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20 Dollar Cambodian Women: Part 2 (Pics)

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20 Dollar Cambodian Women: Part 2 (Pics)

cambodian girls


Check out part 1 First:


Day 8: Cambodian Women for 20 Dollars

I felt like I had tested the waters well enough and I went back to my first girl from Cambodia, the girl with the beautiful smile. I started spending a lot of time with her, but then I started getting sick, and worse, and worse.

I had spent the last 3 or 4 days in bed. My girl with the beautiful smile had been running and getting me food and medicine and pretty much taking care of me. I started to worry that this might be more than the flu virus.

I decided to go to the doctor. There was only one problem… for anybody that knows about the history of Cambodia, all the doctors were killed in the mass genocide 25 years prior.

Now there were tons of fake doctors in Cambodia. I found one that was more for tourist; an Australian guy. He was probably working in Cambodia because of malpractice in Australia, but it was better than some Cambodian guy who had never even went to medical school.

I got to the Australian doctor’s office and he looked me over to see what was wrong. While he was checking, we started talking.

“So how are you liking the locals women?” He asked me.

“Cute little things.” I replied. “I have a girl I’ve been seeing the last few days, she’s always so happy just to do something for me, it’s really sweet.”

“How much are you paying her?” He asked me.

“Umm nothing. I haven’t payed for any girls since I arrived here.”

The Australian doctor laughed. “Sooner or later you are going to find out it is much easier to just pay. Most of these girls will spend the night with you for 20 American dollars.”

“That’s not really my style. It’s not about the money.”

The doctor had a knowing smile and just accepted that I wouldn’t pay for any of the girls. I remember thinking, “this guy pays because he has no game.” but maybe I should have “payed” more attention to the guy who had been living in Cambodia the last 15 years… psh no way.

I just had a common stomach flu and a day or two later I was feeling almost a hundred percent. The words of the doctor had been echoing in my head “Most of these girls will spend the night with you for 20 American dollars.”

It didn’t seem possible that a girl would agree to sex for such a little sum of money, I decided to go and test it out.

That night I went to some clubs and bars. I started chatting with a cute girl. I told her I wasn’t interested in anything, but drinks tonight, but I was curious how much she would charge me.

“50$” she replied.

“and if I couldn’t spend so much.”

She looked at me flirtatiously “Because you handsome, 20$.” So that really was the going rate for many girls here. I wasn’t in USA anymore, that was for sure.

I was sitting in a bar and just about to finish my drink, when I noticed a bunch of prostitutes coming in. I had recognized a couple from other nights in that bar.

Then I saw my girl with the beautiful smile. She didn’t see me sitting back there at first. She was too involved in the conversations of the group.

She was dressed in a sexy dress (much more pro looking than how she dressed with me). Was she a pro? Why was she there?

One of the girls in the group noticed me and came over and sat on my lap. That’s when she noticed me. She had the most guilty look on her face that made me think the worst. Had this girl I had been “dating” been a prostitute? I walked over and confronted her.

“No these are just my friends, it’s Amaya’s birthday.” She pointed to one of her friends.

It was clear that most of these girls were pro and even my beautiful smile girl was dressed like a pro tonight. She continued denying, but it was too suspicious.

It wasn’t even the fact she was a pro or semi-pro that bothered me, it was the lying. I left and I never returned any of her calls or messages again. To check out how I found out how often women lie… first hand, Click Here.

I was crushed, but it gave me new vigor to go and enjoy the night so I went to a new bar. This one had various bars surrounding a bunch of pool tables.

I sat at the bar and did my token smiling eyes as cute girls came in my proximity. Then, one bit. She had a pretty cute face, and excellent curves. On top of it her rack looking amazing in her short black dress.

“Hi.” I said as she walked over.

“I sit?” She replied.


Her English was absolutely terrible. I continued talking to her and I wanted this girl so bad. I don’t know if it was the drought because I had been sick and then, been faithful to the beautiful smile girl, the fact that I now thought she was a hooker or all three, but I felt like I had to have that girl.

I explained over and over again that I’m not looking to buy a prostitute. That I don’t pay. She would shake her head yes that she understood every time I said it.

I started teasing her and making simple jokes that she would understand with her limited English. She was laughing and having fun. I started kinoing (touching) and she responded perfectly.

