Dates in Colombia Never Go As Planned. A Date in the Mountains

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A Date in the Mountains With a Beautiful Colombian Girl

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The temperature in Barranquilla was usually hot, but today it was particularly hot. “Sweetness” (You can read more about her in my stories of Barranquilla Part 1 and Part 2) and I had planned a date to go a waterfall tucked in the mountains.

She had been there a few years back with a big group of friends. I felt a bit strange about the whole idea because I found no mention of this place online. It is rare that a beautiful waterfall would be so unknown. This was my first hint that the days events would not go exactly as planned.

I met up with her at the bus stop where we waited for the bus that would bring us up into the mountains of Colombia. She looked sexy in her short shorts. Her long, lightly tanned legs looked especially good and made me realize why this girl’s primary source of income was modeling. She was in the prime of her life at 20 years old and I was happy to be enjoying it.

I left “Sweetness” to go get some snacks for our journey. I was gone only five minutes and when I returned a particularly tall Colombian guy was hitting on her.

“Aqui esta. – Here he is.” She said as I arrived. “Good girl.” I thought to myself as we said goodbye to the guy. I hoped that she acted like this with guys when I wasn’t around.

Sweetness gave me her signature childish grin and my temporary jealousy was immediately forgotten.

The bus arrived and we settled in. The bus was very cramped and at least 40 years old. It took thirty minutes for us to even find a place, but finally we sat down.

We continued our long ride to the waterfall and the lack of air conditioning in the old bus was starting to get to me. It was making me sleepy, but I couldn’t help but think about how this journey to this waterfall would turn out.


Robbed and Raped?

I wasn’t in USA anymore and I knew that going up into these mountains wasn’t the safest thing I had ever done. Scenarios played out in my mind:

Running into a couple guys while in the mountains. Them pulling out their guns and demanding we turn over all valuables. Them realizing they had a beautiful girl in the mountains that they could do anything to.

Even the idea of anyone raping Sweetness was hard for me to accept. She had this innocence that I wish I could explain and the idea of guys tearing the clothes off her body made my scenario change to thoughts of my own heroics.

I played out different scenarios where I would steal the gun. Then other scenarios where I would do everything just to survive (ie not be the hero). Scenarios of knife attacks, weaponless attacks and narco-traficantes crossed my mind.

The hours went by quickly with her cuddled up next to me on the seat and me imagining the varios scenarios of danger that could have been waiting for us.


The Dirt Road

She signaled to the bus driver to pull the bus over and we got out in front of a narrow dirt road that lead into the trees.

By this time I was sweating and thirsty. We had already drank all the liquids we had while on the bus. The thought of the cold water from the waterfall on my body kept me in a state of anticipation.

After walking for about fifteen minutes and some forks in the road, Sweetness turned to me and admitted

“Yo no recuerdo a donde debemos ir – I don’t remember where we are supposed to go.” Oh shit.

We walked past a small farmhouse and Sweetness went and found the guy who was living there and asked how to get to the waterfall.

She returned and said “Si tenia razon. Este camino esta correcto. – I was right. This is the right way.”

We continued and Sweetness continued to second guess herself. Every single farm house that we passed she would go to and ask whoever was living there if she was going the right way. It was actually pretty cute.

She had this way of speaking that I think anybody would find  nearly impossible not to want to help her.

We kept walking and the hot sun was starting to get to both of us. I gave myself some needed motivation by walking behind her. I watched her walk. Staring at her thin waste and looking down as it turned into wide hips. This girl had great curves. Her long black hair had a gleam from the sun and she had a light sweat.

I felt a strong desire to rip off her clothes right there, but I held myself back. Just the idea had turned my feeling of exhaustion and dehydration into excitement for when we would arrive at the waterfall.


The Village in the Mountains

We arrived at a village. A bunch of houses that undoubtedly had no electricity or plumbing. Kids with skin very tanned from the sun were playing on the dirt road leading through the village.

The villagers were all sitting under shade in front of their houses (or shacks). Something that surprised me was how many of the women were half naked. In this heat, clothing was not needed.

We went to talk to a few people to ask how to get to the waterfall. We approached an older guy and what looked like his 20 something daughter. She was wearing only a white towel. Her big boobs could barely be contained by the piece of cloth.

We started talking to them. The daughter stared at me with her big brown eyes. She was surprisingly attractive. Something I wouldn’t expect in such a poor looking village. She was giddy while I talked to her. I think I have never been eye fucked or hit on harder in Colombia than in those moments.

Sweetness immediately became jealous and said goodbye. She led me away from the villagers and we headed again down the dirt road towards the waterfall.

We headed down the road and a car came towards us. It was full of guys and they stopped in front of us. We walked around the car and the driver started saying something.

“Van a las cascadas? – You guys are going to the waterfalls?”


“Secas – Dry.” He said laughing and he drove off.

My image of the beautiful clear water pouring onto my overheated body disappeared and my hopes fled, replaced with feelings of dispair.

“Fuck.” I said.

