports from the ground about the adventures (my first experience with Dominican girls) that legendary RVF posters  Aliblahbah, El Mechanico, and myself were getting into.

That trip was what solidified my desire to leave the United States and make travel my permanent lifestyle.  It was an amazing, eye opening time.

And if the last 3 days are any indication of things to come… Then this trip is going to blow that one away.

After working in an Oil Boom Town managing a strip club I have a very sizable bank roll (you can get the lowdown on what’s going on by reading The Roadhouse Chronicles)

I’ve got some new and stylish cloths and while I don’t have the White Linen Blazer of Freedom anymore, I do have the Black Sneakers of Destruction.

Malecon center in Santo Domingo Girls


I had taken the red eye at 11pm out of Vegas but I was flying in first class to Miami so I could lean back and sleep.  I changed planes and had business class to Santo Domingo ( Dominican Girls here I come!).

I got the gay steward to give me 10 mini bottles of Tito’s Vodka (the stuff is delicious) and packed them in my carry on for later.

Going through customs and immigration was a breeze.  I grabbed my bags and headed to the exit where The Driver and THC were there waiting.

Seeing my best friend and The Driver again after what seems like such a long time was awesome.

The first thing we did was stop and get beers for the road.  It’s so funny that no one bats an eyelash when the person behind the wheel has a beer.

THC filled me in on everything that’s been happening since I last saw him and The Driver got me up to date on his live as well.

Arriving at my hotel (booked off Agoda) I was a little disappointed.  The Sheraton is buying them out and they are renovating the whole place so construction is going on all over.  Right now I’m paying about 95 dollars per night.  It’s much better than the Napolitano (and about the same price) even with the racket.

We went to my pool and continued on with a steady flow of Presidente Lights (the local no. 1 beer) and it was my turn to expand on things that have been going on in my own life, as well as discuss the future of SwoopTheWorld (we will be implementing some more innovative concepts like the Video Datasheets).


My pipeline of Dominican Girls

I had pipelined only a few days before my trip and already had some very hot Dominican Girls.

Once again I went with the franchise and it did not disappoint.  I have come to the conclusion that this is the best online dating resource out here (if you’re thinking of visiting, I recommend signing up for a free account and searching for girls in the areas you’re interested in.  You can also see how your look or photos are received by them.  I think it’s a good tool to gauge the median level of hotness).  As usual I just went and bought the one month platinum membership (25 bucks I think, not bad, puts your photos on the top banner so Dominican girls start messaging you first).  I find a paying site gets rid of the riff raff a lot better and the Dominican girls are hotter and of higher quality.

There were three Dominican girls that I wanted to see and basically flipped a coin to figure out which one I’d contact first since they all are about the same level of hotness.

I decided on Gertrude.  She has a very light complexion, very pretty, and from the photos I saw, that killer dominican body.

I invited her to meet me at my pool to come swimming and was pleased when she asked if she could bring a friend.  Normally I would tell her “No, I want to get to know you, not sit awkwardly with your friend hovering around” but THC needed a girl.

She came over and she was looking sexy as hell.  I was very pleased and I immediately started building comfort and teasing her and we sat around and had a great time.

THC’s girl was not as hot nor as receptive and I could tell he was irritated but he also powered through it as the ever lasting consummate wingman he is and managed to make me look good.

It wasn’t long before my girl is back in the room with me giving a surprising amount of LMR considering how down to fuck she seemed.

But man, once she decided she was going to have sex, she turned into a porn star, I had her bent over and she was gyrating her ass like it was her job (hopefully not her job).  We smashed for a while and then I sent her home with the afterglow in full effect.


Santo Domingo girls ass

Hitting town

THC and I got dressed and hit the town. Following Ali’s advice that turned out to be terrible (big surprise) we went to Club Jet Set.  It had 4 or 5 people inside.  While there, we made arrangements to get a table for the following night to party on New Years Eve.  We order a couple Presidentes and I can never understand why it takes so long to get shit done here.  THC is talking to this club manager for 15 minutes to get this guy to understand we want to be able to walk right in without a big goddamn hassle at the door (VIP Status).

Finally he get’s it and we walk outside and try to decide the next course of action.  The bouncer comes over and we ask him why it’s so dead inside and he tells us that he knows of a place we can go.  He has a scooter.

I look at THC: “YES DEATH SCOOTERS, LET’S DO IT!!!”  Just like good old Bangkok.

We are now riding three deep and drinking on the back of the Death Scooter.  We show up to the bar and it’s bumping.  We roll in and not only do we immediately take over, but they have Sheesha! (Also like good old Bangkok).

