Vietnam: Saigon / Ho Chi Minh City

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Saigon, the city with the millions of motorbikes… This will not be the best city review so far because we did not get to pioneering this place. The idea was to plan a motorbike trip to Hanoi, so thinking we would leave any day, we stayed within our comfort zone and didn’t explore too much. So most advice on this city will be things you shouldn’t do and places to avoid, rather then recommendations on where you should go.

We started out really great with some city exploring and daygaming, but soon after we got into a drunken party crazy that left us too hungover to pursue further daygame. For me personally, I need good energy to do well in daygame. If I have a lack of sleep and/or a hangover, I’m really off my game and it showed in my response rate. Fisto did a lot better and got a very decent response rate.

Anyways, let’s start with a “DON’T” list of Saigon

Saigon DONT’s

icon-dont-2 DON’T #1: Don’t try to shore in Saigon

It is harder to shore in Saigon then it is to SNL (Same Night Lay) a virgin in the Philippines. I’ve shored many times in SEA but I’ve never ran into this much difficulties. It’s like these girls are living on a day to day basis and are incapable of thinking two steps ahead. They are so fixed on getting money, I started to doubt whether they were freelancers or not.

I’m not saying it’s impossible. I shored two times here but the effort it took was way out of proportion with the quality and reward of the notch. If you’re going to give it a go anyway, make sure you verbalize very clearly you won’t be paying or you’ll end up with the taxi trap.

icon-dont-2 DON’T #2: Don’t stay in district 1 (the backpacker district)

You will be surrounded by nothing but backpackers and a complete economy of street vendors, hustlers, begging children, thieves and thieving children. Really, if you only stay in this area you will get a very bad view on Vietnamese people. You can’t even sit outside and relax without being bothered by sales people every other minute. Even if you are WEARING sunglasses, they’ll keep insisting you buy a second pair from them. They’ll come into the restaurants while you are eating.

And what do you get in return from staying in this area? The two biggest bars are GO-2 bar and Crazy Buffalo. Both are filled with pro’s and backpackers. If fat, pale, pretentious backpacking girls are your scene, you’ll be fine. If not you’ll probably get annoyed soon enough. On a positive note, we did meet some cool guys while hanging out here that were living in Saigon and that showed us around.

Summary district one, for girls: No. For hanging out and getting drunk: Yes.

icon-dont-2 DON’T #3: Go to Apocalypse Now club

Don’t go here. It is packed with pro’s, the drinks are expensive and see DON’T number 1 why it’s a bad idea to hang around pro’s in Saigon.

icon-dont-2 DON’T #4: Trust anyone / Let your guards down

If you’re white, it is automatically assumed you have too much money and you want to pay too much for every item or service available. Especially taxi drivers, if you’re not on your wits they will over charge you up to 10 times the normal prices, even when you insist the meter is on.

But it’s not uncommon that laundry services will charge you dubble, or street food vendors… If possible ask a Vietnamese acquaintance to ask for the prices.

I know this is pretty generic advice that is applicable in many countries when you travel, but here in Vietnam I’ve had to pay attention the most so far in order not to be ripped off.

Also keep a very close eye on your belongings, some people on the motorbikes may try to snatch your phone from your hands as they pass by while you are calling or making a picture.

icon-dont-2 DON’T #5: Stay in a hotel that requests visitor’s ID’s

I have lost two quality lays due to my hotel’s rule on visitors. Apparently it’s against Vietnamese law for a foreigner to be in his room with a Vietnamese woman that is not registered in the hotel. It’s such a shame if you’ve been running top game on your date all night, finally convinced this good girl to come to your room and see it all go to waiste because she didn’t bring her ID (or at least can claim that she didn’t, because she feels embaressed or associated to a bad girl/pro).

So either make sure your hotel won’t cock block you, or find an excuse to ensure your date will bring her ID. You might tell her maybe you’ll go to a place where they’ll check her ID. It’s a bit tricky, but better then spending a date just to be blocked at your own doorstep. That just sucks.

Moving on, here are some things you should do.

Saigon DO’s

icon-do-2 DO #1: Daygame

Saigon is a day game city. As bad as the pro’s are, so good are the good girls. If you run into normal girls, they will generally be really good girls, that are very kind, loving and kind. They are more challenging to seduce, but when you do, you get rewarded by such kindness and caring that will make up for it big time.

A good technique is handing out your number in stead of asking for hers. More on this technique will be posted on the blog later.

icon-do-2 DO #2: Go to club Lush on Tuesday

On Tuesdays this club has a ladies night and it attracts a decent amount of people. Go in time cause the club closes quite early (3 am if I’m not mistaken).

icon-do-2 DO #3: Rent a motorbike from day 1

Just the day you arrive you should already get a motor bike and start exploring the city. This way you will get a feeling of the city’s layout and it’s the best way to get around. Plus driving around between thousands and thousands of other motor bikes is a great rush and a lot of fun. They are not expensive ($5 to $10) and you’ll save on taxi’s or time walking.


Quality of the girls: I found the girls here are on average less attractive then Thai girls. They are paler in complexion, which is a good change, but I’ve seen very few stunners during the day.

Accessibilty: It’s much harder to get laid in Vietnam compared to Thailand or the Philippines. So compared to the effort required to get laid, the quality in return comes short. Stick to day game and online game.

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