Caveman Game: Introduction

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Caveman game is exactly what is sounds like: You set your manners aside and let your inner caveman out. You don’t quite knock her out and drag her to your cave, but you do lay the law down and make shit happen. It is an appropriate strategy in some situations, a necessary one in others, and when mastered properly it’s a great tool for your game toolbox.

The only way to master it is with practice, but build it up slowly. In this post I will teach you how to get started with caveman game.



Obligatory word of warning:

This is an advanced technique and not recommended for beginners. If you are still in a learning process, please do continue working on your body language and frame control until you are completely comfortable with your game. Then use the approach outlined below to start integrating caveman into your toolbox.

In order to successfully pick up a girl using caveman approach, you will have to be able to read  her body language perfectly. She has to solicit the approach and you have to pick up on it, you have to KNOW she wants it.

When done correctly, she will enjoy it a lot.

But lets start off with an anecdote from Bangkok to see what we are talking about.

Caveman game


Bangkok caveman

I was out with my friend having some beers, the plan was to go clubbing but he ran into his girl from the day before and decided to go home with her. No worries, I’ll turn this night into a lone wolf night and so some exploring. I jump into a taxi and have them take me to Mixx. It must have been a Saturday because I remember I kept running into working girls and they were not down to shore. I think I had already opened about 10 sets, each time I got shot down: “No money, no honey” when I finally ran into a normal girl (well, a non-working girl).

We started dancing and making out. I noticed she loved the rough stuff, like while we were dancing I’d grab her tightly, move her around, then press her ass against my groin and she responded well to this.

I knew she wanted to come home with me, but when I tried to retreat she kept stalling: “One more song” / “one more drink” / “I have to wait for my friend” etc. This is a critical moment, I was at peak of attraction building and just hanging around waiting for her stalling could only lower my value.

“No, finish your drink. We are going right now.” 

Before she could answer I had already taken her drink and finished it for her. I then took her arm and started dragging her off the dance floor towards the exit. She was giving me 50% resistance, I could tell she was enjoying being controlled. I dragged her from the dance floor, into the lobby towards the exit doors but the exit is one floor up and there are only stairs, she decides to step it up, switching to 90% resistance.

I can’t drag her up the stairs without it looking like a kidnapping.

“I want to dance!” and she sits down on the stairs “I’m staying here!”

It was a game she was playing but at that moment I was genuinely tired of it, so I step it up as well. I pick her up, put her over my shoulder and walk her to the top of the stairs out of the club. She’s (playfully) resisting, hitting her tiny fists on my back. With the girl still on my shoulder I call over a passing taxi and put her directly into the back seat. All why she’s still yelling “Nooooo!”

The taxi driver gave me a weird look but once we’re driving she starts making out again like nothing happened.

The same show starts over when we finally arrive at my place.

“I’m staying in the taxi, I’m going home.” 

I pay the taxi and do the same routine, I had to really drag her out of there. The taxi driver doesn’t even blink to the scene, I guess Bangkok taxi drivers are used to more. We start walking to my hotel all while she’s still trying to distract with “let’s go eat first”, “I want to rest now”. I have done caveman tons of times before but at this moment I was really feeling like the caveman cartoon where he’s dragging his girl to the cave by her hairs.

Once in my room she’s bit more relaxed, I think finally the charade is over, when she says: “We’re not going to have sex!” 

Oh dear god, getting you over here should count as LMR!

“Of course we aren’t” I say, while I throw her on the bed and pin her down. I take of her pants and she must have had a tsunami in her panties cause she was wetter then a washed away Indonesian fishermen’s village.

Her “No!” changes into “Yes!” and while I smash her hard she’s screaming “I’m coming”!

So thank you game. I would not have had the lay if it were not for cavemanning the shit out the situation. She really wanted it, but had I listened to her or if I hadn’t figured out the game she was playing, she would have been disappointed.




Before you start caveman


Now before you run out and start throwing girls over your shoulder, you should know that could turn out really bad for you. I have gradually improved and increased the level of cavemanning and still it can be a tricky technique. It is a valuable one nonetheless. But before you even consider starting up caveman game, these are your prerequisites:

Confidence & Frame Control

You cannot do the caveman if you are not really confident during the whole set, from opening to closing. Also you have to be in control of both your frame and hers. If you are failing her shit tests or come across as not completely in control of yourself and the situation, switching to caveman will NOT work and will probably even backfire.


