Cold Showers: Just Do It

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I’ve been experimenting with ways to increase my productivity, so I came across the topic of cold showers.

There are already millions of articles discussing the benefits of cold showers. I read some before but I had never tried them myself, I was sceptical. But since last month I decided to give it a shot.

And it’s fucking great. But not for the reasons typically listed.

If you’re new to this topic, below are the typical benefits linked to taking cold showers: 

  1. It increases your level of alertness. A cold shower in the morning kick starts your day. The shock effect of cold water increases your breathing level and raises your blood oxygen level.
  2. It gives extended life to your skin and hair. Warm of hot water shower may feel soothing but it may not be as healthy. Cold showers are discomforting but they tighten up your skin and don’t negatively affect your hair. 
  3. An immunity booster and wellness enhancer. Cold showers trigger natural body response where blood rushes to surround the vital organs. Speedy circulation and concentration of blood around vital organs like the heart and liver enhances the blood circulation and boosts immunity. This directly contributes to health and wellness.
  4. A stress reliever. Scientific and health studies support the phenomenon by which human body releases stress reducing hormones on exposure to cold water to freezing conditions. 
  5. It’s your natural testosterone shot.  It’s claimed that cold showers are natural mean to enhance testosterone levels in males.

I’m not even sure if that last one is true or not. It’s not well supported by science and even if it works for raising T-levels, the effect would be minimal in my opinion; there are much better ways to raise your testosterone naturally.

But all of that shit doesn’t even matter.

The main benefits of cold showers are indirect. You create some discomfort in your life. Our modern day lives are way too comfortable and we get used to taking the easy route. Taking cold showers is a decision NOT to make things easy for yourself.

By doing this you change your mindset. You force yourself in the “Fuck it, bring it on”-mood, which is exactly what you want, from the first moment of your day.

Another benefit is that you notice how your body adapts. The first cold showers you take are gonna be shitty. You will ask yourself, why the fuck am I doing this. But don’t give up. Hang in there, your body gets used to it. It gets easier every day.

> This means you are getting tougher. Both mentally and physically.

So take this challenge for this week. Start taking cold showers: just do it. Take a cold shower every morning and push through it. You need to do this for a least a week and you need to be consistent.

If you need to build up some tolerance start with warm water and turning it cold for the last minute of your shower. But try to switch to full cold showers asap.

You will experience your mental strength and willpower increase. And you will know why you want to make this a new daily habit.

Take the challenge and report after one week!


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