Do Women Rape Men?

Do Women Rape Men?

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Do Women Rape Men? 

My name is Fisto, and I am a survivor of RAPE.

I’ve been raped many, many times.  I don’t remember the first time, but I do remember several times that it’s happened.

I didn’t know I had been raped, but when I found out, I realized that it wasn’t just me.

Most men have no idea that women rape men.

It’s probably one of the biggest human rights atrocities to have ever happened.

Men on a daily basis are being sexually assaulted and raped at rates much greater than the number of times women claim it is happening to them.

When I Realized

Before I go on, I should explain how I realized I had been raped, and how you have probably been raped too.

It all started when I saw that a feminist website had linked to my article How to Use Sex: Achieving Greater Alpha.

Do Women Rape Men?
Rape Accuser, Male Feminist

I clicked the link and saw that the male feminist blogger David Futrelle had made it sound like I was a misogynist and also took one or two useful sex moves I mentioned and claimed they were sexual assault and rape through legal criteria I will get to later.


Naturally I went over to the comments section where I was being attacked to try and clarify a few misconceptions that seemed to have most of the female commenters incensed.

Do Women Rape Men?


They seemed to be projecting this horrible nonconsensual scenario onto the sexual encounters I was describing and no matter how many times I tried to correct them by telling them everything was completely consensual and sexy, they insisted that I had done something illegal (curiously they simultaneously insisted that I never got laid and claimed I was addicted to porn).

Do Women Rape Men?Do Women Rape Men?Do Women Rape Men?

Once I realized there was no reasoning with this mob like mentality, I decided to explore the topic of rape for the purpose of this article.  What I found out was shocking.


Futrelle and others informed me that my definition of Rape and Sexual Assault was completely wrong.  *In his comments he uses an avatar of a child (“creepy” as the feminists like to say).

Do Women Rape Men?


Never mind that this advice flat out ignores the fact that I mentioned many times that everything was completely consensual,  because I am an openminded person, I decided to hear these women out (or their proxy manginas).  Who better than a woman would know what rape is?  It’s seems logical, after all, women are the ones that decide what they feel is offensive.

Now realize, right now, spitting in someone’s mouth is RAPE, just like forcing your penis inside a woman through physical coercion. 

Surprisingly, I learned that sexual chemistry and intercourse is not something that can take place organically where people communicate their wants or dislikes both verbally and non verbally through body language (like nods and moans of approval).

Do Women Rape Men?

As you can see from the above comment, if you do anything outside of the aforementioned agreement you are almost guaranteed to be a rapist. So if I talked about spitting on someones tits (A), and her stomach (B), and her toes (C) but then one time I spit on her hand, well my friends that is RAPE.

Also, intense sex is not called intense natural sex, that is your “Kink”.  So even devoid of spitting, smacking a girls ass is a “kink” that you discuss.

Do Women Rape Men?

EVERYTHING must be discussed beforehand, and there must always be a “safety word” in case one of the two partners don’t approve of something that is happening during sex. (if this sounds unnatural and awkward then you are just wrong and need to stop being so ignorant)

“No” is not good enough of a safety word (because women like to say “no” to fulfill rape fantasies) and just a simple “oh I don’t like that” on the fly will never work for reasons that have yet to be explained other than someone could get accidentally raped.

*a “safety word” is an agreed upon word used by BDSM participants to give the signal to stop immediately whatever is going on.  Remember, because you’re a man, you are a potential rapist.

Do Women Rape Men?

This is very very important because according to David Futrelle, if you don’t arrange a safety word beforehand and you do something the girl doesn’t like, then at the very least, it’s sexual assault, and if you continue having sex (even if the girl doesn’t say “no” and she’s cumming like old faithful, she could just be intimidated and afraid for her life!)

Now another key point here to understand what the very serious crime of rape is, is to understand that it’s not just the traditional idea that actual rape is rape. No my friends, rape is any sexual penetration or any sort that is unwanted, at any time!

Do Women Rape Men?

So you see?  You never actually have consent, even if you have it, you don’t have it.

Do Women Rape Men?

Unknown to most people, you can actually rape someone by accident.

Do Women Rape Men?


This brought up three very scary key issues about RAPE.


1st Very Scary Thing

The first thing that I realized was how David Futrelle basically gives a girl a legal disclaimer with very vague language that could mean almost anything after he lectures everyone else about being very specific about what will take place.
Do Women Rape Men?


This is obviously on purpose.  Let me explain.

Consider how he systematically changed the meaning of my article from melding the Red Pill life outlook and the game and personal development of the Alpha Male to become the Greater Alpha to two very insignificant comments about spitting in a girls mouth during sex and whether or not your lower abs are in fact your lower abs.

He pretends to be 100% against rape, makes a big deal about discussing safety words and getting specifics of what can and can’t be done during sex so there’s no room for accidentally raping a girl….

Do Women Rape Men?

But then let’s it slip that what he ACTUALLY does, is ask a girl if she wants to “fool around”.

He get’s a girl to agree to this seemingly benign legal contract and then imposes his disgusting perversions on her.

“Fool around” could mean ANYTHING and probably DOES.

