Blast in Bangkok: 10 Days of Madness

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Around last New Year, I made a short trip to Bangkok. It was just 10 days but what a great reminder of how much I love this city.

I had booked a place on Sukumvit, perfect location. Close to the Terminal 21 shopping mall and the Asok BTS station. It had a been over a year since I was here and I started to notice some differences: some new bars, some old ones closed; yet remarkably, there were still the same beggars on the same spots.

Once I set foot in Bangkok, things usually spiral out of control pretty quickly and this time was no exception. The days became a blur, but I will try to reconstruct the stories based on my notes.

Part One: The Warm Up

Meeting my Bangkok girl

I have banged a lot of Thai girls while I was living in Bangkok, a lot. But only a few I’ve stayed in contact with. Most I’ve lost contact or they got married and moved to another country. It was not like before that I had 10 girls ready whenever I landed in Thailand.

One of my favourite girls was still in town so she was the first one I texted. She immediately asked if she should come straight to my place or if I wanted to meet with her friends. I hadn’t seen her in over a year but I thought it would be sure thing, so I decided to go out and meet her friends.

I went to the bar where she was chilling with her friends. She came out to meet me in the street.The initial vibe was very good. She jumped in my arms when she saw me and kissed me. But once she was in front of her friends she got more stand-offish. After I few drinks I tried to take her home but she said she would stay with her friends.


I should have had her come straight to my place. I was surprised she acted that way. I bounced; an awkward goodbye.

As I’m walking back to my place, she sent me “I’m sorry messages”, which I ignored. I was pissed. It was already late and I didn’t have any backup dates. I hadn’t even pipelined.

It felt weird going home alone in Bangkok.

I went home and opened Tinder. Matches started streaming in and I set up dates for the next couple of days.

My powerlifting girl

My first date was with a power lifting girl. I could tell from her pics she worked out religiously.

I met at Terminal 21 shopping mall. We went for a drink in the food court. I ran my usual Thai dating routine and it still works like magic. After one drink we’re walking back to my place.

“But we’re not going to have sex!”

Five minutes later she’s riding my dick. She was petite, tanned and her body was sexy. That work at the gym had paid off. She fucked like a little demon. I started remembering why I like Thai girls a lot. I’ve rarely had bad sex with Thai girls.

My Isan girl

In the evening I had my second date. She came straight after work to meet me at the same mall. I felt like the date was a copy paste from earlier. Except that this one was little bit harder to get. She was quite distant in the beginning.

Broke the ice by making fun of her and by making Thai jokes. This turned her around. We went straight to my place.

She but up a bit of token LMR but it was so easy to break. She was another petite girl, cute and with perfect skin. I honestly don’t remember how she was in bed. I think it was good because I rebanged her again during my 10 days. I just remember she was a lot of fun to hang out with. I find the body language and humour of Isan girls hilarious.

New Year in Bangkok

Some of my friends from home came to visit me in Bangkok for New Year. They “knew this cool party” but it was pretty lame. The drinks were expensive and there were only other foreigners. Very anti-climatic. I still had a good time seeing them again, but this was not going to be the place to hook up.

For the past two days my Bangkok girl had been sending sorry messages for not coming home with me that first night. I told her to come over. This time she immediately cancelled her own New Year plans with her friends and came to see me. This made the evening a lot more fun.

She was wearing a long tight dress and high heels, she looked great when she walked in. I took her home and celebrated the New Year properly.

But my lesson of the night was: There’s only one way to do Bangkok and that’s THC STYLE.

Part 2: Time to do Bangkok THC style

In part 2 I bring it back to the old school, I meet up with old friends from back in the day and we go on a rampage.

Read it next week.



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