conquering fear

Conquering Fear – The Simple Way to Do It

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Conquering Fear – The Simple Way to Do It

As a human being, you are born with fear. As a man, you must conquer this fear. Conquering fear is something every human being on earth can benefit from.

Today I want to write an article that will give people a plan of action. I want to show you all a path that you can take and explain to you exactly why you should take that path.

This is something that I am in the process of doing and it is something that makes me feel more and more alive every single day. Conquering fear is something every man should spend his time working on. Even more, it’s something every man should make a priority in his life.

conquering fear


Why you should be conquering fear

Fearlessness is an attractive quality to women

As you can read in my book about what makes women attracted to you, being fearless is a quality that will make women more attracted to you. By developing this you are effectively making yourself more of a chick magnet.


Having no fear will show in your body language and help make you irresistible to women

Think James Bond; he is talking to a man that will try to kill him at any time… and 007 knows this. His voice is calm and relaxed. The arrogant smirk on his face reveals that he doesn’t fear anything this man could do to him. Every pussy in the movie theater just got wet.

James bond shows what conquering fear can do for your body language. Once you conquer your fears your body language will start to reflect this and all of this will be done subconsciously. Having no fear will help you in almost every one of the 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language.


People of all types admire the brave

Think about most stories out there. In these stories the writer will add a character who has great courage. Why does the author do this? You may wonder. He does this because it makes him likable. It also makes the reader admire this character because they have their own fears they wish they could overcome.


Showing no fear actually makes you safer

As a man who has traveled the world and traveled to many dangerous countries (currently in Ukraine while this war is going on, Haiti, Venezuela, Colombia, etc.) I can tell you that the best way to stay safe, is to show no fear.

People naturally use fear to gauge is somebody is dangerous. They will try to scare you and they know that if you sh0w no fear that there is probably a reason ie. you are a dangerous man.

The types of danger you will encounter in the world 99% of the time are from people who are looking for an easy target. Act like an easy target (show fear) and you will become an easy target. Act like you can take care of yourself (show no fear) and you will seem to be much more trouble than whatever they want is worth. They will wait for their easy target and they won’t have to wait long.

You can fake this fear, but it’s more convincing if you don’t let yourself become scared in the first place, just ready to spring into action.


You will unleash an inner happiness and freedom you have never felt before

Fear is a chain around your neck; it keeps you from doing what you want, when you want to do it. It keeps you chained to your comfort zone, afraid to live.

When you break this chain and overcome your fears you will finally understand what the word freedom really means. You will feel your entire body relax and see the world as your playground. You will feel a happiness that can’t be imitated.


The plan to conquering fear

The plan I will show you today is not difficult, but it is a long road. It will become more difficult as the days pass. The plan comes from the wife of the 26th President of the United States, Eleanor Roosevelt.


conquering fear

Do one thing that scares you every day. – Eleanor Roosevelt

It’s genius and it’s something that has worked for me, but you must take this one step further. You must make a commitment to yourself that every day before you sleep you will have done at least one thing that scares you.

It will start out easy to find these things, maybe it’s just talking to a cute girl. After a few months it will become harder and harder to find things that send that rush of fear running through your body. You may have to approach a more attractive girl in a very difficult situation to feel that fear.

You will find yourself changing as a person. You will begin to enjoy the slight rush of fear and the, even better, feeling of overcoming it.

After a year has passed you will have overcome at least 365 things that gave you fear. I can’t tell you how long you will have to do it until you can say that this conquering fear plan has been complete, because it will be different for everyone, but every single person can do this. The best part, you can start doing this so easily.

The most important thing you must remember if you make this commitment, is to follow through. If you follow through on this, you will conquer your fears.


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