Cartagena: Sex, Drugs and Reggaeton

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An Unexpected Trip

I was in Barranquilla, a quiet city at the Colombian coast. Suddenly I get a message from my Brazilian friend. He texts me he will be in Cartagena for business but just for one day. He asks if I could meet him there.

At the same time I got a message from the cute Santa Marta Girl (SMG) I banged before. She’ll also be in Cartagena.

So my both friend and SMG will be in Cartagena and it’s only a 2 hour drive from Barranquilla: HmmmmmmmSOLD.

Cartagena street

Going to Cartagena

The next day I take the bus and book a hotel on the ride over. I arrive in the afternoon. My hotel is not that great, but at least it’s in a good area.

I meet up with my friend at his hotel, which is a lot nicer place. There’s a rooftop swimming pool. We hang out, have some beers & catch up. Then SMG sends me a message that she’s already waiting for me at my hotel.

I tell my friend I have to take care of this girl but that we’ll meet later for dinner and more drinks. When I arrive at my hotel, she’s indeed waiting for me. I take her straight to my room, we exchange some smalltalk. But she clearly had only one thing on her mind.

Maid Service

As we’re talking she suddenly cuts me off mid sentence and we start making out. She’s clearly in the mood. Clothes fly off and within 5 minutes of entering my room we’re banging. She’s a great lay: beautiful, perfectly shaven pussy, big Latina ass, small & firm tits.

We are chilling out a bit on the bed when she gets out a bag she brought. In it is a sexy French Maid outfit. The one in Black & White.

sexy maid
Sexy Outfit

“Te gusta?”

Hell si me gusta. She goes in the bathroom to put on the outfit. It’s a short top, mini skirt and a cute diadem. It tell her to take off her panties so she’s only wearing the skirt.

Then I make her pretend clean my place. She’s bending over, pretending to clean my bed and floor, showing her sexy ass. It’s so sexy.

“What can I clean next, your dick?”

Lol, this girl knows her shit. I bang her again and cum in her mouth. She loves it. You gotta love a good slut.

We talk for bit more, I’m ready for another round but my friend is already waiting for me at the restaurant so I have to go. I tell her she can’t join cause it’s “men’s night” and we need to talk about ‘business and stuff’.

She is disappointed she couldn’t spend the night with me; I’m excited to the night started.

Let’s Just Have One More Beer

I meet my friend at a restaurant on Plaza Trinidad. There’s an old church and lot’s of people walking by. It’s perfect to sit down and check out the girls passing by.

We start having beers and by the time we leave we already have a slight buzz going on.

Plaza Trinidad, Cartagena
Plaza Trinidad, Cartagena

“Let’s have one more beer for the road” my friend says.

In hindsight this is the beer that made the evening escalate the way it did.

As we’re cruising the streets with our beers, we get approached by bums asking for money and guys selling coke. I’m feeling a bit tired (I could use a key bump) so I decide to hear one of these guys out.

He says his name is Super Mario and he has the best blow in Cartagena. His starting price is 50k pesos for a gram ($17) but we talk him down to 15k (around $5).

“Okay guys, follow me.” 

We walk with him a few alleys from the main streets. It’s not shady, but there no other gringo’s in sight anymore. There’s a few people playing dominos on the curb in front of a house, with the blow openly on their table.

He gets a few bags and hands them over to me. He gives me three bags and my friend gives him 60k. My friend should have given him the exact amount, cause this guy was not looking trustworthy.

I ask for the 10k change he owes us.

“No, it’s my propina (tip)!” he says.

I argue about the change but suddenly he just runs off like the wind. As he ran off he stepped on a stray dog that was sleeping in the alley. The dog and 3 of his dog friends start barking like crazy.

Some people come out of their houses to see what the commotion is about. The domino guys stopped playing.

“Let’s just bounce” my friend says.

I agree, there’s no point letting this get out of hand over 3 bucks.

We go back to my hotel and test out the blow. It’s good. Real good. The wise thing to do would have been to only take one bag and leave the rest at the hotel…

All Over The Place

We’re all fired up now and on our way to the first club. I’m taking my friend to the salsa club where went with Smooth Operator and 20Nation my first time in Cartagena. We all pulled there that night but, unfortunately, this time it sucks. It’s only 30% full and all big mixed groups.

