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complete collection

I will now be selling all my books in a collection from It’s about 60% off what you would pay for them off of Amazon (depending on your location). It’s a good chance for guys that don’t have a Kindle to be able to check out my books.


Click Here to get all my books for 60% off the normal price

You will get the following books:

The Key Logger – The stories of how I key logged the girls I was dating and the shocking things I learned.

The Perfect Conversation – A guide on how to talk to girls.

The 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language – A guide on how to improve your body language by using the 9 laws.

Elite Online Dating – An online dating guide where I  share my secrets.

120 Body Language Signals that She Likes You – A guide to reading women’s body language to see if she likes you.

Understanding Sexual Attraction: What makes a woman want you – A guide to see what women really find attractive.




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Complete Book Collection (9 Books!)