does she like me angelina jolie

Does She Like Me – Reading Attraction in Women

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Does She Like Me – Reading Attraction in Women

 does she like me angelina jolie

Does she like me?

As you go throughout your life, there are certain moments where you must know the answer to the question: does she like me? If you don’t know, you will let those moments slip away and a relationship with a beautiful girl that could have been will never be. All the things that could have happened between the two of you, won’t matter, because you never knew you could have acted.

Throughout your daily life, you ask yourself “Does she like me?” all the time.

There is a cute cashier ringing you up at the store. You wonder “Does she like me?”

You are working with a girl that is your type exactly, but you don’t want to risk losing your job. It doesn’t stop you from wondering “Does she like me?”

You are sitting alone with a friend, but you have feelings for her. This would be the perfect moment for a kiss, but you wonder “Does she like me?”

As you are walking down the street you lock eyes with a beautiful girl, something just feels right. But how can you know if you should go talk to her. You ask yourself “Does she like me?”


The answer to this question

We run into these problems every day and 99% of men don’t know the answer. I can teach you how to look at a girl for 5 seconds and not only be able to tell if she likes you, but how much she likes you. If you want to really know the answer to this, you can check out 120 Body Language Signals that She Likes You. However, here I will be teaching you a bit of the basics:


does she like you eye

Training your eye

Some guys can tell if a girl likes them just from having experience with women, but I will show you a way to give yourself a leg up on even the people that can naturally read these things. All you have to do is train your eye. There are certain body language cues that women give off when they are attracted to somebody. It is one thing to know what these are, it is another to be able to consciously notice them every time.

To be able to notice them, first you have to make it a habit to carefully watch a girls body language. To do this, first you must go to a place where you can talk to girls and be outcome independent. By outcome independent, I mean that you are focusing 100% on reading their body language and not on impressing them so you will be half-assing the conversation. The reason you do this is to give your muscle memory (your brain is a muscle too) a priority that while talking to girls you want to key in on their body language.

You want to do this for repeatedly, until it starts feeling natural. If you want to go all out, go get a job at any retail store as a cashier or security. Don’t worry about the job, just worry about focusing on the body language of women. If you are focusing on these things, you will have gotten a solid handle on reading women after a week or two and you can quit if you wish. You can also just go to bars and not focus on anything, but reading women. Remember you must be outcome independent.

This is all within your reach, but before you can answer the question: Does she like you, you must know what to look for and what it means.


does she like me flirt

You are walking down the street and want to know if you should talk to her

Generally speaking, if you are walking down the street and see a girl you particularly like, you should start talking to her no matter what. However, it’s usually a good to know that she will respond in a more favorable way. Here is what you should look for to know if she likes you.


Eye contact and a smile

The most obvious signal she can give you is to make eye contact with you and smile. EVERY SINGLE TIME a girl does this you should start talking to her, it will be a cake walk to getting her number.


Eye contact in a feminine, submissive way

Most girls that like you won’t smile first, what they will do is give you the right kind of eye contact. This type of eye contact is more of a submissive eye contact. Her head will be tilted down and she will be looking up at you. She may even be nervous and jumpily look away when you make eye contact with her.


Eye contact followed by looking down, then back up

This is a great pattern to look for. She will lock eye contact with you, look down in a submissive way when she sees you are looking at her too, then a second later, look back up. She does this to let you know she’s interested. Even though it’s not completely comfortable to lock eye contact so soon, she is feeling such attraction that she must see you again before you pass by.


If she looks back at you after passing (THC)

THC is money with this. Every time we pass cute girls, he always looks back to check if they look back at us. If they do, they are obviously interested and he calls them back over with his hand. The trade marked THC Call back ;).


does she like me smile

Talking to a cashier

There may be times when you find yourself talking to somebody you just met that is working, like a cashier. First thing you must understand is that they can’t be obvious if they find you attractive, because it would be unprofessional. So, here are some things you can look for to answer the question “Does she like me?”


