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Body Language: Using It From Your Opener to Create Huge Attraction

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Body Language: Using It From Your Opener to Create Huge Attraction

body language

Body language is THE most important part of opening a girl. When deciding whether or not you should talk to a girl, you shouldn’t be thinking about what you will say, but how you will say it. The first few minutes of an interaction are crucial; they say a woman decides whether or not she wants to sleep with a man within the first two minutes of meeting him. To get a high rate on return on day game, I really believe the answer is simple: Body Language. Here, I will show you my thought processes exactly while opening a girl, pay attention to how much of this is body language.



My thought processes on body language from the first moments

As I am walking down the street past crowds of people I notice the face of a beautiful woman. She is about twenty meters away and walking towards me. The girls blonde hair and thin frame are clearly visual even from this distance.

I immediately put my whole body more erect, trying to stand taller than what is comfortable. My chin goes up slightly and my shoulders back. I am standing taller.

As the seconds pass she gets closer and closer.

My eyes squint showing a 100% eye smile that you see models do. I look to the side of her as she approaches the point when it is comfortable for her to check me out, then glance back making eye contact.

I hold eye contact with her until she looks away a moment later.

“Excuse me.” I stop her and make strong eye contact.

Before I say anything else I give a relaxed reassuring smile while still staring into her eyes. Her green eyes look mesmerizing and give me more motivation to continue my flawless body language.

I lightly touch her wrist to get her to face me and say

“Could you help me for a moment?” I continue holding eye contact for just slightly longer than is polite.

“I’m looking for Grant Park and I am completely lost.” As I say the word lost a smile crosses my faces, showing that I recognize the humor of the situation.

“Well.” She responds as she glances away to think. She seems young, probably around twenty years old.

I maintain nice posture as I am waiting for her response. Shoulders back, chin parallel with the ground. My feet are about shoulder width apart and my arms are not folded or in my pockets, they are taking up space.

“You are going the wrong way.” She says.

I knew this. The reason I asked for that park was because it is in the direction that she’s going. I have made myself seem as attractive as possible while using body language and eye contact to create a slight emotional connection with her. This alone has hooked her interests and she says exactly what I want her to say.

“I’m actually walking that direction, I could send you down the right road.”

“I would appreciate it.” I say with a smile that features my eyes completely smiling, but my mouth only slightly.

I turn and start walking with her in the direction from where I came.


My thought processes on body language when we start into a conversation

“I’m Nicholas by the way.”

I gauge how I have said this sentence. Was I speaking too fast, unclear or too high pitched?

“I’m Katy.”

I make the necessary changes to my voice to make it as attractive as possible and say

“I’m supposed to meet a friend at that park, but last time I talked to them their cell phone was almost dead and now I think the battery is completely dead. You are helping me out quite a bit.” I use the word ‘them’ to keep it a mystery whether it is a guy or a girl that I’m meeting. I will let her fill in the blank with her preference.

I stare into her eyes with mine slightly squinted.

“It’s no problem.” She replies.

“So where are you headed?” I make small talk.

“I’m headed home from class, I study at the university right up the street.”

“What are you studying? I ask.


At this point, I have had great body language and have been doing most of the leading at talking. I keep silent and focus on having a fluid walk and very slightly squinted eyes. If she is the slightest bit interested in me, she will break this awkward silence herself.

Five seconds passes before she asks

“So how old are you?”

I hesitate and we lock eyes for a moment before I say

“Forty one.” I’m only twenty eight years old, so this is obviously ridiculous.

She looks at me and starts to awkwardly smile. “No, really.”

I stare back at her with a completely serious look on my face. “Really.”

She does a double take of me to see if I could really be forty one years old. I frame my face with my thumb and index finger of my left hand and slowly I let a big smile come over my face.

She understands that I am joking and laughs. “You are such a liar.”

I laugh with her and reply “I’m twenty eight. And you?”

“Forty three.” She replies while laughing.

“That’s EXACTLY what I was going to guess.” I reply and we both laugh together.

“Twenty one.” She says.

I have kept up the constant eye contact, looking from one eye to the next as she spoke and as she has become more comfortable with me her eye contact has become more intense as well.

We arrive at an intersection and she says

“Well, this is the street you want to take. Follow this down to blocks and the park is on your left.”

I look her in the eyes and slightly grab her hand to face her body towards mine. She back at me.

“Well I guess this is goodbye.” I say.

“I guess so.” She responds. “It was nice to meet you Nicholas.”

“It was nice to meet you Katy.” I respond in the same tone.

I let go of her hand and as she is half way turned around to cross the street I say


She turns back around and looks at me.

“You know I just moved to here and don’t know many people. Would you want to meet up some time?” I keep my voice slow, clear and deep as I say this. I look relaxed and completely unworried about how she will respond.

“Sure.” She says. “I should be free this weekend, my number is….”


Body Language is Crucial

When you first start talking to a girl, it really isn’t what you say to her, it’s how you say it. It’s the communication that isn’t coming out of your mouth that really matters. These are the thoughts that go through my head when I first meet a girl. I have found that when I focus on these things, that any girl is obtainable. This is not something you can master after a couple minutes, it’s something that takes time, but the payoffs are better than any other game technique. You can read my book on body language, read other body language posts (like this one on smiling), go to other body language learning sources and then put these into practice. You can easily double how attractive you are to women, with this alone. Good luck.


If you liked this and want to master your own body language check out my book: The 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language.


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