Giving kino (touching her body in a increasingly sexual manner) should be your second nature. Caveman is about grabbing her, moving her, doing whatever you want with her, she has to think of you as a sexual being so you have to start the kino from the get-go the right way so she’s used to you touching her. If you switch up your style half way through, she will perceive it  as incongruity, which is an attraction killer.

Read body language

You need to be able to read her body language perfectly. There is a huge difference between a girl giving you 50% resistance and you overpowering her 100% resistance. Caveman is a type of role play, you have to be sure that she wants it, even though she might not realize herself. Yes it sounds contradicting, but that’s how women are. So this is a really fine line, your game has to be sharp.


An example that demonstrates this. Similar to the girl from the story above, Fisto’s girl was soliciting for a man that takes action. He drags her out the club caveman style, at one moment she even tries to sit down, but Fisto just drags her along like he didn’t even notice she stopped walking.

Security intervenes: “Are you okay mam?” – “Euh, yeah, everything is fine!” (like she had just been asked a dumb question). She smiles at the bouncers, Fisto gives them a wink, and she just restarts the acting “No! No! No!”


Starting with caveman

Baby caveman

baby-cavemanObviously, no woman is gonna tell you “I want to be caveman’ed by you”, that would be too straight forward and we know women don’t like to be straight forward. She will most likely have you believe the opposite. So you will have to develop you skill for reading what women want, by reading their body language and by experience.

So start of with these “baby caveman” techniques.

Handle girls like they’re dolls. Grab their hand and make them wave to random strangers and then give them a judging look like “why are you so silly, you’re embarrassing me”.

Pick them up and put them down somewhere else. Pretend you are going to throw them into the ceiling fan.

Make them do things, like use their hand to scratch your itch, pretend you’re going to make her touch a stranger’s ass with her hand, etc. you get the gist.

Doing these things will train you into correctly reading their reactions and will give you a feeling for what you can get away with.


Intermediate caveman

intermediate-cavemanIf you have the baby caveman techniques integrated and you can do them NATURALLY, move on to applying it where it matters, be a boss.

Alpha kiss close

Before when I would go in for the kiss and she would reject me (e.g. by pulling back), I’d just be relaxed about it, keep gaming her and try again later.  A more effective and time saving technique is to Alpha Kiss her.

I don’t want to call it “force kiss” her, because you not really forcing, you are however persisting. If you feel she’s ready to kiss but she’s playing her girly game and pulls back, take her face with one hand and turn her face towards you and kiss her again. Usually this small ‘insistence’  is enough to get her to kiss you. Try to get at least a peck on her lips, if she’s still pulling back, let it rest for a while and try again later.

“You’re a horrible kisser” might break some tension.

Drag her somewhere by the arm

You’ve decided to go one place. She has her mind on another. Take the lead and drag her to your location, just take her by the hand and start walking. If she’s attracted to you and you ran good game, she will follow you and feel good about you being a man that knows how the lead and take control.

If you’re comfortable doing this, try to retreat a girl from the club if she’s stalling to go home with you as a shit test. You’ll win major points.

Do not drag her out of the club if she has a legitimate reason to stay there, e.g. a friend has her purse or her car keys and she has to wait to get them back. That exacty scenario happened to me, I was sick of “one more dance” so I dragged a girl out, when I we were finally outside she told me “I tried to tell you, my friend has my purse!!!”

We had to go back inside and I had to do the whole act again.


Hardcore caveman

hardcore-cavemanOnly once you have dragged her left and right and have successfully implemented the above techniques multiple times, you will start to have a feeling for what your limits are and where to draw the line. If there’s no line, you can apply the hardcore caveman style like I did in my story from Bangkok.

Carry her out of the club, throw her over your shoulder, carry her up stairs, throw her in a taxi, etc.

This continues to the bedroom as well, when LMR pops up (and it will, it’s part of the act).

“Let me feel your pussy” (like with the gold digger girl) is a golden line to bust through it congruently with the preceding caveman approach.

Once you get to rub the pussy, often she’ll let her resistance flow, because she can’t take it anymore and wants to be caveman smashed.

So smash her like a caveman too and make the bed rock.



Again, this approach is to GIVE a woman what SHE wants, not to TAKE you YOU want. So only attempt this when you know what you are doing, if you misread the girl, you could get yourself in a heap of trouble.


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