Bringing attention to herself

If there is a line, she will have seen you before you arrive at the register. You may notice her subconsciously trying to bring attention to herself. She could do this by flipping her hair, moving her head to one side exposing her neck or thrusting her breasts forward to better show them off. If these things are done right after eye contact, the signal of attraction is much stronger. Just make sure the eye contact is with you and not somebody else.


Tries to make herself look better

When a girl sees a a guy she’s attracted to, the first thing she will think is “Oh. How do I look?” When she thinks this she will subconsciously check herself over. She may touch or fix her hair, pat down her dress to better show her curves or check her makeup in a mirror.


does she like me hair twirl

To know if a co-worker likes you

As we all know, office romances can be fun, however, they can also be dangerous. Most of us want to keep our jobs and don’t want any sexual harassment charges thrown at us. So how can we know for sure “Does she like me?” while in a work environment?


Hair twirl

While talking to you does she stare into your eyes and twirl her hair? This is a pretty big signal that she is attracted to you. She will have no idea she’s doing this, but if you have trained your eye,  you will.


Touching you

Does she touch you at every opportunity? Touch is the first stage of seduction, by touching you often she is subconsciously trying to move along the seduction stage. She may touch you every time you make a joke, or “accidently” bump into you. This is even more obvious when her hand “accidently” brushes your groin or when she “accidently” brushes her breasts or ass against you.


does she like me no
She is not interested.

Is her body pointing towards yours

This is the first thing you should look for when wanting to know if she likes you. We naturally point our bodies towards something that interests us. If her feet, shoulders, head, hands and eyes are pointed towards you, you can bet that you are the only person she wants to be talking to in that moment. If they are pointed away from you, she may not currently be very interested in you.


does she like me yes
She is interested.

If she is leaning towards you

Generally if somebody is leaning towards you, they really want to know what you have to say. If they are erect, they are indifferent. And if they are leaning away, they are not interested in what you have to say. This is part of the puzzle in answering the question “Does she like me?”


She goes out of her way to be around you

You may notice she takes strange detours around the office and ends up walking past your desk. She may end up sitting next to you at meetings. Whatever the strange occurrence, it probably wasn’t an accident.


does she like me yes

To know if you should go for the kiss

There are certain situations where going for the kiss at the wrong time, could be detrimental. If the person you are with is in your friend or work circle you don’t want to move for the kiss without knowing how strongly she feels about you. Here are some things you should look for to know “Does she like me?”


Strong eye contact

The most obvious signal that a woman wants you to kiss her is to position her head close to yours and to hold eye contact, with her chin pushed out just a bit. If you ever see a girl in this position, go for the kiss and she will accept it every time.


She looks at your lips

A girl looks at what she is thinking about. If a girl is thinking about kissing you, she will look at your lips. If you are together in an intimate moment and she looks at your lips, time to pucker up and go for it.


She licks her lips

When a woman is thinking about kissing you, she wants the kiss to be as pleasurable as possible. Dry lips are not comfortable to kiss and women know this, so one of the first things she will do is lick or moisten her lips when she expects you to kiss her.



Some body language cues that show attraction can be coincidence, so to answer the question: does she like me, you must look for these in clusters. Multiple attraction signals in a small amount of time, will mean that she does like you.


Why it’s so important to see when she is most attracted to you

Throughout an interaction, a girl’s attraction for you will go up and down. She will be more attracted to you in one moment than she will in another. To be able to take advantage of this you must be able to read her well. It will tell you the best moment to ask for her number, to set up a date, to kiss her and to push for sex. Now you have learned some simple techniques, if you wish to learn how to become an expert at reading women, click here.


“Does she like me?” – Question answered. Don’t miss out on any more opportunities with attractive women that want you. 


If you master how to read body language and to know at all times “Does she like me?”, you may want to know how to use body language to make her more attracted to YOU. Men are lucky because we can use body language alone to get a girl to fall all over us and all we have to do is master 9 simple laws. If you are interested in learning more, check out The 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language or you can click here to find out how to get all of my books for 60% off.


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