Santo Domingo death scooter


More Dominican Girls

The waitress brings over the sheesha and we are immediately surrounded by Dominican dudes trying to leach off of us.  I lock eyes with the waitress and I know that look.   She has short hair but a killer body and green eyes.  One of the guys at the table has a bottle of some kind of whiskey and he is actually sharing it with THC and myself.  Turns out he’s the owner.  He’s pretty cool but he’s not liking what’s going on with me and the waitress.  Everytime she comes over to deliver a beer or whatever to me, she hugs me and I squeeze her ass and hold her for a little bit.  I’m a little fuzzy on the details but some of the leaches are being bold about asking us to pay for drinks and we are scoffing.  Something get’s said and now there’s some more drama and I walk outside and there is some serious posturing by a few of the guys but they are also being careful not to go too far and are hugging me while also trying to be tough guys.  We go back in and they don’t bother us for drinks anymore.  The owner keeps handing us his glass filled with whiskey and we keep accepting it while they ALL keep smoking.

Hookah Sheesha Santo Domingo Girls

I start talking to the owner and I’m being respectful about the waitress and I tell him I want to take her home and can she leave with me. He tells me “No she has work to do”.  She is practically begging him and he says “No.”

THC has wrapped a girl up and tells me he’s leaving and asks if I’m ok to stay.  I say sure and so he bounces.


I’m not real clear at this point what happens.  I’m blacking out here and there but the next thing I know, I’m in the owner’s car with the waitress and he’s personally driving us to her place.

We get to her place and it’s in a really rough area.  The area looks pretty damn scary.  She get’s out and he says he wants to talk to me real quick.  I nod to her and tell her I will meet her in just a minute.

I have no idea how long we are talking (drunken time traveling) but I am getting a weird vibe from him.  He is saying “You don’t want to go out there, I’ll take you to your hotel”.  I tell him “thanks” but that I’ll be alright.  I get out of the car and he drives off.

I realize I have no clue which building the girl lives and I also realize she might have thought that I had changed my mind of something. I am about to call out to her but then I further realize that I don’t even know her name.

Worse, I reach into my pocket and my wallet is gone.

Even more worse, I haven’t gotten a sim card yet and even if I had my phone is dead.

I am fucked.

I pick a direction and start walking in my black Sneakers of Destruction but really I’m hoping I don’t have to use The Change Filled Sock of Last Recourse.  This shit is scary because my Spanish isn’t so great either.

I come across some little bar type Colmodo (711 style convenience store) and go inside and start talking to a couple of the guys. Some old man comes up and I don’t know how I do it but I get my predicament across to him and he says to follow him outside.  He leads me around the corner and there’s two policemen sitting in a truck.  He talks to them for a few moments and then they agree drive me to my hotel on the Malecon.  It seems like we are driving for 30 or 40 minutes but I finally get home, get to my room and pass out.

I wake up to the phone ringing.  It’s one of the dominican girls from the front desk.  Someone has found my wallet.

You read that correctly.  Even writing it right now I don’t even believe it.

It’s a brand new Louis Vuitton and EVERYTHING is still in it’s place.

Two guys are there and I don’t believe their story for a second.  They said they were driving along and saw it in the street.

I also couldn’t care less if they are lying.  I hand them a hundred US Dollars and tell them thank you.  The wallet has some sentimental value to me as it was a Christmas gift from a girl I care for.

I must be the only person that has ever lost a wallet in the Dominican and had it returned to him.


I decided to celebrate with more Presidentes.


Day Two

The next day started out going zero to 60.  We were back at the Stimulation Pool drinking and I had another one of my top 3 Dominican Girls come over, Penelope.  She’s a supervisor at another hotel (which I may explore the option of staying at later) and same thing, tight ass little body but with a darker complexion but the European nose.  Very sexy.

We have a drink at the cabana by the pool and she tells me she was afraid to come over.  I reframe this into a joke about how I was afraid too because she could have been a fat girl.  She laughs so loud at this, I love the way some girls here express themselves.

The Driver and THC come over and I make the false time constraint that we all have to work and that The Driver is going to take her home.  We go to my room and zero LMR.  We have great chemistry and she is down to do whatever I direct her to do.  Also what a great ass.


another great santo domingo girls ass

The Driver takes her home and I have another girl come by, her name is Beatraux and is acting like a prima donna.  We are at the pool and while the first two girls spoke English, she doesn’t.  We are relying on the translators and THC’s newly found Spanish Powers.


She is being a tough nut to crack but before long, we are kissing and being affectionate.  She is back in my room and giving me LSHR (Last Several Hours Resistance).  It’s just going nowhere but I remember my Saigon Ass Girl and I realize that these two girls are very similar in personality and what they respond to.  I say to myself “screw it” and tell her on the translator, “I need to cum so I can relax”.  She seems alarmed and then I continue typing “I will masterbate, but I need to touch you while I do it.”

To my utter disbelief she agrees.