Then, in the most cold blooded and remorseless way I’ve ever seen, he says the following:

“Yes is the answer I’ve always gotten”


“Yes is the answer I’ve always gotten”.

Look how he gloats about possibly sexually assaulting and raping women and having had one never leave.  As if the absence of being able to escape means they enjoyed whatever he did to them. He is rubbing it in these ladies faces and they’re too blind to even realize it.  He has taken all of these former victims and made them dependent on his blog!

It’s the perfect cover, not unlike the caring little league coach that molests his or her students.

He is hiding in plain sight.

2nd Very Scary Thing;

Do Women Rape Men?

When I started thinking about these new standards of what constitutes rape and sexual assault and what feminists themselves say “Men and Women are Equal”, I realized another thing.

I had been raped.

Not once, but many times.

I don’t want to even contemplate how many times I’ve been sexually assaulted.

If you’re a normal man, it’s happened to you too.

All those times when a girl scratched my back?  

Sexual Assault and a few times rape when their were visible marks (sexually charged penetration of my skin).  I didn’t give my consent to that, and I don’t like the way it feels.  There was not a safety word and she kept going.

All those times those girls put their tongue in my ear?

Also Sexual Assault and Rape.  I hate that because it’s a emotional “trigger” that brings up prior trauma from when my older stepbrother would give me wet willies.  Every time it’s happened I’ve just closed my eyes and prayed it would be over soon.  It’s an example of when you rape someone by accident. Or maybe not!

Those few times when girls have slapped MY ass instead of the other way around?

Full on sexual assault and intimidation.  I never consented to that, I hate it.  It makes me feel strange and vulnerable, in a bad way.

All those times a girl touched me in a way I didn’t invite, even if later I decided I liked it, it was Sexual Assault.

Patting my ass, rubbing my shoulders seductively, flat out grabbing my dick in a dance venue…

Remember, according to the women that define rape, you have to get consent first!

I noticed if I kept fucking a girl for a couple of weeks, they would without fail started wanting to get near my asshole in various ways.  

Some girls would just be going down on me and then slowly start licking my balls, in a deliberately sneaky way, before I even had time to say anything, they would start licking my ass and penetrating it slightly with their tongues!  I guess you can by now figure out what that constitutes.

The first girl that ever licked my ass sexually coerced me into letting her do it she started pouting when I said no and she said “But it’s an intimate place and I want to feel closer to you”.  That is horrible manipulation and coercion on her part.

Also, I had a few girls that wanted to stick their fingers in my ass while blowing me and I made it clear that I did not want that at all (which incidentally saved us from sexually assaulting each other since I’m sure the shit on her finger wouldn’t smell pleasant)


Look how one commenter at the exact same website, causally describes how she physically assaults and then rapes her boyfriend!

Do Women Rape Men?

3rd very scary thing

Almost anything can be claimed as rape, which is ironic considering this comment after I compared one physical attack to another.  Apparently that’s not ok to compare to rape because it didn’t involve sexual overtones and is therefore, not as traumatic.  You see, when you use the word rape in any sort of context besides what these women say, it trivializes it’s meaning.

Do Women Rape Men?



Asking Around

I was utterly surprised by my lack of trauma at these revelations, which according to the women on the board was a symptom of severe PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  Often the victims of these kinds of rape and sexual assault bury their feelings so deep, they don’t even know they were attacked and need other like minded females to tell them them they had been raped.

Do Women Rape Men?

Such was the case with me.

Do Women Rape Men?

Don’t I know it auggziliary, don’t I know it….


I went and spoke to the nearest guy I knew (THC) and he confirmed that all these things had happened to him also!  We both started asking around and virtually EVERY man that we knew had been sexually coerced, manipulated, assaulted, and raped.

What’s even worse is that there is no resource for the millions of men that have been victimized by these women.  

Do Women Rape Men?
Potential Rapist?

The situation get’s even more perilous, as a man, if you try to say no, you are SHAMED for it because a woman is both considered “equal” to men when it is convenient, but then they are also considered the “weaker” sex when it comes to physical attacks, and therefore seem to get zero restrictions on that sort of behavior.

In other words, men who have also been raped, because they don’t want to appear weak, don’t take the complaints of other men who  have been raped, seriously.

They are shamed in the workplace and even called homosexuals if they try and thwart unwanted advances. This is very troubling when you consider that most police officers are male and are also of the “macho” variety.

Do Women Rape Men?
Being accused of homosexuality can be shameful.

In a speculative study, it turns out that unreported sexual assaults and rapes by women on men violence happens 10 times the rate of men on women sexual assault or rape.

The reason?  Women are not held to the same standards as men, and so have begun exercising their female privilege.

Even the times they are prosecuted for the rapists they are, they are given sentences that are a fraction of what is on average, given to men.

Do Women Rape Men?
7/10 WB


As men who no longer want to endure these inequalities we must spread the word of what these standards are and make sure women are just as accountable as men.  Until women decide to change the word rape back to actual rape, we must make sure everyone is equal, because that is the only way to live in a fair and just society.

To help spread the awareness, please hashtag #menrapedbywomen and help stop this ugly occurrence and help end rape as we know it.




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