No point waisting any time here.

We decide to do some street approaches while trying to find out about a good place to go next. We meet some surprisingly decent backpacking girls who want to join us to a club. The problem is they are surrounded by a group of white knights actively blocking any decent chance of talking with them; they’re taking turns showering these girls with attention.

Fuck that. They are not worth the uphill battle.

We leave them behind and go to another club called Fragma. Apparently it’s the place to be for the “cool” people in Cartagena. There are some cute girls, but it’s also a total sausage fest.

Club Fragma
Club Fragma

The blow’s wearing off now and I’m starting to crash, so I go to the toilets to do some more. As per usual with blow, the idea of “one key bump” turns into “finish all the blow you have on you and then buy more”.

It’s that kind of a night.

Suddenly we are all over the place, different bars, clubs, I don’t remember all of it. I talk to some girls, get some numbers, but I’m too high/drunk and it’s impacting my approaches. It’s already getting late, there’s not a lot of people left but we are feeling on top of the world.

Suddenly the music stops, the lights go on. My friend and I get kicked out with the other final five people still remaining in this club.

Fuck. I’m not ready to stop partying. I will not be able to sleep for the next three hours anyway…

Both still pretty high, we decide to go “streeting”.

Techno After Club

I stop the first group of girls I see passing by. The group consists of three girls, two hot ones, one fatty, and one random dude trying to hook up with them. They are locals. I ask them about “the after party” and it turns out there actually is an after party place in Cartagena.

The girls are down to party some more with us, so we walk to this after club.

My friend is immediately all over one of the cute girls. I start talking to the other one and her fatty friend to mitigate her cock blocking. The random dude gives up after 10 minutes and bounces.

On our way to the after club, we run into more friends of these girls and they all decide to join. This set is becoming tricky, more friends equals more contingencies. I’m doing well with my girl though. The new friends look kind of slutty and it’s working in my favour, my girl is worried I might hit on her friends.

We enter the club; it’s dark, has too much laser lights, expensive drinks and the techno music is loud as fuck. I suspect it’s full of prostitutes looking for their last shot at a customer for the night. Some of them are SMOKING hot though. There’s so much plastic tits and ass in this club, they needed a Greenpeace permit.

My friend and me start making out with our girls. Each time my girl would leave for even half a minute, some of the pro girls would try to swoop in and dance with me. It made our girls want us more. This wasn’t a level playing field for them.

We stayed for about half an hour and then told the girls it was time to go. It was a challenge to separate them from their friends. I wasn’t sure we would be able to pull it off until the very last moment.

Their friends actively tried to block us: “We have to go home together” (SNOOZE!)

Then my girl said the sneakiest girl-lie: “We are just going to walk them back to their hotels, then we also go home.” (LOL)

Till the Sun Comes Out

The friends finally give up and my friend and I walk our girls to our hotels. From here on it’s smooth sailing. We split up and wink at each other before taking our respective girls home.

It was easy to make out with my girl in the club, but she didn’t let me escalate or grind her at all. So I couldn’t estimate how horny or slutty she’d be. I was in for a very pleasant surprise.

We take a shower together and she immediately starts sucking my dick. She made the best moaning sex sounds (2nd best actually, after my Vietnamese girl) and her pussy went from dry to ocean in <2 seconds. She was one of my best lays of this trip so far, leaving behind the Brazilian porn star I smashed in Rio.

She’d cum so many times in each position, her eyes rolling in the back of her head, her legs shaking like she’s in an exorcism.

It was really hard to stop fucking her. After sex we would chill for a bit and watch music videos on TV, but then she’d suddenly start dancing naked in front of me, begging for more.

We fucked all night. My room had no windows so I had no idea about the time. When she finally left it was 9:00 am.

As I walk her out, I realise the door of my room is right next to the hotel’s dining area. I get some weird looks from tourists eating their breakfast and a grin from the reception dude.

Sex, Drugs and Reggaeton. Quality time with my friend. What a night. I guess it’s true that no good story starts with a salad.

Exhausted I fall asleep before I hit my pillow.

<3 Colombia


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