Cambodia, Phnom Penh Invasion Update

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Cambodia, Phnom Penh Invasion Update

I packed my stuff up the morning of my departure for my flight at 2pm from Bangkok to Cambodia Phnom Penh. The girl that stayed over speaks great English and we were close for a time when I was in BKK last year.

One bad problem. She’s very jealous and is probably a good candidate on the list to give a man a “Bangkok Haircut”.

The girl that was there the night before her of course left several pieces of clothing so I was having to retrieve that stealthily while the current girl was getting ready for her work at the Peninsula Hotel.

She had to be there very early so when she left I went back to bed for a few more hours of sleep.

I woke up, finished packing an went to checkout.

In typical Thai fashion, they tried to overcharge me for the room service I had by not honoring the 20% Discount that was advertised on the menu between certain hours.

Those little rascals.

When I walked outside a taxi was there and I asked him how much to the BTS stop nearby. It’s not far but it’s not close when you have to suitcases and it’s hot as balls and he wanted 100 baht. I said 50 and he gave me the long face but agreed. I was just going to hop on the BTS and take it to the Airport link which takes about an hour.

When I got inside the car, out of curiosity I asked how much to the airport and he said he would do it for 350.

It was a clean comfortable cab and I had exact change so I said. Sure let’s go.

I flew Cambodia Angkor air and with about 2 weeks notice got a ticket for 60 USD to Phnom Penh.

When I got to the ticket, I learned I wasn’t allowed a number of bags but a number of Kilos.

Aggravated I switched out my Apple Cider Vinegar bottles and other stuff from my smaller suitcase and stuck them in my laptop bag and tried to make that as light as possible by cramming my smaller suitcase with whatever I could since I could take it as a carry on.

It was 3 kilos over so I had to pay 160 per kilo as a penalty. The Indian guy behind the counter took over for the cold Thai girl and he gave me a better seat and asked me about working out and how to lose weight.

Flight was ordinary. 3 old and decrepit men were sitting behind me a few rows and I couldn’t help but think they were there to pay for Cambodian girls.

Walking off the flight it was a breeze going through immigration and customs. I needed a passport photo which luckily I still had from my trip to Vietnam and 20 bucks later I was having visa to stay for 1 month with a 1 month extension.

I walked outside and I heard “Fisto”!

I looked over and some guy was smiling at me and of course it was fellow RVF member Beyond Borders. I hadn’t expected him to come but there he was with a tuk tuk ready for us to go.

We bullshitted the whole time from the airport to my hotel and I dropped off my bags before we went to dinner in a place on the Riverside.

The wait staff was super friendly and Beyond Borders was known there. He was constantly teasing the girls and they were charmed even if they didn’t know quite what to think.

We talked about not drinking and I was close to saying “lets just get this out of the way and have some beers” but I was able to keep it in check.

I left him there to get a quick shower and meet up with a girl I had pipelined (setting up dates online before you arrive). She’s a real cute girl, a legit “good girl”. She’s in the military as a “solyer” or soldier.

I can understand her English fine. I took her down the street and she had a modest meal and I just sat and spoke with her. It’s amazing how some of these girls have zero guile in them. They just have these innocent joys and are so sweet.

I’ve been seeing her for a few days now and I am still in awe of just the simple sweetness.

I walked her to her scooter and she gave me a shy little hug and then I walked back to my hotel. The bottom floor where I checked in is an actual bar.

The room is pretty big and the bed is huge clean and comfortable. It’s only about 25 bucks after agoda’s bullshit commissions.

I think I will speak to the owner and see what the best price he can give is if I stay longer.

Anyway, while I was shooting the breeze with him I made eye contact with a cute little Cambodian girl that was there with her sister and her sister’s husband.

I sat down at the bar and ordered a beer (damn it) but was able to keep it to only 3 total.

I took the girl upstairs and smashed her out several times.

20 yrs old perfect little tits and ass, pretty face, tan skin, nice hair and etc. She had some scars on her arm that looked like razor slashes (complete with recently removed stitches) but she claimed she was in an accident with a tuk tuk. I didn’t press the issue.

She was telling me she wants to be my girlfriend.

