Easiness of Girls By Country

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Easiness of Girls By Country

A map I made a few months ago just went viral. As of now it has over 570,000 1,200,000 1,900,000 2,680,000 views and it’s rising rapidly. It’s a map that shows how easy girls are by their country. Put together by my own experiences and that of much of Rooshvforum (Rooshvforum.com). Check it out here: http://www.targetmap.com/viewer.aspx?reportId=19491

easiness of girls by country

  Easiness of girls by country is an interactive map that shows on a scale of one to five which countries have the easiest girls (to sex). To be able to know what to say to get girls in any of these countries, check out the book The Perfect Conversation: Win Any Girl with Words.


Some Countries with Especially Easy Women

Filipino Girls

The Philippines is a country where a westerner has huge value. There is also a ridiculously high percentage of gay guys in this country (less competition). This country is so easy, that I wrote an article claiming it is The Easiest Country in the World to Fuck Girls… Hands Down.


Dominican Women

Dominican Republic is filled with curvy, sexual women. As a foreigner, you have high value. If you combine that with the sexual nature of the women, you have very easy women. Santo domingo is one of the best cities to get laid in the world. You can read about how I Banged 31 girls in 25 days in Dominican Republic, right here at SwoopTheWorld.com.

Where are the easiest girls? Dominican Republic may be one of the countries, here is a video of the Swoop The World crew in Dominican Republic


Indonesia Girls

In Indonesia a foreign guy will have more interest just for being foreign than anywhere else in the world, the rock star treatment. This contributes to their interest. This sky high exotic value might make Indonesian girls the easiest girls to sleep with in the world. Read more about adventures with women in Indonesia here.


Ukrainian Girls

While Ukrainian women are not easy in the sense that they put out fast, they are easy in the sense that a normal western guy has a good chance to bang a girl who is hot enough to be on the cover of a magazine. Read more about Ukraine here.


Polish Girls

Polish women are sweet, feminine, traditional, but also some of the easiest women to sleep with in Europe. They may have been raised Catholic, but Western culture is bringing out a slutty side to these women that has never been seen. Read more about Poland here.


Scandinavian Girls

From Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden, Scandinavian girls wear the badge of sluttiest girls in Europe. They are feminist countries that push women to explore their sexuality. While it may not be easy to get the top tier, like in other countries, you can sleep with a lot of blonde Scandinavian girls in a very short amount of time it’s something you want. Read more about Scandinavian women here.


Brazilian Girls

Brazilian girls ooze sexuality and are renowned for their world class bodies. Brazil may be the country with the sluttiest girls, thanks to one of the most sexual culture on the planet. Read our guide on how to hook up with Brazilian girls here.


Thai Girls

Thailand is one of the the sluttiest countries in the world, if not, the sluttiest. The reason for this is their Buddhist culture that hasn’t been touched by Christian influence. This means that their is no negative stigma attached to sex. Read more about Thailand here.


Haitian Girls

Haiti is kind of the Africa outside of Africa. If you love black women, you will love Haiti. These woman have ass for days and are from a very sexual culture. Having never been to West Africa, I know it has a reputation of having some of the easiest women in the world, I imagine it’s a lot like Haiti. Read more about Haiti here.

 Haiti may be the sluttiest country on the planet, you can see my personal experience in Haiti in this video

Colombian Girls

Colombian girls may be number one when you are talking about the combination of hottest and easiest women in the world. Colombian girls have it all: face, tits, ass, curves, amazing dance skills and a sweet personality. Read more about Colombia here.

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You can also find out the Overall Best Women in the World. Taken from the overall scores from FaceBoobsAssBodyStyle/HygienePersonalityFemininitySluttinessForeigner Value and Loyalty (1/10 scores you will be able to see), I have created a ranking of the Best Overall Women in the World

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