Favela Points

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I think favela points are best explained with the story of their origin.

It started out between my friends and me when we were traveling in Brazil. Favela is a term for the shanty towns in Brazil, the slums if you will.

We noticed the girls from the favela often displayed some specific characteristics, like cheap clothing (but sexy), a specific ghetto hair style (curly hair gelled back), a different accent, etc.

After a while we would be able to tell the favela girls at a glimps. Yet some of them would look so sexy, even though it was obvious they came from the favela.

Rather than one upping each other on who had the “highest” standards, all my friends were well familiar with the boner test (a term coined by RooshV). The boner test is a philosophy wherein you follow your boner rather than being concerned about what other people might think. If a girl makes your dick move, go for it.

So we started joking around about the favela features. Whenever one of us would end up with a girl from the favela, we would give her points on how favela she looked.

Extra fevala is extra points.

Some example favela points are…

– Cheap clothing (obviously fake brands, like “Prado” shoes)
– Ghetto curly hair (really small curls gelled back)
– Bad tattoos
– Some weird cultural habit (e.g. I saw a Vietnamese girl squatting on top of a regular toilet bowl)
– Interesting stories from their past
– …

By now the concept of favela points has become more generalized and it applies to every remarkable story or characteristic of a girl you’ll  meet while traveling the world, she does not necessarily have to be from the favela.

And we did collect some remarkable stories the past year… From my Laos girl that used to catch snakes for lunch to 20Nation’s witch doctor girl… Let’s hear some stories.

THC: The Cambodian shore

TravelHardcoreOne of the highest scores in Favela Points must have been this girl I shored in Cambodia.

I’m chilling out with my friend in a local pool hall when a sexy girl walks over and stared flirting. She was obviously a pro, but she offered me free sex if I won a game of pool against her – good start!

I later find out she couldn’t read or write -I like where this is going, this is definitely a favela point.

Moreover, she has the ugliest tattoo of a “heart” on her shoulder. A 5 year old could draw a better heart than that monstrosity. When I ask her about it, she told me she made it herself – Winning!

20Nation: The Magic Arm

20nI was in the Philippines traveling with THC and Scotian. We had been having a blast, doing things we never thought possible. I had a date with a girl that I had met on DIA (Date in Asia), a free online dating website that is big in the philippines.

I met her and I could see she was a little socially awkward, but with a very good body. I didn’t want to put in much work, but I was attracted to her. An hour after meeting her for some food, we were back in my room going at it.

I grabbed her arm during foreplay.

“Ouch. That hurt.” She squeeled.
“What did I do?”
“It’s my arm.”
“What happened?” I asked.
“I fell out of a tree when I was a kid. My mom couldn’t afford a real doctor so she took me to a witch doctor.” She replied

Lol. I guess witch doctors just aren’t what they used to be.



FistoTHC explained the reason for this concept to me when we met in Thailand.  See, the thing is some guys will try and disqualify hot girls because of some feature they claim not to like so they don’t have to approach.  The real reason is they’re scared (more or less).  Favela points actually BROADEN the pool of girls you’re willing to go after rather than shrinking it.

While in Southeast Asia I noticed a semi recurring feature.  It’s what I call “the extra fang”.  An otherwise beautiful girl would have an extra incisor in her mouth that would be so out of congruency to the rest of her features that it was remarkable to me.  Some guys without a doubt would dismiss a girl as just having “fucked up teeth” but to me, I thought it was unbelievably cute.

Without a doubt, the defining favela point for me in SEA.  When these girls were talking to me, a very hot girl would quickly be knocked down a peg when I would point it out (I don’t remember how I found this out, or which girl told me, but it turns out that this extra tooth is actually considered to be good luck in everyplace in Asia I went).  I would tell the girl “That’s so cute! And it’s good luck”!

They would be floored.  “How did you know that”??

“I know things.  Come here let me rub it”!

I would then proceed to make them let me rub their lucky tooth with my forefinger so I would have good luck too.

Anyway, the best fang I ever saw was from this Cambodian hooker in Saigon (could not shore her for the life of me, I refused to pay and she refused to give it up for free) who was build like a Latina.  I even thought she was one.  Her magnificent fang had a diamond in it.

It was glorious!

More favela points?

So do you have any favela points? We’d love to hear them. Share you story in the comments!


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