I played as though I had no idea she was a bar girl and treated her like a normal girl.

She has a funny personality, much more bossy than the “good girl”, more demanding and all that.

I gave her 3 dollars for her to get home.

The next day I met up with Beyond Borders and we headed over to have some breakfast at a local spot he knows and then we went to the stadium. There was a minor political demonstration and he explained that it’s best to steer clear of them because they are prone to erupting with violence.

We went over to the stadium and they have two huge pools with high diving platforms. I noticed there’s a Olympic Committee building nearby and made a mental note that it could be worth my time to explore some kind of opportunity there.

I had made plans to meet up with the good girl and we were supposed to go to see the Royal palace but when I got back to my hotel, I told her we were changing plans. I said I wanted to workout first and then go swimming. She was fine with that so we both walked about two and a half blocks to a gym I found.

It costs 5 dollars to workout for the day but for an extra buck, you get a massage. Daily that adds up quick for a gym membership but thats a pretty good deal every now and then.

I did thrusters and pull ups and the Khmer dudes were gawking at me. I bet I’d blow their minds if I were actually in shape.

The good girl didn’t look up from a newspaper and didn’t speak to me much
when I came back to the table for water.

I wondered if she was being conservative or something since I didn’t have a shirt on (nor did the other guys riding bikes).

We got back to my hotel and I dove into the pool. It’s a nice little set up here. If I can get it for 20 bucks a day I’ll definitely stick around longer.

The good girl Penelope, said she was tired and I suggested we take a nap.

We went to my room and even though there wasn’t much resistance, it was difficult to escalate because she was completely inexperienced.  She didn’t even know how to kiss!

She had a buch and was super tight, with a little slender model body.

We laid there talking and she told me she didn’t talk to me in the gym because it’s “unhealthy to talk when you are breathing hard”.

A little later she left to go to University and I made plans to meet up with Beyond Borders.

We went to one place called Barbados that had some cute little bar girls inside and no one else there.  In Asia most bars seem to have a computer and use Youtube to play music so I walked over and played some songs.

The girls were all over us of course but it was nice having them rub our shoulders and be affectionate.  I ordered some food and they were feeding it to me.  Too funny.

We decided to check out another place called Shanghai bar and it was rocking.  Beyond Borders and some girl he has hooked up with before played me and some older chick in pool and we beat them twice.  But only because the older chick was like a goddamn magician.  Every time they would turn their heads even for a second she was stealing the balls off the table.

One bartender was giving me the eyes and we started talking.  She’s sassy and the older chick was getting quite jealous.

The bartender was pretty with a great ass.  Apparently these girls are not pros, but of course they are open to going home with you.

I ended up leaving with her after giving the older girl my number and she was visibly upset about me leaving.

I smashed the hell out of the bartender and once again, after reading some other reports about bar girls I was expecting money to come up but it never did.  Instead I had her go downstairs and order breakfast for the two of us.  A whopping 7usd.

The bartender and I went to the pool and I texted Beyond Borders.  He told me he was thinking of having a Bloody Mary.  That gave me a terrible idea and I ordered one, before long he was there and we were going all in again (so much for staying sober).

The bartender left for work and we decided to roll out back to the first place Barbados.

Once again we were greeted well and that is about all I remember up to this point.

The next morning I woke up with one of the girls from Barbados sleeping next to me and a big bruise between my eyes.

This is the first time I was asked for money and so I gave her 10 bucks.  She seemed fine with that and left not to long after we both got up.

Around that time the older chick from Shanghai texted me and asked what I was doing.  I invited her over and pretty soon I was smashing her as well.

That was a couple days ago and the good girl Penelope has been over to see me at dinner.

I just received a text message from a gorgeous girl that works in a sushi restaurant….

What I’m realizing is that there is absolutely no reason to have to deal with bar girls.

There are a ton of normal girls working in cafes, shops, restaurants and etc.

I’ll be busting out a data sheet on Phnom Penh but so far from what I’ve read, this place has gotten a hugely erroneous amount of info written about it.

I’ve found out where the rich girls go to party and will be heading there soon.

I like it here in Phnom Penh and I am considering staying in Cambodia for a while.

To be continued…..




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