Drama in Manila

Drama night in Manila

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Last night was again so outragous I don’t even know where to begin.

After a day of working on the blog I feel like I deserve a break, so I decide to meet up with a girl that’s been trying to meet me again for about 2 weeks.

It’s around 10 pm and I’m having my dinner at a restaurant when she shows up. About the same time I get a message from Fisto:

“My date brought her cousin along. May need help for isolating. Can you be here at 12?”

Okay, lets speed this date up.

“Where are we gonna have drinks?” my date asks. She’s been waiting for a while to see me, so she’s expecting a proper night out. I just grab her hand, walk outside and call a taxi. “I have drinks at my place.”

I smash her well, she deserved it. But then I realize it’s already 11:30 pm.

-Listen babe, I’m sorry… I’d love to hang out more but I’ve got a shitload of work to do that has to be done today. You’re lucky I could even fit you in my schedule at all today.
“Thank you THC, I like that you make time for me in your busy schedule.”

She gets ready and bounces, I wait 5 minutes till she’s out of sight and take a taxi myself. Fisto has moved with the two girls to a club by now.

“I’m having my Flag Dominination Celebration here! Bottle of Jack on me, just say my name at the door, you’ll get in.”

When I show up, I see Fisto sitting in the VIP with his bottle and the girls. His girl is hot, she’s wearing high heels, short dress and has an amazing ass. The girl I’m winging is wearing freaking flip flops and is shy as shit.

She doesn’t even make eye contact when I introduce myself. So when Fisto and his girl start dirty dancing on the dance floor, I’m sitting next to a mute. She’s like a wall of ice. Whatever: challenge acceptenated. I decide to make fun of her and keep busting her balls, I’m copying her moves.

“This is you being bored” (copy her posure, staring into empty space)
“And now this is you having fun (the exact same posure and look)

She starts opening up and tries to makes some conversation, but she’s missing social skills and is asking boring questions.

Drama nr 1

I’ve stepped up the kino and now she’s holding my hand, leaning in about to kiss me, when I look up straight into the eyes of… Yes: the girl I had kicked out 30 minutes ago.

She’s litterally standing there motionless with her mounth open trying to grasp the situation. She had come with her friends to the same club to party, what are the odds.

Now what you do in a situation like this is to embrace it. I just wave her over like I expected to run into her. But it’s a bit too much for her and she storms off… I’ll deal with that later… and I have some more whisky with Fisto and the girls.

Drama in the club
Drama in the club

Then the messages start coming in: “You’re such a jerk!”, “I can’t believe it” etc.

“Hey, my best friend just won a project and I’m celebrating with him. This was unplanned. You can join if you want.” A lie so thin I was kind of emberrased to even send it.

“You just a big mistake”

Well water under the bridge. Lets focus on the present. Meanwhile Fisto ran into one of his other girls and a bunch of her friends. Ten minutes later he’s back, with 4 tequila shots, “Lets take this to the next level, here’s some tequila… and some X”.

Just what this night needs tequila and drugs.

By now the girl is a bit drunk and she is ALL over me, to the point it’s annoying. I keep pushing her away and that of course makes her want me more. She’s so down now, mission isolation is in the BAG. Lets take this party home.

We go back to our place and the isolation is a fact. Fisto and his girl walk to his room, she walks to my room no questions asked.

Drama nr 2

I go take a shower and she pretends to be a sleep on my bed. Yeah right, I just walk in naked and lay next to her… when she starts giving me LMR?! I’m not in the mood for this BS, she’s been all over me all night, she has come to my room, I won’t put up with this crap, like she didn’t know what was going down.

I pull of her panties while she’s saying “No, no, no!” but her legs are wide open and she’s pulling me in. I put it in and her pussy is tight as hell… As I’m banging her she’s still saying “noooo…”, but at the same time she keeps pulling me in. But now her voice is getting annoying.

So I let her sit on top, she can’t be saying “nooo” if she’s the one doing the movements, right? Oh, hell she can. While she’s riding me she is STILL saying “No, no…”. I’m sick of this.

“Can you shut up?!”

Oh shit, now she’s fucking CRYING while she’s still sitting on top of me. This is such a turn-off. I lay her down and ask her “What is wrong with you?”

“It’s my first time!”
“I’m drunk!”
“I have a boyfriend!”

Oh for fucks sake, I don’t even know what to say first…

-What do you mean, first time? You’re first time with a white guy? You’re first time cheating on your boyfriend?
“No, my FIRST time!”

I look at the condom and sheets… blood. Holy shit, this night is getting out of control.

-How can it be your first time if you have a boyfriend?
“He’s living abroad… we’ve been dating only 2 months.”

Well, I guess he won’t been too happy when he comes back. I reassure her not to feel bad and say her boyfriend is probably having a bunch of girls over there as well. This makes her feel better.

Drama 3

Meanwhile, I start getting messages from another regular that had seen me leaving with the girls at the club. “I never want to see you again, you left with a girl”. I just reply “I miss you too baby” and stop replying. Too much drama.

It’s already 5 am now so I just go to sleep. A bit later I wake up because she keeps moving and trying to hug me. But her hand starts sliding down and she starts grabbing my dick. That’s how serious you should take a woman’s tears. An hour ago she was crying, now she’s going for it: Women!!!

I put on another rubber and this time her stupid Noooo’s have changed to Yessssss’s. Much better, I turn her over to change position, when out of the blue she flips out again and freezes out. The. Fuck. Granted, she’s not experienced, but this is just not cool.

I call her out on it and now she goes into silence mode. Although an improvement, her sitting there ignoring me is equally annoying. This night has to come to an end. I give her phone tell her to call her friend; it’s time you’re going home.

Finally, alone! As I’m falling asleep I’m thinking I didn’t feel the X at all… I guess that’s probably a good thing.

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