If you haven’t done this, you don’t deserve to be good looking

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If you haven’t done this, you don’t deserve to be good looking


I’ve talked about this before and I will probably talk about it again because it is something that can double, even triple, how attractive you are. I have been seeing the power of this more, especially very recently while talking to a girl.

I have been in Europe and have been in contact with some very attractive women, one of which is a legit super model. While talking to her, it’s easy to be mesmerized while watching her talk. It almost feels like she has some sort of supernatural power over me. Every time she smiles and looks at me or even laughs, I feel something. She has a near flawless face, so I figured this power over me was something genetic.

One day I looked through her Facebook pictures. She has pictures of her holding well known magazines with her on the cover and others of her walking down runways. I keep going through the pictures and I come across some pictures from when she was in high school. She still had the flawless facial structure and blue eyes, but all her appeal was gone. I don’t know how to explain it, but even though she was younger, she was significantly less attractive.

I immediately thought it must be the clothing and makeup. But as I looked closer, I saw that wasn’t it. Her smile, the way she held her eyes, everything was just… not the same.

The next time I saw her, I brought up the old photos and teased her a bit about it.

“I never knew you had an awkward phase.”

She responded by telling me that she always knew she was pretty, but not near enough to be a successful model. Until one day she decided she did want to be a model. From then on, she spent countless hours in front of the mirror perfecting her smile and every other look she could think of. These hours paid off and she knew it. When she graduated high school she bought a ticket to Milan, Italy and the rest is history.


The thing all men must do

Why does a girl born with near perfect genetics have to practice for hundreds, maybe thousands of hours to be very attractive, but we as men don’t have to? We do. That is, if we want to be seen as attractive we do.

She’s not the only girl who puts in the time in front of the mirror to perfect that look that sends your heart racing. I guarantee that every very attractive girl you have met, has done the same.

The human face is made up of 43 muscles. By learning to use these muscles, you can completely change how attractive you are to women. You must learn how to smile the right way, how to stare deeply into a girls eyes, how to smirk in a way that gets women wet, and tons more.

If a super model had to do it before she could even be a regular model, then you think it’s something any man can afford miss out on? No way.


How you can become much more attractive right away

So here’s what you should do, make a commitment right now to stand in front of the mirror (or other options which I will talk about soon), nearly every day for the next year.

While looking in the mirror you should be having mock conversations, practicing openers and working on various looks that you will use in the first few moments of meeting a girl.

To see what is attractive to women, you can look at the looks that male models use, or even better, you can look at the Hollywood heart throbs. The best way to understand what is attractive to women is to watch these Hollywood hearth throbs as much as possible. I made a huge list that has many great movies and TV series you can watch to study these guys here.

You should also get my book The 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language. Once you understand what attractive body language is, it’s time to put in the work.


Options to making yourself more attractive

The Mirror

The first option is the obvious one; the mirror. You have these all over your house and you can get to them easily. You can practice while getting ready in the morning or before going to bed. I’ve seen very good results when I practice before a date.

A nice little thing you can do to make sure you put in the time, is to set up a mirror in front of your shower. You want to set it up in a way you can see yourself why you are showering, specifically, your face.

Then, whenever you are in the shower, take a nice and long one and just practice your body language. It’s soothing and its one of the best ways you could use your time.


Webcam and Video

The other way you can practice this is by webcam or video.

Webcamming is great because you can watch yourself while you are actually interacting with a girl. There is nothing better than using a well practiced smile and immediately seeing her face light up. Even if you don’t want to webcam with a girl, you should for your personal gain. While webcamming just stare at yourself. Try different things and watch how she reacts. It’s the best practice ever and something that I talk about in my book on online dating. Webcamming is also a great way to get a date with a girl you met online.

Another great idea is to make a video of yourself. You can do it practicing by yourself and while chatting with a girl. I guarantee there are unattractive things you do while talking to a girl that you have no idea about. This is a great way to find them and get rid of them.


Make it happen

This is even more important for men to do than women because women care more about body language than our bone structure. Put in the time in front of the mirror and you will see attractiveness arrive right before your own eyes. You have to put in the work yourself, but I can promise you it’s work well worth it. I’ll say it one last time; if you’re not willing to put in the work in front of the mirror, you don’t deserve to be good looking.


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