Best boyfriend ever

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This must be the pinnacle of having your balls chopped off by a woman.

Don’t ever be like this guy. This is a perfect (and worst) example of failing a woman’s “shit test”. A woman will shit test you periodically to test the strength of your frame.

Some common examples of shit tests are:

  • Giving you commands or speaking to you in a commanding way: “Give me that” / “Do that”
  • Trying to take the lead: “Lets do this or that”
  • And the ol’ “Hold my purse” (this one is international, I’ve heard it sooo many times)

Depending on the woman in question, failing one or more of these test and you will lose her respect and kill her attraction for you.

But be aware, some of these shit tests are sneaky and you have to be constantly on guard. Women are very devious at this, sometimes they will get under your radar, it will seem like a simple thing: “Hand me that”, the object is right besides you, so you give it to her without a second thought… Wait a minute, did she just command you to do something?

This is a small one, but you failed it so be ready for the next and bigger shit test.

Women will set you up and the inexperienced man might actually think he’s gaining points by complying to her, but in stead of being grateful for him for doing what she asked, she will start to resent him for doing so, such is the nature of women.

Women are generally unaware that they are doing this, it’s usually a subconcious process for them.

Which is perfectly demonstrated by the accompanying article to this picture, written by a woman:


Best boyfriend ever turns himself into a chair for tired girlfriend

While I’m sure this photo, taken on a Guangzhou metro platform, will elicit cries of ‘whipped’ or ‘friend zone’, I’m choosing to view this as a sweet demonstration of one guy’s love for his girlfriend, who was clearly super tired and… needed to check her phone.

She describes it as a sweet demonstration of a guy’s love. While in reality, she would have ZERO respect for this guy. Plus I wonder how she would describe the situation if the guy (who was clearly super tired) would be sitting on his girlfriend to check his phone.

This is an extreme case and for this guy there is no way back. He probably needs to ask permission to scratch his balls.

So be aware and never be the best boyfriend ever!

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