Then I took her hand and led her back to my hotel room.

When I got to my hotel room, she immediately hopped into the shower. She came out of the shower wearing nothing but a white towel and climbed on top of me.

I removed the towel to reveal a very nice pair of tits. Wow, as a boob man I was satisfied. I knew she was a pro and the sex was a bit passionless from her, but her sexy, tight, young body left me happy.

The next morning I woke up and told her that I must work. She got dressed then came back to the bed.

She held out her hand.

“What?” I asked.

“Need money eat.” She then motioned to her stomach. “Hungry.”\

“We just ate breakfast together.” I replied.

She started getting angry and mentioning her kid. My pride wouldn’t let me pay, if I paid her then it was not a notch. She started angrily bumping into me and I had had it.

I picked her up and started bringing her to the door. She was kicking and screaming. I put her outside the room and closed the door as she tried to get back in.

“Sooner or later you are going to find out it is much easier to just pay.” The words of the Australian doctor came to my mind.

She was banging on the door and I decided that such little money wasn’t worth this. I opened the door and gave her everything in my wallet. About thirteen dollars.

She wasn’t happy. “Twenty dollar.” She said angrily.

Her yelling and screaming had brought hotel security and they escorted her out like it was something they dealt with every single day. I never got to count that notch, 12$ is still paying for it.


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Day 9: Oh so crazy Cambodian women

The tantrum from the Cambodian girl made me start off the day with a bad taste in my mouth. Combine it with what I found out about the beautiful smile girl the night before, and you could say it was a bad day. I checked out a central market where you could buy all sorts of things for ridiculously cheap.

I found a nice looking backpack and I was able to talk them down to 8$. Nice… “What a steal.” I thought, so proud of myself for finding something I really needed. Little did I know that a month later it would start coming apart to the point that I could not use it any more.
I went to some bars that night and sat at my normal spot in front of the pool tables. There was a 18 year old waitress that I had been hitting on for a while. She would always try to come out and serve me drinks and I started trying to escalate with her.

Then, I saw some commotion on the other side of the pool tables. Two Cambodian women were straight going out at it. Fists flying and hair being pulled. They were two hookers and they looked pissed. A couple of other hookers tried to pull them apart, but they weren’t doing a very good job. Then a big bouncer (the biggest Cambodian I have ever seen… which is still not very big) came over and physically separated the two girls.

He was not the least bit gentle with them, but they seemed to respect his authority. Until one of the hookers pulled out a knife and tried to go around the bouncer. He got in front of her and started talking to her in a very serious tone. I’m not sure exactly what he said, but I’m sure it was something like:

“If you try to go through me with that knife, I will use it to kill you.”

The way he was speaking made it more likely it was probably that or more intense. She screamed back at him and what seemed like a Khmer (Cambodian) cussing match ensued for the next minute or so after which the girl with the knife finally left.

That was too much crazy in too little time for me. I made some final plays on the waitress. I asked if she wanted to come with me after work, but she made some random excuses. I gave up and called it a night.


cambodian statues

Day 10: Cambodian women that serve alcoholic beverages

I spent the day working then went back to my usual spot for the night to grab a drink. The waitress was there and I looked her over again. Small, with a really innocent looking face. She was more cute than sexy, but she was VERY cute. She had a small thing body and she wasn’t wearing anything revealing so I only guessed at what kind of curves she had underneath her clothes.

I went back to gaming her, I wasn’t giving up even after she had rejected me the night before. Her English wasn’t that great so it wasn’t easy making jokes. I kept building attraction during the conversation and building a connection.

I continued, but this girl still needed a little bit more work. I had to try a new strategy. I went and approached the hottest Cambodian woman (prostitute) in the area. I gamed her and then bounced back to my normal spot.

Everything worked well and she came over to me wondering why I had left her. The waitress seemed like one of the few girls that could possibly not be a pro, so this sexy hooker that had came over really didn’t have the same value to me.

I started flirting a bit while I was there, the waitress then came and interrupted the girl and tried to start flirting with me. I slightly accepted, the flirting but kept flirting a bit with the prostitute. Finally, the prostitute started talking to me about taking her home.

“Sorry, I don’t pay for sex.”

“It’s ok. I don’t want money.” She replied.