“No te preocupes. Estan bromeando. Es normal aqui. Va a tener agua. – Don’t worry. They are joking; it’s normal here. The waterfall won’t be dry.”

I let her convince me. The thoughts of the cool water were too much to lose in my current dehydrated state. We had only been able to buy two small waters in the village and we decided to wait until we got to the waterfall to drink them.

The terrain turned into big rocks going down a valley. A small stream of water could be seen. Too small.

We followed it and arrived at the “waterfall.”


The Waterfall Peep Show

The best way I can explain this waterfall is a mud pit. It had some water, but it was brown and probably 30% mud. The “waterfall” could still be seen as a trickle of water came from the rocky side of the valley.

“Lo siento. No sabia que era seca – I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was dry.” She told me.

With my hopes crushed I accepted our fate. We sat down and took out the two small waters that we were able to buy in the village.

Water never tasted so good. Every drop tasted delicious and no drops were wasted.

Feeling a bit refreshed I turned to Sweetness. She looked worried that she had disappointed me. She had the look of a puppy dog on her face as she looked at me. That cute face put me in a better mood. I gave her a reassuring smile.

“Una aventura – An Adventure.” I told her (an inside joke from before).

She laughed.

Then I saw our opportunity. We were alone in this valley… I brought her to a big rock and pushed her against it. I pulled down her short shorts and her panties and then I was inside her. It felt so sweet. I took off her top and I pressed her into the rock in front of us. Her face pressed against the rock and her moans are something I will never forget.

While we were half way through we heard the sounds of voices coming towards us.

I stopped for a second and peaked over the rocks. It was a group of teenage girls from the village that had come to the small creek to wash clothes. They stopped before arriving at the waterfall. We could finish.

I put her in a position where I could easily check to see if they were coming.

I kept going with Sweetness and I kept checking. Then, I saw the strangest thing. The teenage girls took off their clothes so they could wash them as well.

I was in the middle of nature sex and a peep show. I tried to focus on Sweetness bent over in front of me, but I couldn’t stop myself from stealing glances at the locals washing their clothes.

We finished and snacked on the food we had brought. She was still topless as we sat and ate. I figured that nudity wasn’t a big deal in this area so I wasn’t worried anymore if any of the locals continued through the valley to the waterfall.

We walked back to the village and the girl in the white towel was still sitting with her dad in the same place. We went and talked to them again asking about hiring some motorcycles to take us to the beach. They helped us find some people and I could see the girl in the towels disappointment that we were leaving.


Plan B: The Beach

There was no water at the waterfall and swimming in the ocean never sounded better. We had decided to take motorcycles to the beach. It was only a thirty minute ride from where we were and the locals were willing to take us for 10$ each.

We sat on the back of the motorcycles. The air rushing past me felt absolutely amazing. My sweating soon stopped and soon we were at the beach.

I left my things with Sweetness, stripped into my shorts immediately and took a quick dip in the ocean. When I came back Sweetness had found us a place to eat and had ordered me a water and a beer. Just what I had wanted. She already knew me so well.

We ordered food. I ordered some type of fish and she did the same. We drank and refreshed ourselves and when the food came it was… excellent. I don’t know if the food was really that good or if it was just because of my hunger, but I ate and enjoyed every tiny piece of that meal.

I finshed and felt great; I was full and felt a slight buzz from the beer. I looked at Sweetness and kissed her. It had been a good day, but the day wasn’t over yet.

It was only about 5pm so we still had some daylight left. We paid the waiter and walked towards the beach. We set our things down and Sweetness went and got changed into her bikini.

She came back five minutes later and she had chosen well. Her bikini accented the curves of her body perfectly. Horniness came back strong and I lead her out into the water.

The next few minutes was a flurry of salty kisses and me taking off her bikini bottom.

I tried my first sex in the ocean. I had heard that it’s not the smartest thing to do, but I wanted her so much that I couldn’t hold myself back.

We had a quick underwater sex session and headed back to our things on the beach.

We laid down in reclining chairs in the shade and for the first time in a long time I felt completely satisfied.

In one day I had felt intense thirst and then had it quenched, felt intense hunger and then had it fulfilled, felt the fear of a threat and been ok, and, of course, felt intense lust and had my sexy “Sweetness” satisfy all my desires. To top it all off, I was really living and doing it in the company of a girl I genuinely liked spending time with.

It was a great day… an adventure.


Colombia What This Place is All About

This story sums up a lot of what I feel for Colombia. I feel like it has a repuation for danger (and it can be dangerous), but the real danger is slight and pales in comparison to the amazing experiences that could be had. If you like the Latina look and aren’t against learning Spanish, I would say Colombia is a great time just waiting to happen.

I met in online dating a couple years earlier. I didn’t hook up with her until my return to Colombia. If you want to know the best online dating website to use in Colombia you can check it out here.

To me, travelling is the best thing in the world you can doing. With nothing else can you have so many life changing experiences, feelings and grown so much as a person. Don’t be afraid to email us and share some of your own amazing travel experiences. Email us at

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