How to Date Russian Women Like a Real Man – Guest Post

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Russian women are great. Not only because they are physically (and intellectually) attractive. But also because they help you improve your game. They help you behave as a man.

When dating a russian woman, you have no choice but to act as a man. You just have to be masculine. You have to be solid.

That forces you to develop your masculinity. That forces you to be more alpha. In short, that forces you to be a real man again 😉

And it serves you not only to attract women, but in many other areas of your life.

In this article, I’m going to share with you 8 key points to have in mind when interacting with a russian woman you want to bed (or with russian women in general).

Working on these key points will not only help you better interact with those women, but it will help you better interact with women in general. Cause a woman always remains a woman. Women are basically sexually attracted to the same kind of behaviors.

So pay attention, that could help you a lot 😉

Let’s go:

1. Strong vibe

Russian women are well known to be quite feminine. And feminine women react pretty well to a masculine vibe. In other words to a strong vibe. To a solid vibe.

Whether it is when you approach her, when you take her on a date, when you go for the kiss or when you take her to your place…You must be solid.

And honestly, it makes things quite simple and easy. Because you just need to be a man. And when you’ve taken the time to develop your masculinity and to become a strong man, attracting russian women seems like a breeze.

So the first thing to understand to attract a russian woman (or any other feminine woman, actually) is to make sure to give off a strong vibe:

  • Look at her deep into the eyes, without looking away (or at least until she looks away)
  • Talk slowly
  • Leave pauses (in other words don’t be reactive)
  • Adopt a relaxed body language

Simply put, be the boss.

2. Lead

Russian women expect you to lead. They expect you to be a man and to act as such.

Some will even encourage you to do so and will reprimand you if you don’t (that’s why I love those women so much, they force you to be more solid).

So take the lead. Always be leading. It is you who must initiate the movement and take the interaction to the next level.

Lead by:

  • making the first move
  • asking her out and taking her number
  • choosing where and when taking her on a date
  • choosing where and when to meet her for the date
  • choosing where to sit during your date
  • choosing where to have a walk if you decided to take a walk with her
  • asking her specific questions and making the conversation about her (and about what you want to know about her)
  • deciding to change the venue
  • and so on…

I think you get it.

In fact, it’s not much different than the way you should do things with any other girl. The difference is that a russian woman will expect you to lead and might even find you strange (or weak) if you don’t.

3. Don’t be ashamed of your desires

Make it clear that you find her attractive. Make her feel desired. Make her feel beautiful.

Don’t be a pussy who’s ashamed of his desires.

By making her feel that you find her attractive, you create intense sexual tension. The girl knows that something is going on between you and her. It turns her on.

And above all, the girl can feel your masculinity. She can feel the untamed beast inside you.

So express your desires as soon as you approach her.

Of course, I’m not telling you to act like a needy guy, but just to make her feel that you find her sexually attractive.

You can do this by paying her a compliment on the way she looks (on her sexy look, on her body, etc.), while remaining solid and maintaining a strong vibe. This can be as simple as that.

4. Don’t play too much

When I started to date russian girls, I would be too playful. I would tease them too much, like I would do with some westernized girls.

But the truth is that with a very feminine woman who’s looking for a masculine man, you don’t need to be that playful.

By being too much playful, you even appear strange. By teasing her too much, you might just look like a clown or like a strange guy who tries to prove himself.

In fact, when you’re too playful, you appear weak. You look like you lack solidity.

The solid guy don’t feel the need to be always playing. He remains in place.

5. Bring her flowers

I know that sounds mushy, but in Russia men are expected to bring flowers on a first date (in fact some guys even give girls flowers on numerous occasions, even if they are not dating them).

If you don’t bring flowers on a date in Russia, that’s bad.

And it’s actually a good thing. That’s the way it was in America and Western Europe before feminism started to destroy femininity (and masculinity as well).

Solidity + Romantism is a very powerful combo.

You can afford to be romantic when you’re a solid guy.

In fact, that’s why girls loved romantic guys in the first place: back in time, they were too used to masculine men who would treat them like bitches and not giving a shit about them. When a man would be a bit romantic, he would stand out.

6. Be a gentleman

Again, just be the man.

Make her feel protected. Be in charge.

  • Hold her the door
  • Help her take her jacket off
  • Prevent her from cross the street if a car might hit her
  • Etc.

7. Pay the bill

When you take her out in a bar or a coffee shop, pay the bill.

If you don’t, you will come off as rude or strange.

I always pay the bill when I take a girl on a date, no matter if she is from Eastern Europe or from the West. The difference is that in Russia, it’s mandatory: if you don’t you pay the bill on a date you come off as extremely rude or too much desinterested.

Again, be a gentleman. Be the man. Be the provider. While always remaining solid.

8. Stay in control

The solid guy remains in control.

When interacting with a russian woman, stay in control. Remain in control of your emotions, of your gesture, of the way you talk… She will find it incredibly attracting.

Because control is masculine. Control is what feminine women are looking for in a man, in order to get a reference point and to be able fully express their femininity.

Use this to solidify your game

Keep in mind those key points and put them into practice. This will help you better understand feminine nature and attract feminine women.

This will help you not only better interact with russian women, but also better interact with most hot girls you can come across in other countries. Because a feminine woman always remains a feminine woman.

Stay solid,
Jack –

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