The Chinese Girl from Shanghai (Shenanigans PART 2)

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This is part two about my shenanigans in Shanghai. You can read the first part here.

My friend Magneto and I woke up when it was already getting dark. It had been a crazy wild night but neither of us had found a Chinese girl yet. We didn’t have much time left in this city, so we would hit it hard again.

My date with a Chinese girl from Tinder

I pipelined a few girls on Tinder but I did a sloppy job, I had zero solid prospect. I mass texted the numbers I had; one girl wanted to meet me in Nanjing road.

The girl looked decent but she was very shy. I instantly knew this wasn’t going to be a Same Night Lay. For sports I pushed for it anyway but it got quite awkward. After an hour I had enough of it and bounced.

Magneto hadn’t pipelined at all so I didn’t want to leave him hanging much longer.

If we wanted our Chinese flags in Shanghai, we would have to succeed in night game.

Shanghai Clubbing Again

We started the night with some street drinking. We sat down in Nanjing road, watched the Chinese people walk by and drank red wine from plastic 7-11 cups -we keep it classy. When we finished the wine, we asked around for anothr nightlife recommendation.

We wanted to try something different and went to a club called Muse 2.

The club looked pretty cool with a bar area and a dance floor area. They played EDM music and there was already a decent crowd when we arrived.

We barely got inside and Magneto got lucky. While I was ordering a beer a Chinese girl approached him and she was all over him. She didn’t have a friend, so there was no need for me to wing him. I hung out at the bar and observed the scene.

I was still tired from the night before and I needed some time to get myself into a social/approach mode.

In less than 10 minutes Magneto came over and told me “Bro, I’m taking this girl home”.

Alrighty then, then it’s lone wolf time.

Lone Wolfing Shanghai

“Okay THC, get your head in the game.”

I hit that club pretty hard; I approached girls and mixed groups, I befriended guys… But it wasn’t going well that night. It wasn’t brutal (I wouldn’t crash and burn) but it was hard to escalate with these Chinese girls. I didn’t need number closes, I need a Chinese girl who was DTF.

Persistence is key.

I finally found a girl on the dance floor, she gave me a lot of IOI. We danced for a while, even though she was an absolute horrible dancer with her typical Asian jump moves. She was with a friend and two Chinese guys were trying to hit on them as well.

This Chinese girl was DTF, but it was tough to isolate her. She didn’t speak too much english either. But it was clear she wasn’t into the Chinese guys so I framed it to her as “we have to escape from these dudes”.

I got her to leave the club with me but of course these Chinese dudes followed us.

Coincidentally a rickshaw drove by with exactly two available seats. I took my girl by the hand and we jumped in. I gave the driver the business card of my hotel. “Just go!”, I told him.

The Chinese guys remained behind, yelling “Hey, where are you going?!” but they quickly disappeared from sight while I made out with her in the back of the rickshaw and drove off .

The downsides of sharing a room with your bro

Magneto and I had booked a twin room this Nanjing hotel.

There was only one key so I knocked on the door. Magneto opened half naked and half a sleep. Guess he was already done banging his girl.

I warned my girl that I was sharing my room with my friend (but only after we already arrived at the hotel of course). This didn’t stop her from coming with me, but it did seem tricky to try for the bang with my friend and his girl watching us.

So I took her to the bathroom where we had some privacy.

Luckily my girl was completely DTF. We got in the shower and she got on her knees immediately. She was a petite Chinese girl and was looking adorably cute, not breaking eye contact while she was sucking my dick.

I have to give props to Magneto for being a good wing man. He knocked on the door and said we could switch rooms for a while.

I took my Chinese girl to my bed and smashed her there while Magneto re-banged his girl in the shower. After that we just all went to sleep. We didn’t go for a golden switch; it just wasn’t in the air.

My Chinese girl was a bit of a nympho though. I remember waking up a couple of times that night with her feeling my dick, wanting to get smashed again.

The next morning when we were all sober again it was fun to see the girls awkwardly get dressed and not knowing what to say to each other in Chinese.

Boom. Now we both had the flag and we were ready for the next stop: Xian’ and Beijing.

Soon to read in PART 3.


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