The waitress was a few feet away listening in. I knew this was the moment of truth, as I have said in another swoop article “You can’t win what you don’t risk losing.”

I looked at the sexy prostitute that wanted to spend the night with me for free and I told her

“Sorry, but not tonight.”

She looked absolutely baffled. She tried clarifying that she would sleep with me for free, until she knew for sure that I just was not interested.

I tried not to hurt her pride unless I still could not hook up with the waitress. Because honestly… it was a sexy prostitute, the hottest hooker in the area by far. She stormed off.

I watched her walk away. That curvy body made even sexier by the tight dress she was wearing. Fuck… what did I do.

I turned my attention back to the waitress. Kept my flirting and asked what time she got off. She told me and I just waited at the bar until she finished. She got done closing down and I took her by the hand and led her back to my room. We didn’t talk about where we were going, we just went. Mission successful.


Day 11: Cambodian women riding motorcycles

The waitress stayed the night, but the next day was her day off and she had to go take care of her sister.

I had been doing some online game on a girl from Asiandating and I had got her Skype contact information. That afternoon I got on Skype with her and did my usual routine to get girls naked. It’s really good because after a girl gets naked on cam or sends a nude photo, she is very likely to want to meet you in person because she has invested in you.

She had a pretty curvy body for an Asian. She had big hips and a good sized ass, with normal sized boobs. I got her pretty much doing whatever I wanted on cam.

I knew I would be leaving soon, so I had to see her soon. I knew she was a sure thing and I’m not a guy to pass up opportunities like that. Soon after she got naked on cam for me she was on her way over to my hotel.

As is usual when I get NPI’s (Nude Pic Investments) there was no LMR (last minute resistance) before sex.

Afterwards it was still early afternoon and there was a lot we could do. She had her own motorcyle and offered to take me around the city if I would pay for the gas (like $1.50). We spent the rest of the afternoon touring the city and eating cheap, amazing Cambodian food.

We had another hour or two of light left and I decided I wanted to see the death camps. The death camps are wear they exterminated 1/3rd of their population by torture, starvation, etc.

The place that we went used to be a school, until it was turned into a prison/torture camp. They showed pictures of the inmates, pictures of how they tortured them, even pictures of their mangled dead bodies after it had all been done. It was a really sad thing to see, the mood of the place was very eerie. I never heard anybody laugh, it was almost as if the place was still haunted by the tens of thousands that were killed there.

It kind of made me realize why the country is so messed up, why some of the people are so crazy and why it is still so poor.
We rapped it up and she took me to my hotel where we had some goodbye sex before she went back home.

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Day 12: Goodbye Cambodian women

I really enjoyed Cambodia and I wanted to see the waitress again, but I was ready for something new. Vietnam was only a bus ride away and this lawless country called Cambodia had started to eat at me. I was ready for normal girls, I had done way too much shoring and had seen way too many crazy Cambodian women.

I went to the bus station and waited. So ready to get to know a new country, a country with a much brighter past.

I reflected over my one regret… not going to see Angkor Wat. *Post about 3 biggest regrets*

I will be back for you Angkor Wat, in the near future.


Advice for men wanting to meet Cambodian women

There are many ways to meet Cambodian women, but the most effective are internet game and night game.

For internet game, I tried Badoo, Tagged and Asiandating. Asiandating was by far the best, it seemed like there weren’t many girls on the other sites and girls weren’t as serious about meeting. All the girls I met on my trip to Cambodia were from asian dating.

For night game I suggest you stay close to heart of darkness. I made the mistake of staying in a different area of the city to start out. However, the hotels around the nightclub called Heart of Darkness are perfect because it’s right in the center of the nightlife iin the biggest city in Cambodia… Phnom Penh.

I stayed in a hotel called Hotel Nana. It was about 18$ a night and really nice with good security. Most importantly it had a great location, 20 yards from great clubs and bars, you can find the location here.

To game Cambodian women you don’t need to have any tricks, honestly the best thing I could teach you is that when you see a girl, always go talk to her. “Hi. I’m ….” is the best opener.

If you end up bombing the date with a Cambodian girl, a lot of these girls are semi-pros so you might just be able to spend the money and end up paying anyway. It might just cost you 20 dollars.


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