This is another example of the female hamster.  She WANTED to be intimate with me but didn’t want to sleep with me right away, so in her mind, because we aren’t having sex, it’s now ok for me to go much further with her sexually than I had before up until this point.

Women: Eyeroll

Of course she becomes turned on because I’m squeezing her tits and touching her pussy and then she’s jacking me off and the next thing she knows we are banging away.  I remember just turning to her and spreading her legs in the most relaxed and casual manner possible and me setting that frame had her complying with me.

There was some brief drama after when she wanted 500 pesos for a taxi afterwards but then I realized she was talking about me paying for both ways and that seemed more reasonable.

She was immediately texting me and complaining that I accused her of being a hooker etc etc.

I told her to be sweet or that I was going to see another girl and then I sent her a photo of me and Gertrude (who has slightly lighter skin).  I knew that would drive her crazy and she immediately started asking when she could see me again.

Women: Double Eyeroll


I decide to go pioneering and I go lone wolfing at the nearby club called Pure.  It’s not really happening but I wind up bullshitting with some locals and we are drinking shots of vodka and having a great time.  I am keeping an eye out for any normal Dominican girls but it’s all pros.

One of the pros is all over me and I make sure the local guy I’m hanging out with tells her that I don’t pay for sex.  She says she doesn’t care, she just wants to see me.

We come back to my hotel but she doesn’t have her ID.  They won’t let her up so we go to a love motel (cabana) and bang away.


Day Three

That next morning is rough, I get home to my hotel and pass out again.  I was supposed to make an RVF meet up but there’s just no way I can make it.

I am in recovery mode for most of the day, I’m sipping on Presidentes and trying to eat something.  I finally pull my shit together enough to get dressed and head over to THC and 20Nation’s hotel.

They have a couple of regular dominican girls that are making us dinner and the drinking starts. We finish the nutritious food they cooked.  Chicken, Broccoli, and mashed potatoes.  Delicious.

These Dominican girls are both darker and are cute and sweet and are waiting on us hand and foot.  Again, both have crazy bodies.  I approve of my comrades’ choices.

We go down to the little lobby bar and I meet the owner of the place.  He’s from Holland and we start drinking even more.  We share our stories and he says he’s so happy he left Holland.  Says all his friends think he’s crazy for leaving.  He says he thinks they are crazy for staying.  He’s 50 and happy.

His possibly underage daughter comes over and my god what a set of tits on her.  Just busting out of her shirt.  She wants a drink and he pours her a whiskey and coke.  She looks over and smiles at us.  Clearly lingering around.  I decide that I’m going to find out her true age because she is just dead sexy.

Jet Set

This is also the first time I have met 20Nation in person therefore, its the first time the whole SwoopTheWorld Crew has been together.

20 tells me he doesn’t often drink much.  I do not realize the implications of this right away.

We are pounding beers and doing shots of rum.

The Driver shows up and we all pile into his car and head to Jet Set.

Outside the door is a Goddamn Giant.  This guy must be 350 pounds.  I tell 20 I want pick him up.

20nation translates and he smiles and I can barely get my arms around him but I lift his big ass off the ground and he is smiling like a little kid.  We have now won him over and I have no doubt he will have our backs.

We go inside and order our drinks.  The place is dead.  The Driver has explained to us that everyone is on the Malecon and they will come piling in after 12am.

This is actually preferable to me.  We have our table, we have our close friends and girls.  We are having a great time.

The Dominican girls have changed into their tight little dresses and look stunning.

TorontoKid from RVF shows up and hangs with us there the rest of the night.

Penelope comes over and she’s looking sexy as hell too.

We drink Presidentes, bullshit and joke around, carry on, and just have a blast.

Club Jetset


When midnight strikes, something magical happens to me. The whole past year flashes through my mind, the ups and downs, the bitter disappointments and the uplifting victories.

The people that have come into my life, the ones that have gone. The battle wounds, the scars that healed over.

I’m standing there with the overwhelming sense that everything is exactly the way it should be.  Everything that has happened HAD to happen.

The forum.  The blog.  The recent developments that I’ll soon be able to announce.

I look over at THC and shake his hand “Congratulations bro.  We did it.  if 2013 was the year of realization, then 2014 is the year of actualization.”

“Congratulations bro.  We did it.  if 2013 was the year of realization, then 2014 is the year of actualization.”

I hug my good friend and I know he understands exactly how I am feeling right then.

We party the night away before going to my old favorite place, the cafe next to Hotel Riazor.  I get the rabbit that El Mechanico claims is a Nutria (giant rat) and it’s delicious.  We get the waiter that is always so cold no matter how well we tip him.  I have missed this guy.

I bang Penelope in the bathroom.  Ah these Dominican Girls ; )

We make it home again, barely…

But just like always.

Happy Fucking New Year.


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